Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • MDS

Dear Friends
Pls donot ever try to think of buying this phone, very bad phone and Nokia is cheating people, very bad, outdated softwares.. pls do not ever buy Nokia instead think of buying Sumsung or HTC.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2012sexy mobile!Nice mobile

  • Mr. Mohammad Sariph

Nokia c6 is very good.

  • Somebody with a C6

It's a fine phone while it works, though the price isn't worth it any more (maybe it was 2 years ago).

However, dear Nokia made a really bad wire that connects the touch screen to the phone itself, and after using the physical keyboard a lot, and opening and closing it all the time, the wire messes up and your touch screen can't be used anymore.
Even worse, the Symbian UI doesn't give you access to all the options with the keyboard, so you can't even do any significant thing on it until you send it to a Nokia Care Center (and none exist in my country...) and hopefully get it fixed.

In short, not worth it anymore, by now you can get way better phones in the same or less amount of money.

  • Bie

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2012what the hell. if u dont like c6. why dont u just simply se... moreYup u r right he,s d0n,t knw h0w to use smart ph0ne...!he,s all paindu,hehe im ols0 but c6 im using it,s v nice...!

  • Ahmadiashfaque

I,m using this phone for 2 year,but no any problem,camera is very clearity its functins are esy.

  • Jacinth

Actually, it meets my standard for a cellphone,

I had once like this before I love it, I took care of it. I never look onto other cellphones but unfortunately it was stolen from.

I was so sad for I don't have any money to buy another one. I wish I could have like this again. I dream of this.

  • sps

I 1st time used this phone as touch screen, even ny 1st experience is very bad, plz dont buy this phone.. there are so many problem .. i cant tell one.. bt u will regret if u will purchase..

  • AnonD-94537

memory full... Close some apps... It just shows always... Am fade up with this phone... Selling it... But Camera is very decent! Phone hangs always n display isnot well... Ppi is good but brightness is so low... I just wasted my money...:( oh God... Why didnt i bought SE xperia Pro... It was less in price than this dump phone.... Nokia is a bullshit company... Am never gonna buy nokia... After my HSC i'll buy Nexus 4 or Xperia P... Guys my personal request, dont buy this phone... Please!

  • Anonymous

avi1234, 06 Jan 2013arey u bought it actually ha?? does not work every time mem... moreMemory full. Close some apps. If u have this problem. Why dont u just sell it off and take sgs or why dont u give it in care for repair. Instead wasting urs and others time writing bullshit. I personally dont own any phone of nokia because i simply dont like nokia. I owe s3. But those who like c6. Then. Whats ur problem. Why r u trolling them. Mr... Plse get out of here and go do something with ur c6 instead of eating brains of others here.

  • nani

my experience with nokia c6 is very bad,plz dont buy

  • semaring

i too experience that prob.. close some app, y was that?

  • avi1234

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2012what the hell. if u dont like c6. why dont u just simply se... morearey u bought it actually ha?? does not work every time memory full close some aplications and try again

  • avi1234

aaaa, 03 Jan 2013Ya i am using this phn touch screen is good operating but w... moreyea same experience

  • aaaa

Ya i am using this phn touch screen is good operating but while using net always says memory full close some data, evry time hanging,and even i cant switch off the phn then remove battery and again start the phn, very very bad experience by using this phon.

  • parthi

touch screen problem always, touch screen will be working 4r te period of 8 months only. after wards u wil be changing again & again.. hanging while downloading some times shows memory full. DROP OUT SET

  • OP ten

people u dont we dont like everything! what do we want? y not try heaven,but even there were wars there! make yours.

  • Chrissy

How can I change my phone to show me the name of the person talking and texting to me. When I receive a message I cannot see the name of the person.

  • Anonymous

i have c6 but there is problem with belt or we can say slidder and it cost lot of money to repair i will through it out

  • naresh

i like this phone i neva
er see this like mobie