Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

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  • hello

jose, 28 Jul 2011try those stores in sm, fully stocked with these phones.where can you get these phone?

  • Dilmeet


Using this for past week, and I am really disappointed with Nokia and their Products are now no where what we expect. Average Build quality, erratic Signal reception, not true dual SIM phone as when 1 is in use other one is non functional. I still hope if some firmware updates can chalk out some basic errors and bugs not expected from Nokia especially in such competitive times. But overall not worth the hype. Not worth Rs. 2, 800/- and a very casual attempt by nokia once again. God know s when they would wake up. People looking to buy this please wait for some better model or look for other brands. You will regret the purchase overall. any questions please ask.
+ music quality
+Radio and reception quality
+3.5mm jack
+file transfers over bluetooth directly go into memory card
+easy swap SIM great feature
+32 GB support however would be useless since phone isn't good with 4GB card so higher capacity would bog it down.
+good screen
+battery life exceptional.

-bad DUAL SIM Implementation
- signal on either SIM Goes off on its own
- terrible build and cheap quality. Sweaks in new handset( experienced this in Nokia C-5 00 also which confirms that Nokia is going down on standards)
- average keypad.
- hangs sometimes and reboots without reason
- low internal memory
- no option to mark text in messages weirdly though option available in gallery.
- flimsy back cover and pathetic ergonomics overall.
- small screen. currently by paying as little as 500 more u can get a 2" better screen on nokia 2700 which is very very well built and miles better sans dual sim support.

New customers may like it but old nokia users would feel cheated and frustrated the way company is launching products which are low quality and worse than previous generation models which established what Nokia is now. But the company is i guess hell bent to annoy users and people who trust the brand. STILL can't believe that this is a nokia manufactured product. people who have bought it and have used a Nokia before would definitely feel cheated.

  • ajinkya

Asik, 27 Jul 2011remove the 2nd sim and try it!! me 2 have same prob but i recove... morewhat was d prob

  • rich

C2-00 is made from what???

  • Anonymous

this handset is complete handset dual sim nice battery backup

  • Ajaya

Vix, 27 Jul 2011Can someone suggest me an better, reliable chinese smart dual si... moreAny set of GFive

  • jose

babyPowdeR, 23 Jul 2011why is it that C2-00 is not available in any store here in alaba... moretry those stores in sm, fully stocked with these phones.

  • praveen

AnonD-14877, 25 Jul 2011Dual SIM card. I like this phone,because easy swap. :-)that is a good product of nokia company bcz that is dual sim handset

  • Asik

shanishka, 26 Jul 2011i cnt use java app with gprs..............remove the 2nd sim and try it!! me 2 have same prob but i recovered it

  • Vix

Can someone suggest me an better, reliable chinese smart dual sim phone? which has both cards on standby ?

  • Anonymous

make another one with gps,3g,wlan,radio additional to c2-00 fixtures.

  • weng

i want to buy Nokia C2-00

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2011this mobile do not create automatic playlist when playing songs ... moreYou are wrong.........this mobile do create automatic playlist when playing songs from folder.

  • nath

how many contacts we can add to a single group? in 5300 and 2600 we can only add and send msg to only 20 contacts! is it the same here?

  • SAI

what to say. never expected that nokia would disappoint me. lost my hard earned money. very poor signal. very very low voice. there is no option to set only phone memory as default memory unlike other nokia phones. all the contact names will be displayed thrice or twice if the same contacts are copied to sim(s). if we are talking on sim 1, the signal of sim 2 are totally nil. lot more negatives. totally disappointed. i can say dont buy rather than saying "not worth".


Yash, 27 Jul 2011Can i use internet on my computer thru' Nokia C2-00? plz tel me.... moreusb connetion : install pc suit and open that software, and click on internet, 1 st contact with your sim customer care and save the gprs setting,,,

via bluetooth : very simple plz try this.

  • Anonymous

my question iz nokia c2-00 has call recording feature with out beap yes or not

  • R.s.reddy/hyderabad

Poor battory and frequently signal droping to zero,complant to nokia care, soft were updated and given still problem is same condition again i will go to care .so please don't buy this phone any chinese mobile is better about this. Poooor softwere .

  • ven

Yash, 27 Jul 2011Can i use internet on my computer thru' Nokia C2-00? plz tel me.... moreYes you can use Nokia c2-00 for internet. you have to connect your mobile with USB. You have install Nokia Ovi suite software in your laptop.

  • wewness

hey theres threaded sms view in the specification
if you change settings from inbox view to conversation view