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Nokia C10

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  • 04 Jul 2021

Alexander, 29 Jun 2021Nokia! In the old days, your cheap phones were good! And... moreIt's not Nokia. It's HMD Global.

    On the official Nokia website one one page it says 4G support and on another just 3G. Is the SOC acually just a Cortex-A7??? At least A53 should be standard these days.

      is nokia kidding? An android phone nowadays but not yet 4G

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        • Alexander
        • 3EC
        • 29 Jun 2021

        In the old days, your cheap phones were good!
        And your midrange were good!
        And expensive ones were good!
        But now your cheap phones are useless rubbish! Shame on you!

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          • Anonymous
          • fsV
          • 16 Jun 2021

          what will hmd be doing with 3g phone of this size not even supporting LTE

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            • Ivan Pro
            • p7$
            • 16 Jun 2021

            1 gb ram for 2021 is terriblee!!!

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              • AnonD-785804
              • uuu
              • 05 Jun 2021

              Anonymous, 07 May 2021Nokia will bring you the past closer then everyone else. Fo... moreU can never grow up beyond doing comments in gsmaerena. Most of the commentirs here think they are sarcastic and they knew everything. Half brained people

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                • Anonymous
                • 3KP
                • 29 May 2021

                A 6.52" screen on a 80 Euro phone is a qustionable split of resources especually considering it only has a 3000 MaH Battery

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                  • Anonymous
                  • pee
                  • 07 May 2021

                  Nokia will bring you the past closer then everyone else. Follow them and enjoy your best phone expierience ... (from a decade ago).
                  But hey Nokia claims to be so enviremental friendly that they're now producing products just for the garbage cam. This is what makes Nokia so special. You can't reach Nokia anymore because they're so far away (behind you).

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                    • dzmoh
                    • rpH
                    • 19 Apr 2021

                    This year seems like the year of NOKIA. Happy to see that my favorite brand getting back into the market.

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                      • Nokia fan
                      • xtS
                      • 18 Apr 2021

                      Zuzi, 16 Apr 2021Please mention what Nokia engineers are thinking as your op... moreAlthough the first nokia Csereis was nokia C101 it has only 10mb internal memory and 16mb of ram.
                      Yet does great job before nokia C2 & C3 & C5 took over the business. Now in 2021 Nokia engeeniers they're struggling to delight thier fans by bringing back Nokia cseries into the business with a wide screen. & 3g connectivity & 16gb+1gb or 2gb of ram. or 32gb+2gb ram. with 5mp camera front and back both camera's have a flash light. with lasting battery 3000 mAr.
                      everything about the is OK.

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                        • Zuzi
                        • v{u
                        • 16 Apr 2021

                        Nokia fan, 13 Apr 2021I will buy it and believe me guys this phone is gona be a v... morePlease mention what Nokia engineers are thinking as your opinion ? What they thinking about this phone? Please mention here , because it's very helpful for those who are waiting to buy this phone.

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                          • Taibu
                          • IWS
                          • 16 Apr 2021

                          Why somany Nokia phones are announced in April 08 and going to release in June month.
                          I think Nokia is waiting for customer comments or opinions before to give the orders to the manufacturer company. Nokia still they not believe their own brand.

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                            • Nokia fan
                            • r3a
                            • 13 Apr 2021

                            I will buy it and believe me guys this phone is gona be a very nice 3g phone.
                            Becuase Nokia engineers they knows what to do.

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                              • He
                              • XUU
                              • 12 Apr 2021

                              Jiki, 11 Apr 2021In the age of 5G Nokia goes 3G. Wow! Why so many peoples are in Finland to buy Nokia Latest 3G technology phone. But we are prefer Samsung or iphone for day to day use.
                              Guys what happened to LG phone company ? Any news?

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                                • Jiki
                                • 6sE
                                • 11 Apr 2021

                                In the age of 5G Nokia goes 3G. Wow!

                                  Who will buy a 3G phone now?

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                                    • Thor
                                    • n8W
                                    • 10 Apr 2021

                                    You'd better with a Redmi 7A or 8A than with this... And you'll spend same amount of money...

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                                      • Jamz the less
                                      • AMQ
                                      • 10 Apr 2021

                                      It always depends on what you actually need your phone to do and what your local networks are capable of. I am sure the Nokia have done their research and know that there is space in the market for a low cost device with these specs. You can make calls, send texts, use social media apps & all the other basic stuff. On the camera front it would be good enough for many.
                                      I find the criticisms here very unfair as they are making judgements without taking the price into consideration.

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                                        • Minu
                                        • ter
                                        • 10 Apr 2021

                                        Gecks, 09 Apr 2021As a tech enthusiast from the sweaty jungles of Africa, thi... moreAbsolutely. But this is for first time smartphone users so it makes sense