Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • Anonymous

chani, 16 Apr 2014I want to going buy this phone but i think that i should as... moreIt has wifi so you can download games,mp3 and videos as many as you want. As long as memory can

  • chani

I want to going buy this phone but i think that i should ask some information about this phone please somebody tell me about it.

  • chani

sum-sum, 30 Nov 2013my c3 nokia phone has got a problem when someone calls me i... moreCheck your phone to a mobile shop your mick is not right

  • Anonymous

Good phone

  • Anonymous

vicky, 08 Apr 2014how to use wi fi Go to menu>settings>connectivity>wlan

meb, 08 Apr 2014 i want to know that, it is a symbian or notNo, it's not running Symbian.

  • vicky

how to use wi fi

  • meb

i want to know that, it is a symbian or not

  • rakesh

shekhar, 12 Mar 2014is this mobile whatsup supportableYes its support whatsapp
I'm also loving this mobile stylish look build qwality is excellent fast in web browsing
Web browsing better faster than bullshit android mobiles

  • Jaason

It's a great phone for the price. Very durable. I you want a basic phone for sms/mms and simple photograph - this is it.

  • TBogdanE

I love my Nokia c3, it's fast,nice,have wifi and ovi.I can navigate vvery faston google with theQWERTY keyboard.(sorry for my englsh)

  • j.andrews

coming home

  • pueterra

my opinion
after few years use it, the appearance is damn due to daily use but function is superb.
I use android phone but still need this cute c3.
fully whatapps funtion
battery last for more then 3 days
fast surf internet
no lag
people out there should know there is many good side in this cute nokia phone.

  • Anonymous

its a nice and phone am enjoying its fastest internet speed

  • Abe Mat lawee

I like this phone.

  • niki

its nce cellphone but from 2-3 months my whatsapp app is not working.this the dis advantage of nokia c3-00

  • ArXlan

Nice Mobile n Its internet speed is very fast........

  • ArXlan


  • khokhar's

amazing phone set

  • Vishvaas aryan

Speaker quality is not good, but this is a good mobile phone.