Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • Nilu

My call logs cant delete how to fix it?

  • Anonymous

camera on stand by how can this be fixed

  • M

how do i unlock the phone

  • Lalit

The whole package of this mobile is very good and also the price is so cheap.

  • dinesh randeni

i cant use Sim card

  • Svart

does anybody know,how to delete messages one by one,or a whole folder on this one?Or it's not posssible?!!!
Thank you!

  • Nae

Exactly 2 weeks life for one charge of battery

  • darkblic

to watch youtube,, go to Music, then go to My Music, after that, press Option, then select Downloads, then select Go To Address, then type!!!
in my experience, when i'm using wifi, I can play Youtube,but when i'm using load from my sim, it doesn't play....
thats all, I hope that i help you all,

  • kishan

is nokia c3 is multitasking phone?

  • AnonD-107898

nathan, 04 Feb 2013your memory card is full that ing s the reason why your c3... moreNo i have not memory, even it becomes hang

  • Jerus

meow, 06 Feb 2013hai please for youtube video playing please save streamin... moreIf i choose WLAN connection how and what set should i do for my C3 to watch video in youtube?

  • Anonymous

Plsss help me what should i set for my C3 that enables me to watch the videos in youtube and when WLAN that i choose to use.

  • mirza billu

AnonD-89097, 06 Feb 2013C3 is better than asha 200good

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me while clicking the option "restore backup" i have lost the saved numbers and names in memory how can i restore those data ?

  • Nok

meow, 06 Feb 2013hai please for youtube video playing please save streamin... moreNokia is best

  • alijiskani

AnonD-107898, 01 Feb 2013How to renew this phone to get free from hang?restore your phone

  • alijiskani

Maniak, 04 Feb 2013How do i download whatsup on mi c3?go to nokia store app search and download

  • AnonD-89097

Ali, 05 Feb 2013hello..should i buy this phone?? does this phone is better... moreC3 is better than asha 200

  • meow

hai guys,
your mobile not able play youtube video,
ask to your network operator for streaming settings
and save your mobile switch off your and switch on your mobile ...

  • meow

Jerus, 04 Feb 2013Hi my C300 youtube does not play. I can't watch videos in y... morehai please for youtube video playing please save streaming sttings on your mobile