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Nokia C01 Plus

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  • nokiagang
  • vG4
  • 18 Mar 2024

best phone ever made a lot better than iphone X

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    • Terence
    • HXa
    • 07 Mar 2024

    This phone sucks so bad, I am searching the Internet to find where I can warn people. After a short ownership, the charing port becomes loose and the phone get progressively more annoying to charge. These people do not care about quality or reliability. I've spent the whole day fiddling with cables trying to get the thing charged and I still have not gotten past 1%. If you're considering this phone then stop. Don't consider it anymore. Buy something else from a different company.

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      • bert
      • YPb
      • 30 Jan 2024

      Got my MUM a C1 Plus a few years back - Actually on here to find out its production date - the C1 mums got, its only Android 10, and after heavy use by a 90 Year old its got a noticable delay / lag to operate. I got it because of the Auto updates - As a 2021 model the 3 years of auto updates have only filled up the system to 5 Gig. and all up still 8 Gig free.

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        • Bonjour
        • 8mp
        • 10 Dec 2023

        James, 05 Dec 2023The annoying Nokia boot-up jingle. I hate it with a passion... moreMy jingle only gos off if I'm not on silence, I quite like it tbf

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          • Anonymous
          • Y}N
          • 10 Dec 2023

          doesn't download apps sometimes

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            • James
            • 39x
            • 05 Dec 2023

            The annoying Nokia boot-up jingle. I hate it with a passion. There is no way to switch it off. I've tried everything. I will never buy another Nokia phone again as long as I live.

              Sin, 15 Jul 2023The problems with the Nokia c01 plus won't have existe... moreYou should have bought the 2GB version of Nokia C01 Plus. Blame yourself for being stingy instead of blaming Nokia. You know you get a slower phone when you get a 1GB version, don't you?

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                • Sin
                • pvZ
                • 11 Aug 2023

                This Nokia c01 plus is so bad that my work money got stuck and it can't function well enough even too do a transfer of Money
                I have actually lost I think £3.40p that did take me some time too earn by the way
                Yes Google is also so heavy problems like this happen

                What is wrong with people it's like when people realize you're income from yours job is rubbish people choose too do triangle them and bully them

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                  • Sin
                  • HCj
                  • 15 Jul 2023

                  MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 19 Jun 2023Nokia C01 Plus and Alcatel 1B 2022 are pretty similar in pe... moreAm ok with being a Alcatel fan instead Nokia still in a way has me as a customer anyway both of them are owned by hmd global and are OEM phones

                  Unfortunately brand feeling are getting in the way of cold hard business when I buy a phone I do not care about brand name I purely focus on price too performance ratio

                  I want a smartphone too be dirt cheap but last as long as possible
                  It's just mathematics

                  How much do I pay for the phone then I have too work out how long the smartphone will last till it lasts till it needs too be replaced

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                    • Sin
                    • HCj
                    • 15 Jul 2023

                    MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 19 Jun 2023Nokia C01 Plus and Alcatel 1B 2022 are pretty similar in pe... moreThe problems with the Nokia c01 plus won't have existed if I had of getting the 2gb ram version that is made for the India market as clearly the British market target phones are overpriced

                    £99 was acceptable price for 2gb modal however Alcatel has much better performance and mediatek does make better chipset based of my performance testing and less problems with software exist which is very important

                    It's crazy because originally when I was the used buy a phone I buy phones purely based on compatibility with software and performance flexibility and reliability and design

                    However I think software license with AndroidGO is playing a big role and with hindsight I probably made a mistake buying Nokia phones as I clearly don't agree with them at all about Google which I deeply dislike and even have a huge security disagreement with

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                      • Sin
                      • HCj
                      • 15 Jul 2023

                      MakeNokiaGreatAgain, 19 Jun 2023Nokia C01 Plus and Alcatel 1B 2022 are pretty similar in pe... moreYes but I realized Alcatel is better than Nokia definitely with hindsight

                        Sin, 31 Oct 2022Still upset about my bad experience from using that smartph... moreNokia C01 Plus and Alcatel 1B 2022 are pretty similar in performance if you consider 2 GB RAM versions. Unisoc SC9863A and Helio A22 are closely matched. Nokia C01 Plus is also cheaper and better built. You should have gotten 2 GB version of Nokia C01 Plus for better performance. But it doesn't matter, if you buy Alcatel your money will still go to parent Nokia, because Alcatel is owned by Nokia.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • X}9
                          • 27 Jan 2023

                          i have used this phone for a little over a year... my opinions:

                          this is a decent-ish low budget phone. it is slow, but put up with daily use. everything about it is pretty slow ngl, but that's all you can expect from a phone at this price.

