Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • nomi

I wana go nxt sunday to buy nokia c3 can any one tell me what is its drawbacks.

  • Anonymous

I want to purchase C3.....but some are saying that it doesn't support all applications and it's software is very weak....did i go for another phone or just buy this???
Plz help me guyz......give me ur suggestions....
Thank you...

  • gold

this phone no wifi.

  • mmmm

i cant access my smart menu
pls help

  • vishnu

for what purpose nokia has launched such a bad phone ,which is not help full to any thing.....? i am not satisfied with this phone

  • Champ

Its a nice phne .nd really if u r found of surfing thn its a gud phne at cheaper cost...the working of browser is really awsum...

  • AUD

How do I save my message instead of sending it? Usually my Nokias have DRAFTS to save unsent msgs. It appears that i dont have this option and it is really frustrating.
Plssssss help...

  • Anonymous

I m confused!.. which one to buy.. Nokia C3 or Samsung corby II S3850? Please suggest..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2011I am very dissappointed with this phone becuase of the batt... moreNo true. Have you ever thought that maybe you were leaving on (like your texting conversations)?

  • p3k5

is the battery really good?plannin to buy it n a cupl of days!!

  • Anonymous

Piece of shit phone mine crashed a few days ago , already have my e63 ordered , for a little extra money you can have a phone that will last more then six months

  • Anonymous

i got my nokia c3 a month ago .....and wot i saw is dat d silver coating ov d navigation buttton has started cumin' out....can it be painted or so....????
plzz help .....

  • omg

this fon is the worst i ever had.i would like to trade it in.but then,the price is just rm3oo == nowadays.what will i get if i even trade it in?humph..

  • Anonymous

how toh block numbers in c3???

  • jazzfainsan

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2011how to reset nokiaa c3 ? How to reset Nokia C3?

Just simply dial *#7370# the call. :D

  • Anonymous

I have a nokia C3 and it is really good and i like it!

  • AnonD-8044

[deleted post]Other people have no trouble with it so it could be you,,this is one of Nokias biggest sellers,i have a pink one.

  • snaasai

Akam, 09 Jul 2011i m thinking of to buy this handset pl suggest is this good... moreworst phone ever nokia has lauched, hanging & network problem

  • Anonymous

how to reset nokiaa c3 ?

  • AnonD-13345

worst phone i had ever used used it only for 10 days and it already start to hang and restart automatically.