Nokia C2-01

Nokia C2-01

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-60823, 01 Jun 2013great mobile phone..i bought this mobile in the 2nd day of lunch... moreas my facebook lite no use to open what can i do to open it back or code

  • Nun

PrasadH, 05 Oct 2012Don't use opera high memory versions in this phone. Try to use o... moreAccess game data

  • zoro

hello, i search for upgrade my c2 that will have the same SMS chat like c2...what recommand?

  • Linux User

I bought a C2 and E72 used for $20 and $40 CDN. Used the C2 for a few months, got fed up with texting T9 and switched to the E72 which has the qwerty keypad. Then the battery died, and I had to go back to the C2. Know what? I love the simplicity of the C2! I don't need all the extras of the E72, and all those menu steps to get to my basic needs (99% talk, 1% text). I was tempted to buy the new Nokia 3310 3G, but my C2 already has 3G and it doesn't have all that bloat that they put on the home screen.

I think the screen being slightly smaller (2.0" compared to 2.2") was an interesting way to reduce cost of this phone (at the time of its release).

Was this phone ever locked to Hutchison 3G or am I just experiencing the mandela effect?

  • Anonymous

I still have this C2-01 = great phone for calling and text messages. Always working fine. Have dropped it +30 times ground and it is still working fine. Covers I have changed, 6 euros cost. Looks like a new now. ... Other phone: smart one, Oneplus 3 it has 6gb ram etc and it is very good. Great combo.

This phone was very successful. I remember seeing so many people with this phone. I've seen it in many phone shops (or more specifically, shops that sells phones) around the town I live in, even in 2018!

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2010it replace nokia 2700. almost identical,nothing important to men... moreNo, it replaces the 2730. The 2700 was replaced by the C1-01.

  • Anonymous

My First and Favorite Mobile. SO good MObile

Macbeth, 24 May 2018To be honest, it isn't much better at all compared to digital ca... moreYes, probably not better than digital cameras from that era you mentioned.
But that's fine though - it's miles better than VGA resolution cameras.

I've never used the K800, but I could erasily imagine what you say about the imaging is true.
I did have the priviledge of using a Nokia 6700 classic for a short time, imaging on that was great but photos took a long time to save.

AdamBoy64, 24 May 2018The camera does work pretty well, compared to a lot of other fea... moreTo be honest, it isn't much better at all compared to digital cameras from circa 2002-2005. Also, the Sony Ericsson K800 also has a 3.2 MP camera and has WAY better image quality than on this Nokia C2-01.

Macbeth, 12 May 2018Here we have someone who's living 10 years behind.The camera does work pretty well, compared to a lot of other feature phones.
Major difference between the 3.2mp here and all the VGA cameras :/

AnonD-758718, 11 May 2018it capture's cool photo :)Here we have someone who's living 10 years behind.

  • AnonD-758718

it capture's cool photo :)

  • Anonymous

Still working efficently.

  • AnonD-354515

I'm currently using C2-01

  • AdamBoy64

I'd like to note that I'm currently using a 32Gb microSD card with this phone with no issues. I'm not noticing any slowdowns.

It is a Sandisk Ultra 32Gb MicroSDHC card (class 10).

  • B k

AnonD-613008, 23 Nov 2016does it support whatsapp messenger ?No

  • AdamBoy64

Nokia's boyfriend, 22 Aug 2017My Nokia C2-01 some how the backlight screen turn on when not in... moreThanks for writing. I'm also planning to move from the Nokia 3310 (2017) to the Nokia C2-01.
It's been a while since I've used a C2-01, but they're a really reliable device.