Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2012yes this is not a smart phone. it has no OS.Damn is there anything digital without OS. Even your wrest watch has an OS. It has OS and is S40 series.

  • Pratyay

Nokia developer site says it has 16 bit display that means its 65k color display not 56k. Gsmarena correct the spec.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2012All those people...who are saying that there are better androids... moreDude the point is Nokia is getting killed because of this. S40 on "A 1GHZ processor?" That's like putting the hulk on steroids and asking him to carry your stuff toy! No offense to nokia and you

  • kent

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2012is this 56K colour only why?56K colour nice or no nicestandard only, if better take lumia 610 bcs display 1600k colour

  • Shivaji

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2012All those people...who are saying that there are better androids... moreYou know dude, What multitasking is? You are chatting in Facebook and needs a phone no stored in the phone book.. you have to exit the chatting application and then only you can open some other thing. Also it is a OLD (Historic actually) OS. No application other than Java runs in it. Even I could not find a office file viewer for my S40 phone. Internal memory also is very less. It is 3 GB in Galaxy Pocket now a days. No multitasking means even a animation is not smooth, all complex application needs multiple threads to run. Well if you just call, sms listened to music and occasionally do some facebook then it is ok. Otherwise S40 is useless. I don't know why nokia is using this. They could atleast use S60 instead which is a multitasking OS.

  • Shivaji

anna, 11 Jun 2012can we read pdf files or some other data files on it..?I don't think it has any document viewer. S40 don't have.

  • Anonymous

???, 12 Jun 2012But why,because of non-multitasking???It's better not to multita... moreNot intersted.....

  • sanjay

youtube will running in this handset or not?

  • Riya

Anonymous wt r u views about wave-y v/s galaxy-y? Hope u will not avoid answering it by saying that google it, or by not approving my post. "Just Google It" is d reply of fools only who dont know nothing.

  • Anonymous

is this 56K colour only why?56K colour nice or no nice

  • Aakzon

I thought the latest S40 phones offered some sort of multitasking. Can anybody confirm?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2012whats appening here u guys should not compare a java phone (noki... moreyour right

  • Anonymous

yes this is not a smart phone. it has no OS.

  • Anonymous

still no brightness control option for s40 very poooor..

  • Anonymous

there seems to be lot of guys commenting on the specs of this phone and even comparing the lagging of samsung mid tier phones because of multi tasking......

but no one has commented on the build quality....i agree that nokia 311 has got capacitive touch screen, gorilla glass.....but the build quality is very very poor...especially the glossy back cover....come on nokia you atleast put a matte finish cover....or metallic like nokia asha 303 and nokia 302 not like nokia asha 200

  • Anonymous

what's the os?

  • arnav

[deleted post]hey u r galaxy is agood multi tasking phone, running on android 2.3.5 and it can upgradeable.........but nokia it is running on a old os named s40 , instead of having 1ghz processer it is hanging always..........and more over it is not a smart phone .........when u r paying rs 6400 for nokia ...u r not getting that kind of facelity.....but when u pay this to samsung u r getting a ocean of from that we r concluding that nokia cheated consumer......and u r wrong.

  • ???

[deleted post]But why,because of non-multitasking???It's better not to multitask than multitasking w/ phone that is perfectly lagging like SGY.

About apps and games,Java is okay since Java is open source and many App Store are providing games for java like umnet,getjar etc. for free.


Rubal, 09 Jun 2012Asha 311 is not a smartphone. So guys dont get betrayed.Its simp... morewhat samsung

  • Anonymous

sumit, 11 Jun 2012s40 and no multi-tasking not for net loversI prefer non-multitasking phone than a multitasking but lagging phone
I have SGY,already rooted but afraid for my phone to be brick if I Super Charged it.
In competition between SGY and 311,sgy can multitask but you can also experience 'multi-lagging' while using it.So,the phone w/o multitasking and has impressive '1GHz-processor-for-a-feature-phone' tends to work smooth because the 1GHz processor is focused on processing the single task so,it's intended to be smooth and fast.
I just wish that I can use OM with multi-page for using Fb,Twitter etc. at the same time.I also want to see Nokia's strong partnership w/ M$ by providing Micosoft Word Office.