Nokia C7

Nokia C7

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  • Ashman

Anyone knows how to use the FreeSigner app to sign apps for certification errors?

Help appreciated. Thanks

  • Anonymous

its a nice phone with excellent touchscreen.this is one of the best pieces of nokia.congrats,Nokia!

  • Typhoon360X

Will belle or anna be avalible for nokia c7 users in america, usa

  • Amz the technholic

I am nokia c7 user .......its a cool phone......but if you think you'd get comparitivly less apps on ovi.......then download games and apps from nokia n8 fanclub

  • Arsenal

How much is this product right now?

  • Sathish

I love this phone very much but the only disadvantage is that there is auto focus ability in the camera.
But the other features are excellent than any other phone according to me.

  • Ashman

Can anybody tell me a good password protected private Notes / Folder / notebook app?


  • AnonD-18334

AnonD-12555, 06 Nov 2011hi mate! Are you sure you got Belle update? Where are you from?Akc, I also want to know how you got the Belle update. Nokia said the Symbian Belle update would be rolled up by year end (Probably in December). Are you sure that you got the Belle update?

  • AnonD-23677

wave 2 or nokia c7

  • AnonD-12555

AnonD-29110, 05 Nov 2011ooooooooooooo........ finally got my belle update on nokia ovi s... morehi mate! Are you sure you got Belle update? Where are you from?

  • raju

skype video chating working r not

  • AnonD-23327

fred, 05 Nov 2011hi adul i am planing to use nokia 701 battery c7, pls advi... moredont use 1300 battery on c7 my dear bec its made to be used only with 1200 my friend had prob and his warrny was also efected

  • itachi

i must say, the c7 is an amazing piece of device!!!! the only prob 4 me is processor and the eccelarometer. we all know what's up with the processor but like the iphone, when the display is to switch between landscape to potrate mode it sometimes runs clunky. but overall it's a real nice device.

  • Vp

Its user friendly and good to use

  • Ashman

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2011i love this mobile very much but ovi is not working in the devic... moreOvi works well with the right network. It is best to use WiFi when possible.

  • Khaleel

very nice tuch screen
high speed gprs
many video player

  • Mido

Eddy, 04 Nov 2011This phone suckz, dn t buy t why ?????????

  • rose

nokia C7.
a very nice set
i like touch system
really nice

  • pedro

Can anybody help?! I have Nokia C7, and I've just started to face a problem: during a conversation, lets say after a few minutes of conversation the phone dies ( touchscreen turns black)... so I have to take out the battery, put back and restart the phone!!! I've already re-softed with simbyan Anna ... nothing changed, it still plays the trick with me.

  • AnonD-29110

ooooooooooooo........ finally got my belle update on nokia ovi suit... its just like android UI i loving it.. Thanks nokia. rockon.. hats off to u, gr8 work.