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  • Anonymous

its very heavy and the strip also goes off very fast and replacement takes more than a month.
it hangs up quite often

  • nicki

as for as this c6 00, main problem is ram and cpu speed see its 128M 433M only.
And its not a multi touch, resistive touch screen. Screen not so wide (only 53mm) not clear display.
Camera is ok but not so good and clear.
Mainly sound quality is ok. But loudness is too bad u have to choose vibrate mode if u dont want to miss calls.
One homescreen. Browser is closing when downloads in progress.
In home screen u can setup only one mail account.
There is no pop up notification for mails.
Its not supporting usb charging mode.
It doesnt have tv out.
No support for hdmi.
Old version sw s60v5 only
after s60v5 we have s^3 ,anna,and now belle.
So better you put some extra amount and buy 701 if u wish or wait for n8's successor
if you dont much money better go for samsung galexy pop fit. It might suit for u.

  • Diljeet

c6, 22 Jun 2010wat abt the battery dude??!!!! has any 1 marked that c6 having ... more5233's battry life---Talktime.6to7hours.
and 30horse in music player......
and plz tell about your c6.

  • sachin

phone is too slow,nd had hanging problem,its camera quality is good..

  • marx

d phone is great,am really enjoying mine.

  • Yunus

phone is not bad but sound is not please check sound then buy it.

  • Anonymous

what's up with freezing, slowing and lagging of nokia c6? well in fact i never had one of those problem. maybe you got a fake phone or whatever but everything i have read and heard here are far from the truth, my c6 is great better than n97, and it doesnt heat up ok. maybe change your charger or battery or have it replace to nokia center..

  • bubu

been using c6 for the past4 months... except d low battery life n processor speed its alryt........ a tad slow at times.

  • flo

this phone is absolutely rubbish it freezes the touch screen dont work nothing good about it total crappp

  • Anonymous

how can i use the qwerty board without using the touch like when i wanna go to previous menu

  • karan

Yes frds This hand set has only hang problem rest of that every thing superb..

  • Anonymous

nokia c6 like this

  • AnonD-26581

Sahan fron NY,US, 17 Oct 2011i'm having this phone for a year now. I hate is so much, I'm jus... moreim gonna agree with you,,,having same problems on my c6,yesterday travelling by bus,i got a call from my friend,after that call, my c6 freezed,i had to take out the battery.i dnt know what happened to nokia,,,why are they lagging so much..?.also i wanna correct you,,,c6 has 128mb RAM,not 256mb,,probably that could be the reason for its hang i'll sell this one and planning to buy 603.

  • yas

very worst display............

  • JAI

i like nokia c6.

  • senthil da

music very worst... pls do not purchase this phone in music interested.

  • AnonD-26581

hi all,im using c6 for the past 8 months and i can say that it's a great phone but has following problems:
1.touch is not so responsive
2. sometimes it hangs and becomes slow,even hangs when a call comes
3. little bit heavy,eats battery fast
4. becomes warm when using it as a modem with bluetooth ON.

so im planning to buy a new masterpiece,,,,ehich 1 should i go for...plz suggest me planning to go for nokia 701....but confused between nokia 701 and upcoming nokia 603...plz Help...?

  • Sahan fron NY,US

i'm having this phone for a year now. I hate is so much, I'm just using it since i paid for it. laggs all the time, i have to atleast 4 times a day full restart taking out the battery, it stucks, freez, phone call drops, sms freeze, "memory full message, please close open apps inorderto open a new app" and when I check open apps, there is nothing opened and that means all 256Ram uses by the OS. I used to be a big fan of nokia when i was a teenager, u know nokia was the one those days. what happened to nokia now? they cannot compete with the other mobilephone companies specifically with smartphone production. when new brands make 1.4Ghz dual core processors with 1gb of Ram, Nokia still makes around 500Mhz processor and 256Ram. come on Nokia whats wrong with u?! how are u expecting to run new apps u guys are making in this specifications? flash support web browser!! not enough Ram for that? am i right? I know nokia still makes lots of money since u guys have invented many technologies in the past. but what now. please do not sell products cannot give a consumer productivity. peaple please stay away from Nokia untill they really can make a decent working phone. all my friends has different branded smartphones, they all work fine because those brands put atleast enogh processor with Ram. "Consumers.......... please compare specifications nokia's best smartphone with hts,samsung,LG,motorolla 's mid class smartphones. u will see the difference! those mid class smartphones can easily beat Nokia's best smartphone.
thanks for reading.

  • AnonD-16394

AnonD-18298, 14 Oct 2011Good news guys new firmware update V.41 is availabe for C6 ... moreWhat's new about the dialer? I don't get. However the phone is more stable and the browser is getting better, but Opera Mini is still my number one choice...

  • surya

hi guys
i want a nokia/samsung phone with 5mp camera,attatchment support,utube video support,good batery back up
which is best
nokia e5,nokia c6,nokia x2,samsung galaxy pro
plz suggest,thanx in advanc