Nokia C1-02

Nokia C1-02

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  • AB

Is it gud 4 net browsing ?

  • SimpleUser

This phone is amazing. I bought it as my nephew is going to the military which prohibits phones with camera.

The phone is light and handy (slips into the pocket and not even noticed). The screen is readable, even at extra small font. It handles Gmail and Hotmail accounts (Yahoo and Ovi are also listed) over the 2GB network. A little slower than the sexy smartphones these days but excellent for a limited platform like this. The web browser works too but not YouTube.

Also loaded apps such as Facebook and Google Maps. Both worked well and as expected Google Maps cannot locate your position (you will need better equipment to do that). The radio works with a headset attached.

Overall, a 'big' phone for its small price. Areas of improvement include bigger battery (800 mAH is limited) and a torchlight (as phone is likely to be used outdoors).

  • Anonymous

happy new year nokia!!!

  • Phone Guru

I have Nokia phones for 10 years. To date, this must be their BEST model for a non-camera phone. Those looking for value for money phone should buy this. It is easily worth 3 times the price it's retailed for. Grab it guys.

  • gie

w-8, 27 Dec 2011By the above information it is written that this phone has 64mb ... moresimply insert a memory card(lgb up to 32gb on ur choice) on ur c1-02 and presto...all the downloaded games, songs, videos, themes etc will automatically be saved at ur memcard(received files folder)...thats whati experienced!

  • w-8

By the above information it is written that this phone has 64mb rom and 16mb ram, it is wrong.
After downloading many softwares i found that it has only 2048kb (2mb) of jvm ram.
Some larger 3d games of more than 2mb could not run on this phone and error message appears due to low ram"out of memory java error".
This is not good.

  • rnr

i bought my creative earphone for 680php...a4tech is also good but i still prefer cool im using it on my 6303, n79(the best sound)and my newly purchased c1-02.

  • JCeasar

if you want to have a compatible themes for this just go to and all of your compatible themes are there by the way how much is the creative earphone?
because the free headset package of this phone is not satisfied to me i have also a a4tech headphone here.

  • rangie

this is one of the best new cheap units from nokia...if you owned one youll not regret buying it comparing to nokia 100, x1-00, c1-01, c2-00 all of which has almost of the same price c1-02 wins by a landslide...go get one till it will be phased out!!!

  • rnr

Bob82, 18 Dec 2011hey rnr, I did exacty the same thing. Nice girl at the shop swa... moremy bl-5c batt is now on its 4th day w still 1 bar left friend...try Creative headset and it will "improved" the music installed on ur memcard...i now got 200 plus songs embedded on my 2gb mem card. the nokia e51 camera free edition is one of the best created by nokia...its got 16million colors w 2.0 display...but its now hard to find even a 2nd hand. update me of whats happening now from ur c1-02. tnx

  • rnr

jopjop, 19 Dec 2011why my downloaded themes would be corrupted? and it would direct... morethere r some c1-02 themes that are not compatible...ive also experienced that so i just deleted those corrupted themes and kept the ones that are compatible. i now got 10 themes for my c1-02

  • jopjop

why my downloaded themes would be corrupted? and it would direct to the basic themes im so pissed with this. can anyone know why? is there another c1-02?

  • Bob82

hey rnr,
I did exacty the same thing. Nice girl at the shop swapped BL-5CB for BL-5C from a different model. Battery holds up to 7 days of light use. Though battery runs out pretty quick when you use GPRS and the stupid display glitters at 100%. I asked for a headphones and got Nokia WH-102 as a gift. This set sounds cr@p. I will be buying another pair of headphones.
This mobile is a good idea and needs software update to address some of the issues mentioned earlier. Nokia should come up with an improved camera-free model with nice display and durable water resistant case. Mil-spec mobile so to speak.

  • Anonymous

u could "experiment" and "abuse" this great simple mob..i changed its bl-5cb bat to a more powerful bl-5c, downloaded games and themes(only the compatible ones pls), 210 songs and 5 videos on my 2gb memcard, decent audio sound using my Creative EP-260 headset, protected it w a silicone casing(original screen protector is still ok), comes w a threaded messaging,simple to use(nice keypads for fast texting),n of course very affordable price tag...what else more to come upon "experimental abuse" of this c1-02!!!

  • JCeasar

but i have already purchased my c1-02 for only 1550php and it comes with a stereo headset but Im not satisfied with the free headset id rather buy a new headphone than to use the free. with the applications i have no problem about it i have 40 games, 20 themes , 30 sms tone and 100 songs from 1550php only I definitely recommend this phone

  • Anonymous

why does the package of nokia c1-02 have different packaging? the one bought have a headset included and retails at 2000php. at the other store where they run out of stock sells for 1750php wout a headset in the package. wanting to have a secondary phone out of c1-02(black) i just bought the one w a headset included. i already have a creative ep-260 headset(3.5mm)n just kept the c1-02 headset

  • rnr

i just bought a nokia c1-02 today for 2000php w a headset the other store its 1750php w/out a headset...i also swapped its included bl-5cb to an original bl-5c battery and added 50php...glad dt the manager agreed of the swapping. so far i could not yet comment on the pros n cons of ds phone but i like its simple style esp its keypad n threaded messaging(one of d reasons why i bought ds simple phone)

  • IQ

Yes you can! First you need to know exactly what application you want to download. Then you go to the website and you download the application. And you're done! I recommend KD Player and Mini Opera.

  • askkkk

can i download whatsapp app to this phone

  • Anonymous

There is no excuse for the voice leakage problem. Unacceptable at any price level.