Nokia C1-01

Nokia C1-01

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  • iamdavid

Guys i just updated my c1-01 to v5.45, from previous version v4.40 here in nigeria. It looks cool. It can now support themes and has added draft to the messages. Disadvantages: no more radio recording, my photos not loading, pains me a lot especially radio recording, bt d update is good.

  • Vishu

AnonD-18642, 20 Aug 2011Hey any one tell me that does it support 3D games and can it pla... moreYes it support 3d games but not all 3d games it is obvious that d game u dwnlod is in the compatible screen size of ur phone,nd it is not support you tube... videos

  • Vishu

Swati, 20 Aug 2011My nokia C1-01 does not support any theme. Is it true for all No... moreNo, ds is nt true i m also using ds phone for last 2 month nd i nvr face ds type of prblm.
Infact i change themes most of the time

  • Praveen

Drishi, 28 Aug 2011This phone not have to apply themesGo to zedge website

  • priya

does it have d provision for memory card?

  • ehL_

Things I hate about this unit:
FIRST, when I try to move all of the files from one folder to another,the other files I haven't moved yet got deleted,as well as the games I've tried to move after that
SECOND, theres a lot of themes that this unit can't apply,its always corrupted.
THIRD, it hangs up sometimes.
FOURTH, the speaker was really bad,especially when I play the songs in it.
FIFTH, the camera is only VGA.
SIXTH, the firmware is hard to update.

Nokia 2690 is better than Nokia C1-01 !

  • Drishi

This phone not have to apply themes

  • abdul

The best ito...

  • Anonymous

Lover boy, 27 Aug 2011It phone dnt apply themes no themes can be applied on this mobile.i have check it

  • Lover boy

Don, 27 Aug 2011Sala the mobile not support youtube,themesIt phone dnt apply themes

  • Hasan

Guys anyone have any idea about how to take a vdo call from this set

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone any body cannot buy this phone its useless phone

  • shijn

i brought this phone 4 months back but its totaly useless. very slow, it goes restarting without any cause.sound clarity is ok. and low quality body panel. i never recommend anyone to buy this phone.

  • Don

Sala the mobile not support youtube,themes

  • Anonymous

headphone doesn't seem to be working ok. One s hardly able to hear. Can the hearing be improved?

  • Anonymous

wat abt cable?

  • Gurpreet

pals, 24 Aug 2011how to update ?so thaat i can download themes Hey, first go to menu

  • siri sree


  • siri sree


  • Saboor shah

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