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Nokia C6

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  • shanky

[deleted post]well... i saw it in several places.... in kuantan and also in ipoh... wer r u from actually???

  • Anonymous

you can get it just below 210 euro in Malaysia..

  • Anonymous

the price changes due to the tax system of an individual country so no point in blaming nokia

  • Nitish

Somebody plz tell me HoW ThE HeLL can c6 be available at the price of 13-14k (220 euros)in India when it was released at 320 euros in UK

Has something like this ever happened before ??

  • kadek

it's good

  • shanky

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2010Shanky, how much you bought for your C6 in Malaysia. As i kno... morewell here in m'sia c6 with 2gb memory card costs about 220 euro...well between c6 and x6.... i prefer c6 bcz of the physical qwerty .... i personally prefer phones with sliding out qwerty... but if u dont care much of that then u should choose x6 cz the audio output is better through the stereo speakers and it has a capacitive screen which is more responsive..

  • Karan

Useless to wait for this phone, checked out HTC Wildfire (as suggested here by many peers). It is one amazing phone, has got everything packaged in one thing. A big thanks to you all for clearing my doubts about this phone and for enlightening me about HTC Wildfire.

  • sama631

hey ankit dude completely agree wid u even i'll be buying wave now much better specs as for a small price diff......

n aman nice to hear u made a decision and a very right one

wud expect a mini review from u for HTC wildfire...

  • aman

Arun, 21 Jul 2010Its really bad news for Indians who expect dis phone much. Dis ... morehey arun....i also went through the same ordeal that u r facing right now....i too waited for this phone for about 2 months but it wasn't there....then i started to search for other good phones in the market....finally i had to decide b/w HTC wildfire and SE X10 mini pro..and i went for the wildfire.....just bought it two days ago and so far so's a hell lot better than those symbian crap.......believe all the people around here listen to me...stop wasting ur time for this phone.....go for an android phone.....and for those nokia executive' c6 would have been a hotseller if they would had released it in the month of june.......poor nokia loosing it's customer's to other brands like HTC,SONY ERICSSON,SAMSUNG.....

  • Anonymous

Guys, its the era of android now. Why you ppl aere buying symbian outdated mobiles?I just cant understand.Hilarious indeed!!!
Just see samsung mobiles.Oh my gosh!!!! MANY MANY MANY awesome mobiles, BadaOS,ANDROID,1GHZ procie., what not???
A big good bye to NOkia.

  • Arun

Its really bad news for Indians who expect dis phone much.
Dis phone will sure release on September on festive season of Diwali. I hve waited dis phone for more thn 2 month. nw i changed my mind 2 HTC Wildfire.
Nokia F__k sumtimes!­ch_C6_in_September/551-112330-893.html

  • ankit

got tired of waiting for c6. so bought samsung wave I'm typing this msg using my new wave phone. even if c6 arrives at 13-14k shelling extra 3k to buy wave was the best decision I made. amoled cap screen is brilliant no lag due to super powered 1gz processor. 720p recording + full flash supported browser is icing on the cake.

  • surya

All the M*****F*****S who say this phone is crap are all B*****D*!! this fone will only be worthless if it costs anything more than 13-14k in India. Otherwise with its features and price range this is one hell of a phone!

  • SymbianWorld

Here you find a neat comparison between the Nokia N97 and the Nokia C6:­ia-n97-vs-c6-comparison/

  • Nitish

Guyz is it really gonna cost around 20k in india ?

  • Anonymous

there are many other at the same price range, really dam flop phone for the year 2010 ever lauched by nokia

  • Anonymous

outdated touch screen and processor! crap

  • Anonymous

waste phone

  • stevie

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2010wtf. nokia has released c6 even in bangladesh. why not available... morenokia c6 is a good phone. def better than n97. low cost too. better touch screen