Nokia C01 Plus

Nokia C01 Plus

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  • anonymous

stop making smartphone Nokia..

  • Dilruk

Does this phone all parts are recycled parts ?. Phone size is ok but specs are worse!.

  • Crazy

Devil , 08 Jun 2021Micro USB, this is an electronic garbage. You spend your half of age with it

  • Anonymous

looks like they are starting again from beginning...

Not paying more than 10£.

I'll buy one for my dad

Seems like they've rebranded the C1 Plus or it's just a rumor

  • Anonymous

What is this? What were they thinking? There's a lot of better phones even at 70 euros. Even with Android Go, 1GB RAM is just sad.

  • Anonymous

Omg, who would want to buy a 1 GB RAM phone in 2021 😰 ?

  • Devil

Micro USB, this is an electronic garbage.

Rey571, 08 Jun 2021Most affordable Android phone I think? But it's 2021, ... morethe realme C2s had shockingly good specs for its price of 40 euros but it was only for thailand. BLU has similarly spec'd phones for a bit cheaper than this nokia. this stuff is super entry level except for the realme. the TCL A1 for tracfone is also worth noting for its potentially even cheaper price

  • the gsmmr1

What a waste of resources

Gionee Max is better.. 13MP, 5000mah, 2gb/32gb, Rs.5000

Most affordable Android phone I think? But it's 2021, the function could running in this phone is YouTube, social media, chat, and calling, no gaming, no multi tasking

Nokia Phone: Internet Explorer Edition.

lol, HMD is just milking the Nokia brand with reused SKU's

  • Anonymous

wow nice 2013 phone

  • Anonymous

Back to the 90's