Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311

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  • Yoggi

Its a good set wid great features in reasonable price. Thanks nokia

  • sonu

No video full screen option is available in nokia asha 311.

  • sonu

There is no Full Screen Option, when u see youtube videos and also downloaded movies not play in full screen.

  • ghjk

is android phone ? does it support gps? this device is very fast ? pls reply me

  • Anonymous

Hii NOKIA plz have 311 upgraded with LED flash, n some better useful apps plz:)

PANKAJ SAHU, 19 Sep 2012can i know how to save images on screen in nokia asha 311?You mean screenshots? Download Nokia Series40 Screen Dumper. It's free, just Google it.

  • ammy

is it symbian?some peopls said its jawa.wat is the truth pl tel me.

  • ammy

this mob.supports watsapp application,i wan buy ths ph.please tel is it better compare with samsung galexy y?

  • ciax

How long is battery backup for regular use?

  • meraj

I just bought this phone , it would be better if it has flash,front camera and gps.

  • Cecil

I just bought this phone yesterday. So far, it's doing great for me. I just want to ask if I can read ebooks with this model? What ebook format does this phone work/compatible with? Appreciate the answers. Thank you!^^

  • AnonD-1782

Usher, 20 Sep 2012Why NOKIA put 1Ghz processor in this phone? It doesn't hv any O... more1 ghz processor will be help you browse internet and play games without lag...

do you like slow phone?

  • sunny

BC, 15 Sep 2012In Bangladesh the price will be around 14,000-15,000/=! Comparin... morei think you should buy nokia 500

  • sunny

prince, 18 Sep 2012 tell me the application name for setting passwords to folders ... moreuse blueftp

  • MikeGrinder

gugu, 20 Sep 2012it is android phoneSorry to inform you that it's not an android phone... I don't own and neither have I seen it. So I guess the OS of this handset would be Symbian.

  • jai

[deleted post]why u want to sell is it not ok

  • guri

it is dual sim phone?

  • paulzxr107

REPLY_, 19 Sep 2012* Can anyone help me? I'm thinking to buy a new phone.. What p... moreI propose to you Motorola Fire XT, its a mid range smartphone with 5 pixel camera and supports Adobe flash lite, nice mobile you may like it much.

  • pintu

its nice mobile i like it

  • Usher

Why NOKIA put 1Ghz processor in this phone?
It doesn't hv any OS... It Just A Featured phone..
What is the use of powerful processor in a Featured phone?