                          the camera quality isn't very good, so bear in mind if you want to take pictures, this phone is a nono(almost pixely)

                          after a year, the battery has declined and only really lasts for less than 2 hours. as to be expected

                          this phone is literally indestructible. the amount of times i have dropped it flat on its face or on its corner onto concrete w no case and it not even scratching is unbelievable. yk what they say about nokias

                          everything exterior is plastic, and plastic will inevitably scratch at some point

                          pretty big phone, came from a smaller phone beforehand and missed the smaller screen size

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                            • Sin
                            • pJw
                            • 31 Oct 2022

                            Still upset about my bad experience from using that smartphone Nokia c01 plus

                            As even basic usage Is real up hill struggle I do hope people don't buy this as it barely works at all
                            Even some websites just don't work or browser close it's self again so much lag and delay
                            This performance problem so much worse than being just sluggish

                            Realistically the 2gb ram version Nokia c01 plus should be just fine as a budget smartphone

                            But the 1gb ram smartphone overpriced it's
                            kinda Just e-waste
                            If it was like 25 pound the price and performance will match at least so it be more forgivable

                            Do note there are some dirt cheap smartphones that can crush this smartphone

                            If you want this Nokia c01 plus don't buy this get the budget Alcatel 1b 2022 instead much better performance low price tag also

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                              • Sin
                              • pJw
                              • 31 Oct 2022

                              Am done with this smartphone after trying too use it for a few painful mouths am switching back too my old Nokia 3.1 budget smartphone that was made in 2018

                              This should tell you just how bad this smartphone is

                              It only cost me 50 pound new on sale
                              design removable battery SD card slot bezels headphone jack etc

                              The deal breaker is garbage performance main reason too avoid

                              The problems is even basic tasks like the browser the browser keeps getting force closed because 1gb ram is not enough even for garbage AndroidGo software that's made for low end smartphones

                              The incompatibly problems with unisoc processor with the very few apps that will run on a potato smartphone and power hungry processor eating battery life only makes things worse

                              1gb ram = AVOID GARBAGE PERFORMANCE
                              not even good enough for basic usage

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                                • Lancs-Lainey64
                                • JiU
                                • 26 Jul 2022

                                I absolutely hate this phone!
                                £85 for what????
                                Should be a tenner!
                                It has no memory, not enough to play my games.
                                I've looked where is says indeed a memory card and I can't find it?
                                It's basic yes,but certainly not much use for the Internet

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                                  • Sin
                                  • 0Fj
                                  • 21 Jul 2022

                                  Minu, 21 Jul 2022Indeed. Terrible optimization from app and game makers. I ... moreWe do need to take into account the Snapdragon 800 come out a long time ago when most other technologies still developing and far from as good as they are today

                                  It's possible the emmc storage just more modern and better in budget phones of today and probably the ram paired with the processor

                                  Am not sure why a Samsung galaxy S5 have them problems did it always have them or develop them over time I have heard Samsung phones have a lot of blootware
                                  My yotaphone 2 have slowed down a lot over the years

                                  Storage speed and storage endurance is one of them specs they don't tell you on a spec sheet about your smartphone

                                  One of the most important parts storage is yet no info
                                  No read write speeds
                                  No endurance rating
                                  Only how much overall storage

                                  So people are kinda buying there smartphones without knowing what there really going to get

                                    • M
                                    • Minu
                                    • IWT
                                    • 21 Jul 2022

                                    Sin, 20 Jul 2022The yotaphone 2 was my first smartphone I brought It many ... moreIndeed. Terrible optimization from app and game makers.
                                    I think Snapdragon 800 had file storage issues, maybe that's why the media storage crashes on galaxy s5. Not sure about the other models though.
                                    Also I had no idea that ex-Nokia engineers were part of Yota. That's quite interesting!

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                                      • Sin
                                      • 0Fj
                                      • 20 Jul 2022

                                      Minu, 20 Jul 2022It's interesting to see somebody using YotaPhones stil... moreThe yotaphone 2 was my first smartphone
                                      I brought It many years ago

                                      It a flagship smartphone from 2014
                                      The Snapdragon 800 is a flagship Snapdragon processor

                                      At the time it was able play any and all games that where out of it's time period and play them smoothly at that but it does get real hot

                                      But today's games are have become so resource and ram hungry and they call themselves well optimized yet they're not at all .
                                      game developers are too blame for this problem

                                      Old high end Snapdragon processors do have a tendency to out class and out match budget smartphones with mediatek processors in gaming

                                      I did find the new budget Nokia phones do have much faster loading times maybe there storage is faster

                                      Yotaphones are made by ex Nokia engineers who used too make Nokia Lumia phones

                                      I choose the yotaphone 2 instead of a Nokia Lumia 930
                                      At the time

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                                        • Minu
                                        • IWT
                                        • 20 Jul 2022

                                        Sin, 20 Jul 2022I needed a dual sim phone I have 2 phone numbers but onl... moreIt's interesting to see somebody using YotaPhones still. Haven't seen or even used one in my life.
                                        Agree about the snapdragon processors since game makes develop games for snapdragon processors than the others