Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

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  • seyar

it will come june is manufactured in Chenni factory

  • sonu

boss i asked about it on 15th of may in delhi at dwarka & they respond me that it will be surely available within a month.
i was there for C1-00, they resisted me & said that just wait for some time, C2-00 is coming soon, within a month.

  • V

I think some people confused C2-00 with C1-02 as both look similar. C1-02 was already in the market for several months while C2-00 is not yet sure when it will hit the shelf. I have been waiting for it for almost 1 year since it was officially announced on 03 June 2010. A few days ago, I decided to buy LG GX200 instead and it is a very good phone with dual standby.

  • Anonymous

hi... im working in UAE and been waiting for this phone like you guys for quite a whlie now. i been bugging the sales people of official nokia store here since november of last year till present but still to no avail. i hope they release this ASAP since i really wanted to buy it at a reasonable price. cheers mates!

  • Oct

Already sell in Thailand price is about 65$

I though Nokia gonna drop this phone but they didn't.

  • Anonymous

does both the sims work at a single time????

  • Roni

It seems tat c2-00 released in UAE as there is no coming soon post above this soon in but soming soon is seen in

  • shakil

nokia c2-00 is a dual stand by phone not a dual active .........means if we talk in 1 sim second sim is out of covrage.......

  • shakil

nokia c2-00 is a dual stand by phone not a dual active .........means if we talk in 1 sim second sim is out of covrage.......

  • Anonymous

my question is that the both sim are working togher
it realy a good dull sim mobile

  • pradeep

software compalint

  • Anonymous

will it be released in the phils?

  • Anonymous

it ain't worth waiting anymore. been hyped for more than one year. nokia can afford to that to their consumers? better buy samsung duos and you will not regret u made the decision. besides, samsung cells are much better than nokia now.

  • kimo

where from can i buy this phone in egypt?

  • Anonymous

abdo, 14 May 2011Poeple Pls c the link more

available in kenya.. plz confirm this information from kenya people...

  • Boite2001

abdo, 14 May 2011Poeple Pls c the link moreThis feature is great! It seems to have a FM transmitter, (frequency 88.1 - 107.9) great to listen mp3 in car radio, and captures video, according to
Must have this…

  • abdo

Poeple Pls c the link
Nokia C2-00 shown on last model it dose it means phone is available in UAE?, any one from UAE can confirm pls??????????

  • nesa

Never too late...
I am afraid it is.

  • uday

this is the best ceii phone but so late

  • Boite2001

Anonymous, 11 May 2011if there is a call on sim 1, sim 2 will be busy. you will not be... moreSometimes most important calls come 2 and 3 at the time on different SIM’s. I find this feature (dual sim active) very important. I had this in my “samyoug” (Samsung) c3212 that I returned after a one day cause it blocked every 4 hours... (I had 3 of c3212…) It’s a bit disappointing Nokia does not include this feature on C2-00.