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  • Lancs-Lainey64
  • JiU
  • 26 Jul 2022

I absolutely hate this phone!
£85 for what????
Should be a tenner!
It has no memory, not enough to play my games.
I've looked where is says indeed a memory card and I can't find it?
It's basic yes,but certainly not much use for the Internet

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    • Sin
    • 0Fj
    • 21 Jul 2022

    Minu, 21 Jul 2022Indeed. Terrible optimization from app and game makers. I ... moreWe do need to take into account the Snapdragon 800 come out a long time ago when most other technologies still developing and far from as good as they are today

    It's possible the emmc storage just more modern and better in budget phones of today and probably the ram paired with the processor

    Am not sure why a Samsung galaxy S5 have them problems did it always have them or develop them over time I have heard Samsung phones have a lot of blootware
    My yotaphone 2 have slowed down a lot over the years

    Storage speed and storage endurance is one of them specs they don't tell you on a spec sheet about your smartphone

    One of the most important parts storage is yet no info
    No read write speeds
    No endurance rating
    Only how much overall storage

    So people are kinda buying there smartphones without knowing what there really going to get

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      • Minu
      • IWT
      • 21 Jul 2022

      Sin, 20 Jul 2022The yotaphone 2 was my first smartphone I brought It many ... moreIndeed. Terrible optimization from app and game makers.
      I think Snapdragon 800 had file storage issues, maybe that's why the media storage crashes on galaxy s5. Not sure about the other models though.
      Also I had no idea that ex-Nokia engineers were part of Yota. That's quite interesting!

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        • Sin
        • 0Fj
        • 20 Jul 2022

        Minu, 20 Jul 2022It's interesting to see somebody using YotaPhones stil... moreThe yotaphone 2 was my first smartphone
        I brought It many years ago

        It a flagship smartphone from 2014
        The Snapdragon 800 is a flagship Snapdragon processor

        At the time it was able play any and all games that where out of it's time period and play them smoothly at that but it does get real hot

        But today's games are have become so resource and ram hungry and they call themselves well optimized yet they're not at all .
        game developers are too blame for this problem

        Old high end Snapdragon processors do have a tendency to out class and out match budget smartphones with mediatek processors in gaming

        I did find the new budget Nokia phones do have much faster loading times maybe there storage is faster

        Yotaphones are made by ex Nokia engineers who used too make Nokia Lumia phones

        I choose the yotaphone 2 instead of a Nokia Lumia 930
        At the time

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          • Minu
          • IWT
          • 20 Jul 2022

          Sin, 20 Jul 2022I needed a dual sim phone I have 2 phone numbers but onl... moreIt's interesting to see somebody using YotaPhones still. Haven't seen or even used one in my life.
          Agree about the snapdragon processors since game makes develop games for snapdragon processors than the others

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            • Sin
            • 0Fj
            • 20 Jul 2022

            Minu, 20 Jul 2022I'll have to test a Unisoc device to confirm if it... moreI needed a dual sim phone

            I have 2 phone numbers but only 1 sim card slot it was so impractical

            My SIM cards ended up in different phones it was a real pain

            I have gotten a few phones over the years
            I have a collection of smartphones

            The Nokia 3.1 phones can at least run light games
            My old yotaphone 2 phones can also game
            They have the impressive Snapdragon 800/801 processor inside of them sadly are 32bit unfortunately
            I also have a reviewed them

            Still even with everything closed in the background gaming on 2gb ram phones is really rough games sometimes close themselves or low ram struggles stuttering and freezing often and game just not running smoothly at all

            The Nokia c01 plus is dual sim my only deal SIM phone
            It's possible I might be able buy again later
            I would have too import the phone too the UK in order to get the 2gb ram version but it cost me a lot

            About the unisoc processor I would like to see this theory tested about heat about ram around ram amount
            It's possible different phones will also overheat or less then others
            I do think Snapdragon or mediatek processors tend too be better there so much more refined and efficient
            They have been around for a long time and know how to handle any task there given

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              • Minu
              • IWT
              • 20 Jul 2022

              Sin, 19 Jul 2022The unisoc processor is very inefficient with battery and i... moreI'll have to test a Unisoc device to confirm if it's heating because of the processor and not the RAM, since my previous Unisoc phone heated only during sustended RAM loads on apps such as Chrome. I think it's better if you use this as an emergency and extra phone instead of a main phone, just in case when you can't access the 3.1. Use the 3.1 for gaming and main phone purposes.
              Agree about the existence of 1GB RAM phones, considering how large demands are today for higher tech specs and not optimizing the apps for lower end phones. It would be better for Nokia to make the C100 and C200 available for worldwide purchase to avoid carrier restrictions and bloatware.

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                • Sin
                • 0Fj
                • 20 Jul 2022

                Minu, 19 Jul 2022Maybe the 1GB of RAM is the culprit of heatingEven so the Nokia c01 plus does get hot I have not noticed any slow down or throttling

                I don't know why that is

                But I think It is possible the built-in protections to provent the processor from getting dangerously hot too the point it might damage it's self or others parts inside the phone might be missing from unisoc processors

                I could be wrong it might be just fine and save heat level still battery does drain fast unless power saver is used

                but noone is doing in depth testing of performance of budget smartphones and performance and finding out performance stats like average performance peak performance minimum performance
                Gaming performance FPS in games loading times
                stability testing also different games might favours different architecture or be more demanding in different ways to each other some like single core more others may want multi core
                Checking heat levels and when does a phone thottle and slow down the processor
                Multi tasking testing

