Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

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  • Anonymous

Hi All,

I heard this phone will not going to launch now.

May be nokia realize it what will be great failure if NOKIA C2 will launch now (technology outdated phone compare to others) and what would they have to face defeat.

Friends now stop becoming foooooooooooooooollllll.....

  • rahul

Informed, 13 Nov 2010I heard that this phone is canceled.It will not be launched.yes dear this phone is not going 2 launch....

  • chiki

Will it use new micro usb connector for charging?

  • Saminathan

Launching date in India: End of December

  • Al-Hachim

sobi, 11 Nov 2010is it the two sim are working the same timeYes it is, but if one line is active (making a call or receiving a call) the other SIM will be disconnected till the end of the call
but on standby, if any line get SMS or a call it will come throu.


Why r nokia release this fon kya ullu samajh rakha h customer ko 4 month se wait kr rahe h log lat maro nokia ko china lg samsumg le lo

  • Informed

I heard that this phone is canceled.It will not be launched.

  • Darat Chhun

It announced few months ago but not available Why? It will be cancell or not?


plz.plz.inform me we nokia c2-00 will available in hyderabad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • nokia supporter

this phone has FM transmitter why arena whay you d'ont write it on Radio case

  • Tafakshi

No thanx Nokia 4 your piece of shit phone
When Nokia release dual sim phone it should be expected to be not such damn fone but a fone able to be attributed to nokia

  • suraj

sobi, 11 Nov 2010is it the two sim are working the same timeno, its not active.

  • Anonymous

available in africa not in india

  • my name is tousif

George, 11 Nov 2010I need a dual sim phone bcoz at present I am carrying 2 Nokia ph... moreNokia c2 is good phone basically its normal basic phone. If you want you can try with LG gx300 iam using this handset this is fantastically phone this has a dual stand by and dual active . This has 23 hours talk time. 2mp camera with flash with 2gb free. Also this realy study phone thank you have a nice day.


Im also waiting for this phone for 3 months already. DAMN Nokia. In my own opinion, they are waiting to sell all their c1-00 and be completely sold out.. so i guess, this will not be released or will wait a little longer.. like Dec 31, 2010 (thats still is 4th Qtr..)

  • nokia supporter

the nokia c2-00 is aviable on
it is no more 'coming soon' that's a good new even if ther was a flash light and 2mp camera or more


best phone. but camera vga.

  • sobi

is it the two sim are working the same time

  • Anonymous

hey me 2 ...i m 2 in serious need of these mobile.......wen will it reach mumbai.i m finding since the last 1 month

  • George

I need a dual sim phone bcoz at present I am carrying 2 Nokia phone. I prefer bar type phone than touchscreen. Last month I buy Cherry Mobile M35 but the image taken from the camera does not look good so I sell it at lower price. Available branded bar type dual sim phone in the market (Philippines) are samsung c6112 and Lg gx200, but thay have only 2 and 1.3 megapixel camera respectively. Now I have seen from this website, Motorola Ex115, it has a 3.15 megapixel camera, this is the only branded bar type dual sim phone that has camera higher than 2mp. I am planning to buy this, but is this a user friendly phone? Anyone know this phone, please give your opinions. Thank you Friends