Nokia C1-00

Nokia C1-00

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  • chinnu

signal drops randomly,hangs while calling and receiving sms restarting 5to 8 times a day...except these faults good phone :)

really nokia cheated us.........

  • Balan

The phone is good for the money. But the big problem is that it hangs and switches off and re-boots automatically many times in a day. At times, it hangs when receiving a call and you will never know that who called.
I gave it to a nokia care center, they gave me back the phone next day saying that the software is updated from V2.6 to V3.0. But the problem still persists.

  • Moshu

It's a good phone very good battery and nicely design

  • tech

1-big problem in network connectivity.
2-The phone constantly restarts
3-Normal design. Blue colour looks nice.
4-Very Good key pad.

  • tech

1-big problem in network connectivity.
2-The phone constantly restarts
3-Normal design. Blue colour looks nice.
4-Very Good key pad.

  • Sohail

Don't Buy this Mobile Because this is the Most Dirty Cell Ever Seen or Used..

  • Saji

what is the price of Nokia C-100??

  • Anonymous

Its a good phone. Blue colour looks really nice.

  • ehab pops

Plz Urgent Guys , Can i Search Names By the Alphabets ?

  • dan

phone is attractive.But i used only 1 was restart automatically.keypad is not comfortable.don't buy..

  • Levi

It's just like the Nokia 1616. The menu and the design is the same, there are only 2 difference between these phones: this phone supports 2 SIM cards (without dual standby), and a greater standby time. I always wonder why Nokia hasn't resolved the dualSIM standy to this phone, there are plenty dualsim chinaphones on the market.

  • SKP

1-Features: Nokia phones have more features
2-Battery backup:Exactly same
3-FM: Sony ericsson mobiles have more sound clarity through earphone and signal strength.
4-Display: Nokia have more themes and colours. But sony ericsson displays have good clarity and good looking.

  • SKP

Normal design. Very Good key pad. Good battery backup. FM sound is loud through both earphone and external speaker. But not much stereo widerning through earphone.

  • Anonymous

very good and nice phone.. 1month battery life

  • dudu

bad performance...
resets while receiving sms,unable to search contacts using alphabets...!!!!!

  • Dush

good phone. but it should be dual stanby mode. pls...! giv us..

  • gul

nice nd cute mobile

  • maddy man

C1-00 it is nice phone but at time both sim are not worked this is bad point.

  • Anonymous

it is nice phone but it should have dual sim activation (Dual sim standby mode)

  • Nic

Cool phone for the price. Got it in Dubai when I visited. Work great with the 2 simcards. Like the torch in it. Does what it is supposed to. Buttons could be better, but these days most handset buttons suck. Wish they could make these with the old 3310 buttons. Battery life is brilliant.