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Nokia C6

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  • friend

looking at the first sight to this phone, its the best phone with all the configrations in it
i am thinking to buy it............
lets seeeeeee

  • ahmed kamal

hey can anyone tell me if it has "all" section in the images?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]its for 14500

  • Anonymous

the phone is slow. you can notice this the most when openinig the sms creator .300 to 400 mhz processors should not be installed on symbian very inadequate. 600+ or 800+ mhz would do the job better making it as responsive as a numpad symbian

  • Anonymous

Krunal, 07 Oct 2010Go for C-6 its wonderfull phone.... Dnt depend On any one If u ... morepls let me kno cost in mumbai.. very optimistic abt this one..

  • stoli89

[deleted post]Better:
price: c6-00
value: c6-00
battery: ? both good...galaxy has larger battery but higher consumption.
display resolution: c6-00
display sensitivity: galaxy 3
camera/video: c6-00
navigation; c6-00
messaging: c6-00 (qwerty)

However, if you are heavily into the google ecosystem and do not mind the higher network usage, the Android phone has superior integration with google services. The Nokia phone is the better value though, IMO.

  • Anonyingman

This phone superb.. But i buy the c6 for china market.. All app in chinese but i dun care that.. No hang till today, but the problem is if the phone in sleep mode, it cant wake up if i touch the screen.. I need slide the keyboard to wake the phone.. My 2 years s.e g900 dun hav tis problem after all..

  • Niraj

This is a superb cell i ever seen! It has 5 mp camera with touch and even slide with qwerty keyboard... Wow.... This is amazing! I liked this cell very much!

  • Pepexitam

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2010128 mb ram.Yes, You can.. The app is perfect.. No lag at all..

  • nhla

this is a fantastics I like it

  • Anonymous

i hate this phone, i cant use it for longer period of time because the unit was getting hot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2010Can we transfer all our old data ( like contact and SMS from Nok... moreHii!
The process to transfer complete "cell phone" data from old nokia fone to new one is very simple..jst follow the steps:

Settings>> synchronize>> phone switch>> copy from this>>and then start bluetooth of the "new cell fone" and transfer the data u want to

hope this will help

  • c6love

this cell is awesome...why ppl are making fake comments on it..dont giv any s..t comments

  • sydney

[deleted post]this phone is around 13k+ when u buy it cash and around 16k+ when you do credit card for 12months.

  • c6 lover

AB, 06 Oct 2010So many negative reviews for C6 , i think i should drop the idea... morefriend,
wen there r so many +ve reviews, y take -ve??
jus see d specs of bb 8520, nd compare...
its no where near c6...

  • c6 lover

hi, 07 Oct 2010can anyone tel about the link to download the firmware for nokia c6?u must go to nokia site>support>download software>(below u hav)device software update>choose ur mobile(this page might take sum tym to load)>giv download.


open nokia pc suite>connect ur device to ur com>click on software update>follow the instructions...


  • c6 lover

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2010Can we transfer all our old data ( like contact and SMS from Nok... morehey... think v can o it...
coz, recently, i got all my backup in my bro's fone(5130)...
nd it worked fine for me...
so, no probs...
all the best...

  • Asha

Ankit , 07 Oct 2010hi I have ordered c6 from it is coming there in 13,2... moreNo problem with flipkart at all.They hive you neatly packed. I have bought 3 times myself.
Coming to c6, its a classic model to say. Everything is perfect, even though people say that few problems are there,you dont worry, they will be removed in the firmware upgrade.Only what disappoints me is its battery life. Anyhow it depends on your usage.
Mine is a white color handset, which looks stunning.

  • Mayborn

C6 does not have an document editor. Can somebody let me know the cost if we need to purchase it for the set?

  • Hitesh

rajesh, 07 Oct 2010can we use mobile TV(web TV) on nokia c6. plz reply this feature is not avialbe in C6-00 but yes, in C6-01 which is expected to launch soon