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  • AnonD-570

Khalidn502, 18 Jul 2011Yes. You can install whatsapp in every mobiledont get me wrong dude.

but i would like to recorrect your statement.

u can not install 'whats app' in every mobile.

whts app supports only symbian,android,BB os and ios platforms only.

but lately,there was an announcement made on the official page of 'whts app' that,now it is available for java based series40 platform as well(only for nokia C3 and nokia X2-01)

thats the reason most of us are asking to the actual existing users of C3 to check it and confirm the availability of 'whts app' on their nokia C3 devicess.

please any current owner of C3 would like to coment over the availability of 'whts app' on nokia C3???

  • Khalidn502

Thafi, 18 Jul 2011Can you do whattsapp application on Nokia C3?Yes. You can install whatsapp in every mobile

  • Mohd

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2011Please do a whatsapp aplication for our headsetThere is whats app for this phone, go from the browser ( Opera mini only) to the following site:

  • Anonymous

Please do a whatsapp aplication for our headset

  • Prem

Very Good Handset & Very Compiteble

  • ZuBiN

With 4 months of experience with this handset I can say that it is not so good phone.. Well, I appreciate the battery life and wifi facility but I think it's a waste of money.. If you want a stylish, ruff-tuff type of phone.. Go with Sony Ericsson Spiro.. It's very cool handset just lacks wifi.. I am using Spiro.. It will cost u 4000 /- to 4500 /- which is very less.. Anyways I recommend to not to buy this phone.. , ZuBiN

  • Thafi

Can you do whattsapp application on Nokia C3?

  • mudassar

can i install any application in c3 like Skype sms chat etc

  • Anonymous

Nokia c3 is an awesom fone
if ur budget is around 6000 then this mobile phone is the best and xactly wat u r looking for...

  • Anonymous

which phone is much better c3 or corby ll?

  • Anonymous

communities doesn't appear on the home screen...can anybody please teach me why?and how to make it appear in the home screen..

  • mz daisy

can u change the background into your own image or pics?

  • farbror Frej

ali, 17 Jul 2011can we use skype on c3 without problem plz plz plz plz plz plz p... moreSkype for Nokia c3? Check out...­3
Havent tested it myself though.

  • harsh

when i open nokia ovi store and start connect it does not get connect and says subscribe to packet data first and how to download facebook chat and nimbuzz

  • Anonymous

raymund, 17 Jul 2011I'm happy that i got a new phone and it was c3..but sad to say i... moretake it back to shop..or fone your network they should help you..It would make me ill having to describe what to do, why do you not take it back to where you bought i from or not have knowledge to set it up..

  • raymund

I'm happy that i got a new phone and it was c3..but sad to say im not enjoyed with it for now because i dont know how to connect internet main priority is internet so that i can update my facebook anytime and anywhere.but soo dissapointed i feel its just like my old phone,its a useless for me,! i thought if i got this phone already i will be satisfied,but its prove me wrong...can you help me if how????

  • ali

can we use skype on c3 without problem plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell because I am asking 3rd time this question

  • JAAN

Very Good Set but without 3G but sorry to say that without 3G , C3 is incomplete

  • Anonymous

Arif, 16 Jul 2011Hello Friends! I am very much confused between C3 and C2-01. Ca... moreI suggest C3 because I am using all the function what you are looking for without using 3g but iam using BSNL Mobile Sim

  • nadhee

i like thiz mobile couz now i am using a thiz mobile thz can use all the youngests