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hey...frnds....plz tell me abt C6-01 which has 8mp camera and its the improved version of C6-00.and plzzzz tell me the price of c6-01......i want 2 buy better plz help me and post ur opinion watever u know...........

  • bindas

when this Nokia model will come on Indian market

  • Anonymous

show the link where it shows its been launched...all putting fake news ....

  • kaustav

good news for all nokia C6-00 wait`rs..... this phone is launched in india now but you cant get it... it ll take some time to come in every stores.. i talk with a distributor they r taking order of nokia C6-00.. its not fake..

very soon u ll get ur nokia C6-00

thank you kaustav .

  • kaustav

sripathi, 06 Sep 2010can any tell the ram of c6? is it good for multitasking? i am ... morei think ur phone need a firmware update...(in my opinion).

  • sripathi

can any tell the ram of c6?
is it good for multitasking?
i am using 5800 , it sucks me by this bad memory when am surffing by mobile browser and also opera beta....
it shows "general memory low.. close some data"
what to do for this problem?
one more problem.. battery drain in 24hours itself because of msging
shall i move to c6 or keep this mobile itself?

  • kaustav

Bala, 06 Sep 2010I like to buy Nokia C6 - did any one using or knew this usage ki... morethis is the best phone in this budget... only bad thing is ram is lil low.but it does multitasking very well.only prob is its get slow to open the gallery files but with the new firmware update its work much faster... overall best phone in this budget

  • Bala

I like to buy Nokia C6 - did any one using or knew this usage kindly advise... Its best or not?

  • Anonymous

this happened same with 5530 last year...announced long time before ...said to be launched in august and then was launched at the end of the year..this year same happening with c6 ,announced long time before and now launching it in october....that too not sure will it come on time or not as no specific dates are given by just w8 for a miracle to happen..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2010october 1st week in india c6 getting availableWhat the hell man ... I am just not getting Nokias strategy .. phone got release in so many country already. Even in pakistan and Bangladesh its got released ... then Why not in India ?? they dont want to have good sell of phone in india or what. If this keep happening, many ppl have to move to other options like Samsung or IPhone, which are giveing touch fight to Nokia in their biggest market, India. I am planning to do same, just want to get proper substitute for C-6 ...

  • Anonymous

october 1st week in india c6 getting available

  • Nokia India

hi.. i am the media spokesperson of nokia... we r glad to inform u that we have decided the the official release date of nokia c6 in india... it is 31st february of the next year... do get ur c6.. bubuee.. cheers... lolz...

  • premnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

i like yis phone

  • eeshan

wtf october....bhes ki ankh...i m waiting for this phone for soo brother he bght X6 16 gb....i dn hav any phone now...if this keeps on going..i guess i wd go for X6 then......Nokia u not doing gud....

  • payaluas

Dear all,
I'm from Malaysia.I have a probelm which my Nokia C6 will hang when I press "H" letter on the QWERTY keyboard? Anyone experienced the same problem? please share

  • jimit

i wanted some nokia c6 memory card is lost d 2gb ome now want to knw wat were d applications in it.......if ne one knws pls let me knw.......or how to get those applications pls help me out.....

  • Nabil

Its one week already bt wher is da fone

  • ANt

If you have a 5800 or 5530 you can change their firmware for c6's. It's running on my 5800 spectacularly.

  • jagjit minhas

check this out olso....

nokia phones xpected relese dates....­ming-phones-expected-release-dates-sept-4th-10/

  • jagjit minhas

guys nokia just slashed its price... the new updated firm ware nokia c6 now comes off just 259$ thats just 12.4k rupees.... just check this out...­-news-nokia-c6-firmware-update-and-on-sale-for-o­nly-259-at-dell/