Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

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  • Biswajeet

Nokia C series NOKIA C3 AND C5 has been launched in market.
But C2 are not launched much more time taken.

Relesed soon NOKIA

  • Biswajeet

Nokia C3 and C5 has been launched in this week .
But C2 model has launched is much more time.

Released soon NOW

  • toni

I have been waiting for this Nokia type...hmmm when will launch in Indonesia?

  • sfmobile

this is coming in sep. last week or oct first week. This model have only one great spec ; swap sim ; . Otherwise only one thing support this model, its nokia phone. Lg gx 200 is the best model in comparision to other brand. There r 1500 mah batt. , call rec. , torch light, slim set, good sound quality and slim set.
Please wake up nokia, all cell lover still waiting for nokia dual active sim with mp cam, long last batt , good sound, good looking, symb 60 and minimum 2 inch screen. If early done by nokia then all is gone

  • William Douglas Mour

The fact that Nokia produce a phone DUAL SIM is a big plus for us consumers. Just need to add more resources for these types of models. Other than that, it's nice to have the security of a famous brand and high quality produce this to us. I'll be the first to buy when it launches here in Brazil.

  • Fahad

Though it has less features from other branded Samsung and LG Dual sim mobile. But i steel fancy to buy it. because it has got 1 very special feature which is Just only unice by Nokia (hot swappable).this option is rare from any kind of dual sim mobile. i really like this exceptional option.

  • Phunsukh Wangru

Hi beware of nokia........a warning for all other dual sim fone suppliers now nokia is comming soon and this will bash!!! all...........good job nokia I just need to know that dual sim got the dual stand bu option as well please let me know this

  • m

this phone is again a dual stand by not dual SIM active like samsung 6112

  • Muhammad Shoaib

Its good release by nokia
it will compete all dual sim
mobiles Thanks Nokia


I am from EGYPT & it is not released yet in Egypt - It is a good phone but please I want to know:
01-Dual Standby means that when I have a call on SIM1 & Someone called me on SIM2 at the same time will I got alarm for the second call like the case of call waiting?
02-Hot Swappable SIM means that the second SIM can be replaced with another SIM without switching the phone off?
I am waiting for reply ASAP - Thanks

  • thirupathi

its a good news, how is
the relising date

  • chandu

its good news...early possible to releasing dualsim series..its really good

  • arsene

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2010is it the dual sim on at the same time?Yes - Dual SIM (dual standby)

  • arsene

vijay, 18 Aug 2010its better than all chinese based and other company dual gsm mob... moreI'm not sure is this better...

  • arsene

Why Nokia don't want make smartphone with dual SIM? Who use such simply phone today except my mother? I'd rather buy B7722

  • Anonymous

Finally, dual sim nokia phone but no EDGE? When will Nokia learn from this kind of mistake, incomplete product.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2010is it the dual sim on at the same time?yes it is dual sim same time.

  • vijay

its better than all chinese based and other company dual gsm mobile.
so thank nokia india ltd.

  • Alvin Bautista

Hope you could release this in the Philippines soon!!!! Thanks

  • Anonymous

is it the dual sim on at the same time?