                At best all what can be find is just a basic benchmark scores that can be miss leading as they don't tell the full story and real would usages is very different too a benchmark

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                  • Sin
                  • pYB
                  • 19 Jul 2022

                  Minu, 19 Jul 2022Maybe the 1GB of RAM is the culprit of heatingThe unisoc processor is very inefficient with battery and it does get hot I don't think the amount of ram will change that

                  The 1gb of ram is not even good enough for basic usage
                  The ram being at max usage most the time even on
                  AndroidGo has made it clear too me there is no place for 1gb ram phones in 2022 even on ultra budget phones

                  This phone turned out too be a real lemon because of performance 1gb ram is not acceptable Nokia

                  Am disappointed that manufacturers are still making phones with 1gb of ram as they have no place in 2022

                  Adding insult too injury is ram is a very cheap part so there no reason for such low ram making 1gb phones hurting budget buyers unnecessary with performance problems based around ram

                  A 2gb phone or 3gb phone can easily be made dirt cheap
                  Just look at the Nokia c100 for example or the TCL A3

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                    • Minu
                    • ter
                    • 19 Jul 2022

                    Sin, 15 Jul 2022Just got this smartphone I don't pay much for it or h... moreMaybe the 1GB of RAM is the culprit of heating

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                      • Sin
                      • 0Rw
                      • 15 Jul 2022

                      Just got this smartphone
                      I don't pay much for it or have high expectations though I still feel a bit let down by the poor hardware spec
                      (55 pound brand new) but everything else was good

                      I can say this smartphone only suitable if you have basic needs and can't afford any better and know what you are getting your self into bare minimum 2gb device 4gb for reasonable general use device

                      This really isn't suitable for anyone unless you are ok with sub standard performance reason the ram bottleneck is a problem in my opinion there is no place for 1gb ram on smartphones in 2022

                      Thank goodness this runs AndroidGo that turned out to be ready good light Android os but as for specs as it barely has good enough specs too even use a browser or read email and no among us don't play on this either
                      Don't get me wrong it's not slow it's that the ram bandwidth is where the problem ls so you have too self manage how much you have open at a time and only someone who knows about technology will be able make the most of it

                      Don't be fooled by the high benchmark scores of the unisoc processor this thing runs hot is not as powerful as it seems and I don't think it handles battery well either though the battery life is the least of your worries and should be fine just need use power saver I think
                      Plus it has removeable battery

                      The phone charger will slow so keep this in mind changing over night might be a good idea or some other time you leave it changing long time
                      However the slow changer is healthy for your battery too stay in good condition for a long time

                      I can say I can still anything I like on this smartphone the Android os is good the software ok you can use the Google app store or alternative app stores the software is flexible and light
                      You have standard button navigation and notification at top and app drawer at bottom easy too use and clean and mostly stock other then my one complaint

                      My complaint is
                      Unfortunate the FB lite spyware was per installed and can't be uninstalled just a touch of disgusting blootware crapware using my storage that I payed for on my phone but that's all

                      Mad over this aside

                      Camera was impressed me a lot was out standing experience

                      The 720p screen was fine the phone build plastic it's fine feels premium too me
                      I like the bezel design removable battery and size of the smartphone

                      camera 720p screen plastic build battery speakers
                      slow charging is a strength not weakness
                      Software Android version
                      Given the price the processor has very strong performance does not freeze up

                      ram & storage FB lite spyware installed
                      Gaming multi tasking overpriced phone
                      1gb ram equal apps get forcefully closed when they run out of ram same for games you playing
                      In my opinion should cost 40~45 pound 1gb let's say 75~90 pound for 2gb version hard to judge

                      I do hope next year's c01 plus second edition fix the ram bandwidth problem then this will be a great smartphone
                      3gb or 4gb ram plus more storage will make amazing budget smartphone Nokia

                      If you willing to forgive the hardware specs you might be fine and like this smartphone the software is great

                        Gugu gaga, 20 Apr 2022Every phone these days are easier to break than the phones ... moreimagine trying to find the spare part.
                        can be harder though in this HMD brand

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ter
                          • 26 Jun 2022

                          Ik, 01 Mar 2022I would rather spent 40€ more for Galaxy a03s which is way ... more40 Euros more? It's around twice this phone

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                            • Billy G
                            • IV5
                            • 21 Jun 2022

                            1) Heavier than other 5.45" phone,
                            2) It doesn't support "Schedule Power On/Off".
                            3) Camera capture small text very blurred because no auto-focus. Also difficult to capture small QR Code.
                            Don't buy it.

                              Anonymous, 27 Mar 2022nokia c01plus is the smallest of all android phones in nok... moreCheck the specs SAR size, joke on you, you're Luan Louded

                                Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022This phone would break easier than a 2012 phone imaoDid I'm upset with "than 2012 phones"?

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                                  • Lnn
                                  • IV5
                                  • 11 Jun 2022

                                  Minus point: Its camera has no auto focus.

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                                    • e-phone
                                    • S0w
                                    • 04 Jun 2022

                                    Can I get the phone with 2GByte Ram version please?

                                    Thank you for replying, BR.

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                                      • Sin
                                      • N5a
                                      • 27 May 2022

                                      is it possible too side-load android apps on android go ?

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                                        • Gugu gaga
                                        • DkB
                                        • 20 Apr 2022

                                        Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022This phone would break easier than a 2012 phone imaoEvery phone these days are easier to break than the phones of 2012. What mi is better ? Apple is better ?

                                        At least if this one breaks ... You can repair with 10-15 dollars