Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • TechnoTime

Screw you,Nokia... WHAT IS THE VGA BACK CAMERA???
vga is out dated.. it makes vga camera phones since 2001....
it's 2016 october.... Nokia 216 announced WITH A VGA CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!! ITS 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

kamal, 05 Dec 2014i forget my lock code that i change itdoes Nokia c6.01 support video 360×640

  • Nokia C6-01

Guys, please help.. I want to upgrade my phone Nokia c6-01 to the latest version of symbian (if there is). Anybody can tell if is it ok to upgrade?

  • techgick

right now i'm using this phone very good, good display with capacitive touch even its very handy but i didnt like the screen size and it is having a fixed focus with 8mp

  • Vincas

Good phone i did buy it from the launch day. Awesome amoled screen. Worked all years good, didn't broke, have droped it a lot :D. Didn't like fixed focus, with that 8 MP camera. Well now it was launched new phone which looks like i am going to upgrade to (1+three) and don't look like shit :D

  • enhnobu

proud to have this headset. Small and beauty, I will keep in my hand

  • AnonD-513564

I still use this phone, especially hooked to my router's USB port for internet, and sometimes photography here fixed focus is required.
I Love the size of this phone, it is compact.

  • A fan

Brought is one in 2011 july and it still works perfectly. Never repaired even though i dropped it like 10 times. No any scratch.

Well done nokia

anyway now i am going to buy my first android phone. It could be samsung j7 or j5

  • NN

When you Insert Sim Dont Choose any mode continue with offline,Go to Settings and then choose offline once phone has properly started.

  • Sayfee

Ah, what a good set, still working after 3 years of rough usages.

  • Posta

When i insert simcard on my phone it turns offline n shutdown how do i work it out

  • Posta

i need new software to update mine and instructions of how 2 install it

  • Flowerking

WwwW, 12 Jan 2015Store doesn't work? I can't download anything!Me tooo.........applications are outdated.

  • Flowerking

M using this mobile for past FOUR and half years,it's working GOOD,only the battery life is failed.

  • Sanjeewa

I've been using nokia C6-01 for almost 3 and half years now. still works really well.No problem at all. Nokia is the best!!

  • Anonymous

art, 23 Jun 2015Is true that we can install Android 5.0 Lollipop to our phone C6-01?how can i instal android lolipop.ple tell me

  • Rahul

can't acess to music store....n not able to update my phone.

  • pramod

heat mobile in using internet and battery problem

  • art

Is true that we can install Android 5.0 Lollipop to our phone C6-01?

  • pandurang gadekar

give update to android for c6 01. U done all store access denied no good required apps