Nokia C1-00

Nokia C1-00

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  • Anonymous

Mido, 28 Apr 2011i bought this phone 2 weeks ago as a secondary has ex... morePlease tell me some words about it's display

  • blur_@ngel

dude its good cell phone... i M Loving IT .. :=)

  • Anonymous

can both sims be run at once or one sim works at a time?

  • Solo4dad

Do u think that this is phone ?
This device is not for guys, but for ladies who don't want to spend much of their money in the phone world.

  • Vishal

No doubt it is a nice phone but its loudspeaker and handset dnt produce a reasonable sound.. For easy switch store all the contacts in phone memory...

  • cgg


  • Anonymous

HOW to activate two sim at a time?

  • Persian User


Stop complain plz!
- first of all where nokia said it's DUAL SIM? nokia said "two SIM cards in one phone - and switch between them" here is link:­kia-c1-00
- it's basic phone. it's just for call and sms! why you talking about of 3g, edge, bluetooth,...etc! sorry for say this but some guys think with 30 usd can get all things.
- if you looking for toy! it's not for you. it's for users like me that have camera, mp3 player and laptop in anywhere(home/office). i just need a phone why i should be pay more! it's clarify?

Nokia is not stupid. they cover all groups user. it's 30 usd phone. and really i need phone such as this, not much.

  • Mido

i bought this phone 2 weeks ago as a secondary has excellent battery life..i charge it once weekly with about 7-8 hours calls through the week..really awesome!!!
it's so light and handy..nice specifications(colour display,pwoerful torch,fm radio,converter etc)..good voice quality and the price is amazing
The only drawback is the voice leakage from the back

Finally,if you want a reliable basic phone with excellent battery life, marvellous price and above all with two sims switching between them so easily just go for nokia c1-00..the best value for money

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2011can anybody help me? sim card registration failed message shows... moresim card not properly installed. remove sim card from phone and then insert sim card again in mobile phone. your problem may be solved.

  • Anjan

Can i buy this phone for chating

  • ram

the phone keeps swithching on and off automatically .have same issue with the same phone that my friend has

  • me

outdoor calling capabilities is very weak volume... beacause it only have 1 speaker for both earpiece and loudspeaker....

  • Imran

How is the ringtone quality?(Is it loud enough ?)
How is the voice leakage?
How is the sim card switching feature?
How is the voice call clarity?(Can we hear loud and clear the other person?)

  • mr_y0s0

does it have caller groups for sending bunch of sms??

  • Anonymous

resets randomly while sending messages..
any solutions??


got it a couple of days ago.
I didn't know it's packed with FM radio. excellent work.
love it. low price, nice specifications.

  • VNB

julius, 11 Apr 2011this phone is very reliable, good battery back up, good Quality,... morecan you receive SMS sent to sim 2 while sim 1 is active?or should sim1 be constantly check for SMS?

  • ib

the phone is light-handy and very reliable when it comes battery. its a travel phone

  • julius

this phone is very reliable, good battery back up, good Quality, the keypad is soft but noisy.. clear & good voice calls but i noticed that the back speaker is louder than the front speaker, it means your phone conversation is for public to hear, hahahaha... no privacy...=(