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Nokia C6

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  • sir kay

I bought this set about 2 months ago,but I find it difficult to conect to facebook. what can I do?

  • dessy

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2011I bought a C6 9 months ago, and it was working okay for a while ... moreit isnt like that with me,i have been using c6 for quite sometime now and it has been workin problems at all.... I guess i just got lucky.....but am tired of it....going for blackberry touch

  • Juan Carlos

I was going to buy this one, but If so many people say that it hangs, im in doubt.. can someone recommend a phone that does not hangs, and that has QWERTY keyboard, GPS and WIFI ?

  • jean titus

ya its small with symbian s60 5th edition.c6 is having weight of 150g.battery backup is low

  • Siddhant

AnonD-15027, 02 Aug 2011hy anyone plz tell me that nokia c6 is better or nokia x6 in ima... moreyes its really a good hand sent gor new comer,

  • Anonymous

i bought mobile c6 in before 3 friends say why you bought nokia c6 ??? y you say that...os os compare with sympiyan.sympiyan is i m dislike...then mp3 sound problem effectiveness are very low...

  • AnonD-16318

i have always liked using Nokia phones which have proved to me user friendly today i talked to my phone dealer and adviced me to go NOKIA C6 i will purchase one now..

  • AnonD-16277

AnonD-15027, 02 Aug 2011hy anyone plz tell me that nokia c6 is better or nokia x6 in ima... morehi,man! C6 is different x6!So how can u compare these two?In x6 itself there are two varieties:one is 8GB version and the other is 16GB version.C6 has qwerty keypad but x6 has no keypad.If you message often C6 is better!

  • Anonymous

for folks talking about bad video playback quality, i would like to say that i already played 720p & 1080p mp4 & flv format videos.. & the results were awesome..! for the best experience, i used Sony MDR-110LP headphones for the 1080p HD videos.. the playback was crystal clear without a single break..!!

  • sunny009

carl, 02 Aug 2011my musicplayer got corrupted, can anyone please post a link for ... morejust go to Applications>Tools> SW update u'll get the option to update ur music player. if u don't get any option for music player update, then update the entire phone software from the same place.. the music player will be automatically restored..


Used this phone since last year before ditching it for iphone 4. This C6 sucks big time no thanks to the Symbian OS. It hangs as it likes and overall I don't think it should be called a smartphone. Wake up Nokia! You're losing ground big time

  • Anonymous

I bought a C6 9 months ago, and it was working okay for a while until slowly it started hanging just for about a few seconds, and sometimes it would say to close some applications coz the memory was full even when there arent any open applications, and then finally it started hanging for real. To the point that even restarting the phone wont help and that I literally could not use the phone anymore. I had it fixed and at first they said it was just an OS problem and that they just had to update it. I ended up paying so much coz they said it was the LCD and the "sliding" feature of the phone that gave me the problem. They told me to limit my use of the "slide" feature, but what really was the point. That's one of the things I liked best about it! They also said that many people have had problems with that as well..I ditched the phone, and now I'm scared of all nokia phones. Maybe I just got a "bad" set, but I wasn't willing to take a chance by using the phone again. That;s why I got rid of it 2 days later.

  • AnonD-16242

AVI it supports?????????/

  • User707070

i'm considering buying an smrt fone and this Nk-C6 is one of the options? should i buy it? or is there any other better option within the same price range and features??
someone pls reply. thanks

  • tinku

I love this phone very much

  • Vicky

I have bought it 7 days before.
I thought it is a great mobile but on the 6th day
it hanged.
whenever i go the music it hangs.
so if you r thinking to buy this phone plz. don't buy.
otherwise u will face problem.

  • AnonD-8044

preks, 02 Aug 2011hey guys this phne anybdy let me knw which video for... moreBasic mp4 no bigger than vga @ 30fps and 3gp and wmv,,you will have to convert divx or download a player..THe smartfones of today shrink the video anyway to fit the screen so even if you played 1080p on sgs2 it would shrink it to 400x800 pixels..All the N-series played video on the screen at qvga whats the point if the fone only has that many pixels.

As for video formats my goodness that a massive topic in itself there are so many codecs at different bit rate,FPS,DRM,Resolutions ,different audio codecs within each container file..I have a video that wont play on sgs2 because its an mkv file wrapped up in some 3gp format.

  • prakash

nice phone

  • Anonymous

i bought this handset on 30 june 2011 and till now 02 august 2011 it doesnt gave me any major problem and many are telling to buy some costly handsets like galaxy samsung and all whats its range and wats this range can we compare a car to a helicopter you gave to compare the handsets with same price range and features . I think its best when compared to other in this range and i am satisfied features are good if you want to buY better than this then buy dont comment on this they gave you handset for the price you paid to them .

  • Anonymous

My screen isn't corespondin, i don't know wat to do abt it, can anybody help!??