Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00

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  • Anonymous

Is this phone supports streaming? Reply ASAP planning to buy it tomorrow

  • Sabasaba

Which Nokia phones has or can use Whatsapp without paying?

  • Akash

unkn0wn, 22 Dec 2012im using this ph0ne..go0d bqttery life the bqttery last for 3day... moreYa iam also getting the same black line after switching on my mobile i think it might be common to all phones..

  • Kung

I bought the phone.its good but hangs.u tube a problem n not a 3g

  • Shri

Dis is very nice mbl, nd good for hard users.. i'm using it 4 last 6mnths, bttry back up is gud.. nw my display is got damaged, can we get d original display 4 dis, nd wats d cost 4 it, plz reply......

  • Okoh

hello roomiest! Why only thise phon alone designed in dual sim?

  • Turaya

Dis fone is good but i av a slight problem browsing wit etisalat also ceases den all keys stop workin......

  • gemini

Using this phone fine and ok, but after updating it hangs and shows a black screen w/ the message on the screen - Contact Service.

Whatever I do, it didn't respond. I've already replace the battery but still the problem still hangs and remains black w the same message.

I place the battery to the other phone to drain it, but then after it was drain the battery couldn't be recharged. What's wrong with it? are the battery still usable?

Is there a need to bring it to repair technician? coz when I asked their service rates it's the same with the doctors professional fees. Lol!!! and they even say added charge costs would depend on what problems they could find in the phone. (of which I doubt...if they'd really are telling the truth).

Actually, this was the first time I've experienced this kind of problem. Maybe, lesson learned...that it could be more better if I didn't update my phone coz it will not or has no reboot mode just like our desktop pc. Of course, unless your pocket are prepared to pay the price if something unexpected happens to your phone.

By the way, are their any solutions for the problem mentioned above so that I don't have to bring it to the technician?

  • Chethan tt

It's cost is low . I am using this phone lost one year . I have not problem from this . I am using internet also . Good battery pickup . But youtube not supported . Mp4 not supported. It better to compare price

  • Anonymous

AnonD-91896, 22 Dec 2012my need is mediam renge dual sim phone with economy price. i had... moreif im n0t depends with ur ph0ne mem0ry or the device c0z u can't save the messages to the mem0ry card..n every size 1msg is 0.5kb..with average 12mb(with out saving anythng in ph0ne mem0ry)..c0unt ur self..

  • unkn0wn

im using this ph0ne..go0d bqttery life the bqttery last for 3days..but since i upgrade this ph0ne,when i switch it 0n..theres white screen with black line above..d0es any0ne expriencing the same?? N is it n0rmal??plez do reply im worried..the ph0ne just few m0nths old..

  • Anonymous

That's a great phone for this price.

  • Raghu

Hi sar , very nice mobile, i like it this modal , ple tell me and give me more uses in mobile featurs

  • AnonD-91896

my need is mediam renge dual sim phone with economy price. i had found two mobiles at this range, Can you please suggest me which one should i go for Samsung Metro Dues
GT-C3322 or Nokia C2-00 ?

and let me know what is the massage memorry of Nokia C2-00?

  • jeba

please don't buy this mob. Not support youtube.,and sometime hang.jeba.karisalkulam

  • Anonymous

It's not the ideal phone for internet use.

  • francis

its good but oonl paoblem is you tube is not supporting

  • Anonymous

Chinna, 15 Dec 2012This mobile is some time can't support in you moreWaste didn't support mp4 youtube

  • Anonymous

This is a bad phone because sim2 slot is not working after few month. Please dont buy this mobile!

  • Madhukumar

Chinna, 15 Dec 2012This mobile is some time can't support in you more This mobile you tube not support