Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • mithun

what about the sound quality?can any 1 help me..

  • Anonymous

Can I buy this phone.....

  • Anonymous

daile, 24 Dec 2010Hi! I'm planning to buy a slide phone which has a qwert... morec6 is the best!!!

  • Anonymous

went to buy Nokia c6 but learnt that it has been pulled back by Nokia since it has some Problems , on the same hand learnt that new lot post october has the same rectified. any idea ?

  • Vin


Can I bye this phone..plz help me ...thanks

  • vinod

Hello friends,

Tell me aboout C6..Is there is any hardware problem in this.

  • Dating Mike

Raj, 20 Dec 2010I got c6 couple of days ago n its working fine....i got the... moreI have updated my Handset to 20.042 and its working awesome...go for it...its aroung 4mb and updates very quickly.....

  • Dating

shefali, 20 Dec 2010hey pls tell is it worth to buy c6 or i shoud buy another t... moreShefali..Go for this phone..its awesome i m using this phone frm last month and half...its an awesome phone..

  • Nicholas

The c6 is good.It just shaves into the smart phone category.People say it hangs that is bcos they do too much on it at a time.It isn't an I-phone which is the smartest phone we've seen so far so the best advice is to take it easy with it.That will definitely stop the hanging

  • Anonymous

nokia c6 rocks ya......

  • daile


I'm planning to buy a slide phone which has a qwerty keyboard. My options so far are nokia c6, SE xperia x10 mini pro, and the SE vivaz pro.

In a phone, I look for something that's user-friendly, has a decent battery life (lasts 2-3 days with moderate use), decent sound quality, good camera, durable, handy, nice design, doesn't hang or crash, and a good internet browsing experience.

I heard that the x10 mini pro is Android while the other 2 are symbian. but how different is it really?or symbian is actually ok?

also, the x10 mini pro has capacitive touchscreen, but the other two have resistive touch screen. Is is really a major difference or the resistive touchscreen is decent enough?

Please help me choose the best phone among the 3 choices. Thank you so much! :D

  • Ram

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2010HEY FRNZZ cn u plzz help me out in gettin a new ph. m conf... moreNokia C6 is a better choice friend.....


does hanging issues been resolved after update of software by nokia n is it worth buying??

  • kartik

nokia c6 comes with 434 mhz processor , but with no RAM. Does this create problem of hanging ?
Does c6 comes with predictive touch input?

  • Neal

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2010HEY FRNZZ cn u plzz help me out in gettin a new ph. m conf... moreHi friend Nokia C6 Black compaire to other phone is one of the best option for you.please go ahead........Boss

  • Shueb

Will I get a made in Hungary C6 handset in Bangalore, India. I really dont want to buy made in China, if anyone knows address of such a place in Bangalore where I can buy it, please let me know, I have checked all the Nokia Priority stores but all have Made in China:-(

  • goutam

khalid, 19 Dec 2010i have nokia C6, but i didnt found yahoo messanger,google t... moreyou can download it from ovi store. Nimbuzz is the best one which includes all gtalk, facebook, yahoo.. myspace..etc

  • Anonymous

i think the best choice u choose the nokia c6...
it has a qwerty keboard....
n also has a flash 5.0 megapixel camera....

  • Rock

akas, 23 Dec 2010go for galaxyWhy galaxy ?

  • Legend

Its better check for Samsung wave 8500. Its far better than Nokia c6.