Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • Adonis

I have nokia c3 mobile it is good in using applications,easy for operation and have good speed for browsing.but i can't download utube videos,can't play streaming videos and i can't record when fm radio is live streaming.would you give me solutions.thanks!

  • AnonD-106534

I have two of theseand the bluetooth is not stereo but mono.. I love the phone it does everything I need a "phone" to do and the battery life is outstanding.

  • Anonymous

this is a nice phone but it doesnt have an smartphone os so has not much apps. the e71 and e72, although older, are great alternatives. they also have a qwerty but run on symbian so more apps, better multitasking, and its a smartphone

  • saquzk

those who use phones for entertainment then this would not be the best choice. This phone is good but i dont recommend. I 've been using for 2 years and I dont like it anymore. The apps and games are not good. am shifting to android and never ever buying Nokia again.

  • Christian

I really like the phone , but bluetooth is not working, plz help me.

  • amshy

:D i love my C3 golden white :D
and i have animated themes ...with animated wallpaper and standby animated menu background...DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE FROM AND SEARCH animated ball and animated strips....
Excelent still moving at gallery,menu,etc....and even writing a message,,,,,ENJOY

  • Darkblic

abc2013, 26 Feb 2013there is no message saving option in this phoneYou can saved message by going to sent items and then choose the message you want to save, then click option, then archive
that's all =)

  • andhika pratama

why my phone nokia c3 cant to instaled a viber?plis give me answer

  • rocky

can C3-00 be used with viber, because i downloaded but when time to register comes in it say error and it closes

  • abc2013

there is no message saving option in this phone

  • vicky

what a whatsapp suport in nokia c3

  • AnonD-89097

shkodra, 23 Feb 2013Can be installed wahts up to nokia c3?yes it can be installed

  • Anonymous

vinod, 23 Feb 2013shall i use skype on nokia C3Why can't Nokia c3 download English Khmer dictionary?can u tell me?

  • vinod

shall i use skype on nokia C3

  • akogo

Hello,i updated my phone's software but then after updating,i am not able to open my community,it's always stuck on loading
secondly,there are two blank messages with no numbers in my inbox that am unable to delete,it tells me error whenever i try to delete them
somebody please help me out here!!!:(

  • shkodra

Can be installed wahts up to nokia c3?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]but dudde when downloaded the whats-app on my hadset(NOKIA C3-00) and open the application enter the 10 digits mobile to verify error showing "An unexpected error occurred contacting the sever;interrupted

  • Farhan

Nokia c3 phone very good phone i like it

  • teelaw

its working fyn

  • cengceng

love love love.......... love it