Nokia C1 2nd Edition

Nokia C1 2nd Edition

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Alpha, 22 hours agoIts not about being educated, its about being intelligent. ... moreMan you funny.
Kids and grandma doesnt need anything stupidly fast like nowdays phones are unveiled with up to 18GB ram where 4 or 6 is far more than enough for most games and tasks.
Again wake uo and dont be clumsy.

  • Alpha

CptPower, 26 Jul 2021Man please educate your self that not everybody needs a 150... moreIts not about being educated, its about being intelligent.

Obviously you show no sign of both! For anyone, even your Grandma to use this phone, It has to work! The specs here will already mean it will open one app after like 1 minute of launching doesn't have enough power to do anything

  • Anonymous

This phone for 50 euros seems decent for my grandma. Thing is I wonder if it will lag even when browsing contacts and last for at least 3-4 days only by making calls. I'm afraid such phones can't do that...

  • Google DD Cat

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2021Whatever happened to this respectable in the past company N... moreNOKIA SEASON RESULTS
2008-09 - 60-22
2009-10 - 55-27
2010-11 - 47-35
2011-12 - 51-31
2012-13 - 42-40
2013-14 - 34-48
2014-15 - 29-53
2015-16 - 18-64
2016-17 - 35-47
2017-18 - 43-39
2018-19 - 45-37
2019-20 - 40-42

"Nokia's revival is just mediocre android phones and overpriced feature phones" -Sosh Jmith

  • BuddahSmoker1995

Everyone always talks about how this device is good for grandmas or kids but what this device is really also good for is the hustlers, killers and professionals out on them streets. $50 phone for your business goes a long way, keep it away from your $1,000 iPhone or high end android you use to talk to your girl, your homies or your pops. I live in Colorado USA and want to buy this for my local bakery sniper guard.

Alpha, 25 Jul 2021No stop justifying a piece of junk..Man please educate your self that not everybody needs a 1500 eur device which does same tricks as 50 bucks one.
I.E. calling, messaging, internet, chat via facebook, viber, whatsapp etc.
Please wake up.
For a what sake a 70 year old granny ill need for example S21 Ultra or 12 pro max.
Dont get me laugh please.

Not good at all this, there are too many of this type in there portfolio that are the same now I am not sure why tbh. C must stand for crap surely!

  • Alpha

CptPower, 21 Jul 202150 bucks is good price for this device. For those who nee... moreNo stop justifying a piece of junk..

50 bucks is good price for this device.
For those who needs a cheap phone for internet and basic apps this one is fine to have.

I wonder if this would make for a nice MP3 player.

  • Donkey

This size is suitable for X10 and X20 phone.

How to properly make a small budget Nokia phone:
1. 5.5 screen HD IPS
2. 2GB RAM, 1.5 for Go edition
3. 12nm low end CPU with a 3500mah battery would be perfect without increasing size & weight
4. 24 bit audio for small phones would be excellent, since these phones are more suitable as mp3 players
5. Ip68 would also be amazing,
6. Rugged rubber bodies similar to the old Nokias like tbe Nokia 3100

Point is, smaller cheaper phone even if compromising with speed and specs can be better in other aspects.
I don't get why companies don't go that route

The combination of 28nm chip alongside 2500mah is a disaster!!!

WTH Nokia

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2021I mean note 2 had better specs note 2? which one? Galaxy or Redmi?

  • Sambi

the past guy , 19 Jul 2021hey there , I live in the past in 2011 in the hunololo and ... moreYou got some amazing powers to already know that even when the phone isn't even available yet. I suggest you to do something with that power, change the world perhaps and do something with your life for the good. Or, perhaps, and that is totally scientifically related, share information about your time machine that brought you here.

  • Sambi

nickname optional, 19 Jul 2021For a cheap secondary device, it's actually not bad, c... moreI think you're right however the C1 is available in Europe as well, maybe this one will be too. I'm like you one of the few realistic people here as far as I can see from the comments in this section.

  • Sambi

50 euro, brand new, 2021 release, removable battery, can't find any cheaper smartphone for that price. Pretty good!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2021Whatever happened to this respectable in the past company N... moreNokia belongs to HMD Global now. Its only a chinese android phone with "nokia" unfortunately.

  • Albert makoto

Come on guys it's not that bad .... Nokia is affordable and nice

  • Anonymous

Whatever happened to this respectable in the past company Nokia, is such a pity...