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Nokia C6

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  • Anonymous

plz... can any 1 help me... evry1 is saying tht piece get hanged ? i want 2buy

  • Anonymous

For people who face hanging problems I guess they dont understand that a phone remains a phone...u cant make it act like a computer.
use ur phone like calm human beings and not impatient people with lots of speed opening 2-3 things at the same time.
araam se cheesein kholo n be patient. Dont be in a hurry and keep tapping buttons and wait for the response...the phone will obviously turn slow that way...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]yes I was a nokia priority in kailash colony, south delhi.
I got it for 13.5K... :)

  • Anonymous

People who are wishing to get 'this' and 'that' and 'those' things are so foolish...
I dont understand u r getting a touch screen qwerty smart phone strong body with so many features n stylish looks at just 13000!!!!
Isn't that enough? sum ppl are being just too harsh.
If u want better features go for the best phone in the market without caring about the price...go for those costly 30000rs phone n u'll get evrything u want!!! N if u want to stay within the limits of price thn stop cribbing coz this phone already gives much more than its price.
m using this phone since 7 days. I charged it just once n may b need to charge 2mr again. On an average the battery is running fine.

The phone seriously has "PHADU" looks...
My frnds were literally swooning over the device. Once on the road with its qwerty slide out one cant move his eyes from it.
N god knows y ppl complained about hanging and switching off problem and made this phone feel as if its the worst one?
M using this phone since a week n hv made so many calls, listened to songs, played games etc n not even for once it got switched of or got hung. Its running perfectly finely.

Its a perfect phone in this price range...
good looking, good price and the most importantly perfectly working...awesome features and the trust of one of the oldest n biggest cellphone makers...NOKIA.
thanks nokia...!!!

I would suggest everyone who are searching for a good phone in this price range and think tht they should buy a good fone now n not change it for at least 2-3yrs...this phone is the one I'll suggest.

  • shiven

it is a awesome phone

  • Anonymous

bharat, 09 Oct 2010facing a problem wid da music player...watever songs dat i hav t... moreI dont know if this could help...

I transferred songs by taking out the memory card n directly copying the songs from my laptop...they are running fine.

I dont know whether u encountered the problem via USB port...u can try this method if u want.

  • aashna sahai

gosh...I dunno y ppl posted bad about this phone...!!!!
I got so scared thinking wat if I waste money n get nothing...but I trust nokia...

this was the 7th nokia phone in my family...I got it 2 days back from south delhi, kailash colony...
I got it for 13.5K with bill n all...its the best phone I could have got in this price...

that "virtual" hanging problem does not exist at all...I've used almost every feature of the phone n it did not hang even for once...battery life is fine...2 days...but tht might b coz I overused it on the first day...

music is awesome...decently loud...headphones are tooooo good...loved the music..

camera is also very good...touchscreen awesome...

n it never switched off on its own...I've been using it n its working more thn fine...all the ppl around me loved the phone...

the live looks are killing...seriously....very good...

if anyone wants to ask nething specifically they can go n my frnds rate it a 9.5 on 10...

awesome phone...

  • Sameer

can anyone tell me that where i can buy nokia c6 phone in mumbai?

  • rohit

i have been using this phone for last 7 days n having no problem yet!

  • Anonymous

I'm using this mobile for 7 days. Didn't get any significant problem except voice clarity issue. Can anyone tell me how to improve voice clarity?

  • XD

Is the sound quality good???

  • poochchuu

[deleted post]i bought this phone from NPD new BEL road for 13.8k !!

  • Anonymous

abhay, 09 Oct 2010C6 is better ... If u can wait then C7 is also a good choice wi... more Hi Abhay,

Thanks for your reply.
I heard that sony Hazel camera is having some flash shows spot on u hav any idea bat it? How c6 pic quality? is it really 5mp cam?

  • Shamir

Dear Friends,

To all who faced hanging problems...

Just format you cell with format mobile code, *#7370# and insert lock code.

The cell will be restarted and then re-update the cell firmware by Nokia Software Updater...

I have did this things and after that my cell has been never hang.

To improve battery back up, once prior to use the cell, charge the cell for 5 -6 hours.

  • Anonymous

bharat, 09 Oct 2010facing a problem wid da music player...watever songs dat i hav t... morehey frnd plz go and check ur cell.coz my piece doesnt show any problem

  • Anonymous

one of the best peice.the best in today's market.hats off to nokia.perfect combination of style and need

  • bharat

facing a problem wid da music player...watever songs dat i hav transferred, da ones wch shows as unknown artiste..doesnt solution for tht..never encountered such preoblem in ne of my previous nokia phones.

  • Farabi

finally bought it yesterday. smoother and cooler than I expected, really. sound is not low as most nokia phones, the music is good too. the touch system feels comfortable, and guess what, it's got a pdf reader too. awesome! haven't faced any trouble yet, didn't hang for once, which is good news for me.the camera is okay, but i guess I expected better.

  • Yo, C6 User!

Rahul, 09 Oct 2010well, i bought it on 1st oct 2010 for rupees 13,400/- in Nokia P... moreHey man i get this frequent 'mem full' error reports, nd how can i get full Quickoffice for free? I love this fon man. Giv tech advic to 'pimp' it

  • Anonymous

Marsu, 07 Oct 2010Have it - love it. Has it all: touch screen, full qwerty keys, w... moreis vedio calling possible to this mobile?