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  • Devil

bard, 28 Oct 2010c6 is a very nice phone..Hi. When you bought this set buddy? M asking as i have to buy this set and m waiting for the second shipment as this is true that nokia has withdrawn all the sets from the market. Thanks in advance.

  • Bhuvi

Upasana, 27 Oct 2010C6 is an awesome phone. Am still amazed why so many negative re... morewhen u connect d fone initially wid data cable it will ask u for d required mode..
connect it in d data(mass) storage mode..
then go to your "My computer" then u'll find nokia c6 drive there..
open it and u'll find nokia ovi suite setup there..
install it(there is no cd provided wid dis fone)..
then after installing it..
reconnect it in pc suite mode den u can easily synchronize it wid pc and transfer your data(image,music,vid.)...

  • Nokia Fan Boy

Good thing there are no issues like that here in the Philippines. All C6 units here are made in China and Finland.
Where are the ones from India made?


no, actually there is some problem with c6 that is why nokia has taken out the c6 model from the market and the next batch of c6 will be available once the hanging problem will be solved.
right now this model is not available in delhi because of the same problem
new batch of c6 may be coming out very soon

  • Neo

trinity, 28 Oct 2010Hi...i wanna buy C6-00...but the comments are putting me off....... moreThe only issue is that it allegedly hangs. Since Nokia will never admit to it, and since most haters would undoubtedly swear by it, you would have to see for yourself it all the rumors are true.
Going by the review here in GSM Arena, the OS has a better ui experience than the N97 mini, which we all know HAD the hanging problem. Judging by that statement, it seems that the hanging issue could just be the haters bad mouthing an otherwise complete smart phone. Just my two cents worth

  • Panky

nemo, 28 Oct 2010currently i am facing problem with the video record option on my... moreformat your memory card, then use, it will solve your problem.


I'VE HEARD THAT NOKIA C6 is having a hanging problem thats why nokia has taken back c6 sets from the stores, could anyone tell me has this problem been resolved now? or still same problem is their with C6?

  • trinity

Hi...i wanna buy C6-00...but the comments are putting me can someone pls gimme a genuine picture about this model? i want it only for basic msgn,callin,camera and music...

  • Nokia Fan Boy

Nokia C6 is now selling for less than Php 12,000 in stores. If you go to a Nokia store, it will cost you around Php 13,000.

Any ideas why the price went down so fast? Are there any issues (hanging, etc)? I'm going to upgrade from my E63 and I'm choosing between the C6 and my wife's old Nokia E71 since she's upgrading to am N8 this Christmas.

Please advise.

  • Gaurav

Its a damn good phone. And a Bang for the buck u spent. I bought a black one, and I must say, it looks ted a better than the other slider QWERTY Business Phone available out there.
Please do not compare the C6's touch screen (Resistive) with the capacitive once.
The music player is awsome - but not that good with the bundeled once.
The camera is OK for the price one is paying, but this is not a camera phone.
I would suggest that if ur into music, upgrade ur miniSD card (2 GB) with a bigger one.
Apps on the OVI store are in abundance. So way to go, a must buy...
Happy Diwali to all.

  • nemo

currently i am facing problem with the video record option on my phone...
when the video option is on the phone memory i can record video..
but when i switch it to card memory and record after 7 sec the video get stuck and then it starts again from 20 sec and after sometime it gets stuck again..
so what can i do in this chase to fix it???
can someone help me????

  • bard

c6 is a very nice phone..

  • richa

can u plz tell me where isc6 available in ncr

  • pratham

KC, 27 Oct 2010Hey guy, i prefer to buy Nokia C6 this week. Could you give comm... morehey KC....,i bought dis phn yetrday...itz a very gud phn...u cn go ahead!!!

  • Fahmid

Mohit Negi, 27 Oct 2010the new nokia c6... is reaLly a good one..but the problem arises... moreI bought mine on the 2nd of Sept and is working fine, no problems. You can get a lot of great apps and games

  • akshat

Upasana, 27 Oct 2010C6 is an awesome phone. Am still amazed why so many negative re... morego to and download pc suite. Instal it on your PC and this will allow you to keep back up of your phone into your PC and vice versa.

If your earlier saved data on PC is of symbian phone, then you can restoe that data on your new phone

  • akshat

Upasana, 27 Oct 2010C6 is an awesome phone. Am still amazed why so many negative re... morehey Upasana..
I m glad to hear positive review for C-6 from you.
I've been waiting for its launch since april but after reading so many negative responses, I am a bit confused.
wat u'll make out of this phone?

  • Upasana

C6 is an awesome phone.
Am still amazed why so many negative reviews.

Neways I wud like to know how do i get the data transferred from computer to the phone.I did not get any Cd for installing software for data transfer and when i plug in the USB the device shows as installing but does not instal.. do i have to download some new software for nokia ..? or am i using wrong approach..

  • Sudhakar

supernova, 27 Oct 2010Hi Asish May i kno whr it s availbale for 17k ? In chennai i... moreHey supernova,
Nokia C7 does not have AUTO FOCUS. The photo clarity will not be clear without autofocus !!!!!.

  • Sudhakar

Moieen, 27 Oct 2010Mr. Sudhakar! Stop using foul language on each and every person... moreI am not compelling others to like this phone. Ok?. Understand that first. That idiot ashish is showing off that he is rich and he is the only person buying mobiles above Indian Rs.13000.