Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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I just bought it yesterday at the online shop, it's really cool 3, 2 inch screen combined with amoled looks really cool. I think this is a refinement of the C series along with the C7 series

  • Anonymous

Is the phone still in the market? If yes how much is it?

Does it have onboard WiFi hotspot?

  • mixxlegend

JackJennings, 26 Jun 2018If you change the date on your phone to 1990 it's gonna sa... moreYes you can use mouse on this phone, just use female USB to male micro usb adapter to plugin the mouse.

Anonymous, 02 May 2018Mine say 'Copyright 2018 Nokia'!😂If you change the date on your phone to 1990 it's gonna say copyright 1990 it's such programmed to do that

  • GAWO

can i use usb mouse with nokia c6-01 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2017I have the Nokia C6-01 (Symbian Belle) and been using it si... moreMine say 'Copyright 2018 Nokia'!😂

  • Jaguar

Anonymous, 26 May 2011can anyone help how to add facebook chat application in thi... morejust download Symbian^3 Facebook app and install it

  • Anonymous

I have the Nokia C6-01 (Symbian Belle) and been using it since 2011 - still like the robust and compact style and easy to use phone features like voice dial in Danish without need for speedy data connection (still miss that in Android).
Now the mystery is, that when I look in my phone setting 'about' setting, it say 'Copyright 2017 Nokia'!
- did Nokia update anything on this model this year!?
- sounds strange - does anyone know?

  • nokia lover

This is may b the best phone of my entire life.
I bought it in late 2010 bt still working without any issues.
Never goes to service center.
dropped 1000 times bt still working..

  • Anonymous

my nokia c6-01 restart is so difficult

  • AnonD-694152

I bought this phone in 2011, I was using it for next 5 years. It was rock solid. No issues what so ever. Had Nokia been with their brains by releasing good updates, I still would have used it. I dropped it more than 1000 times, nothing happened to it, shows the quality of Nokia. I still have it safely. Best phone, I ever had.....

  • Jnsk

AnonD-19881, 29 Aug 2011Could anyone please clarify whether the ANNA offers only qw... moreFull use kwerety key pad

  • Ömer Bozkurt

My mom used it about 5-6 years battery still very very good camera still focusing nice loudspeaker better than samsung A E J series and S2-3-4-5 and maybe 6 idk s6's speaker
but whatsapp doesnt support she have a lenovo k5+ and she says i want turn back nokia.

  • nokia fan

i bought this phone in 2011 and i have put this comment with this phone in 2017.

Battery drains fast now, apart from that everything else work perfectly.

  • dhilip

Let me use this phone wiht Gio 4g

  • Lahsin

It seems all support for this phone has ended. Nokia suite does not list any apps to download. very dissapointing :-(


I've been using this black beauty since 6 years..
It's an amazing handset from Nokia.
My C6-01 still working flawless.. smooth.. fast.. good..
I just love this phone.

Sadly Nokia mobiles have been discontinued.

  • bpn

skype is working ????

  • bpn

skype is working in c6-01 nokia????