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  • Dean

hi u users
come on and tell me is it very good or just good. I dnt want android (it drains the battery to quick). Are there any problems? Who has the new update "Anna", what it's like? It's been a long time since i used Nokia and i am scared to spend the money on a phone that will not work as it should. So please tell me why should i buy it.

  • Vivek

Dear Friends,
Please advise my C-7 Adrift RH lock slide button, is it repairable, I inspect carefully there is no damage or broken. But still its came out from its place.

  • regs

AnonD-28748, 02 Nov 2011CAN I USE BL-5K 1300mAh battery instead of 1200mAh?? every thing... moreyes u can..

  • AnonD-28748

CAN I USE BL-5K 1300mAh battery instead of 1200mAh?? every thing is ok in C7 but its battery backup is not good so... any suggestions??

  • hitesh

CAN I USE BL-5K 1300mAh battery in my C7 phone instead of 1200mAh??? coz every thing is ok but battery backup is not good in C7.. any solution?

  • suyash

friends please tell me is c7 good to buy i m planning to buy it soon....

  • bonnick

just a quick question i woke up today and some strnage reason my Nokia C7 has lost all its internal 8 gb so my music and all my photos have gone just wondered if anybody knew why ???

  • Dmx_ly

Is C7 good to buy??

  • tonmoy

hey guys, can anyone tell me what is NFC? What does it do ? Thanks. Planning to buy a c7. Any suggestion?...tonmoy

  • gwaaa

its a great phone ask me why

  • jlord

AnonD-28481, 31 Oct 2011Hello...! Now its been exactly 10 months that i have been using ... moreit's like you knew what am about to say, you just said them all. if there will be any advancement in this mobile device. it should be the camera auto focus, battery - increase alittle bit, alittle on the processor speed and it will be wella.. nokia C7 is still my bestest

  • Azam

This is good phone

  • Shazzi

Dear Deep
I think u hav given the reply by writing only
'nokia C2-03' of my question to contradict me that l m not the user of Nokia C7 but if u would like to make an effort to see the previous pages of opinions regarding Nokia C7 , there u will find my name. I hv been using C7 since february 2011.My opinion abt Nokia C2-03 on that page is also an admitted fact that I m facing the touch problem in my nokia C2-03.
But I would like to appreciate ur solid memory dear Deep.

  • deep

shazzi, 30 Oct 2011hi guys yesterday 'symbian anna service opretion' software upda... morenokia c2-03

  • AnonD-27058

Hi guys today I just got a replacement Nokia C7 after the screen on my previous unit was faulty. Now I am pretty disappointed. (The normal) sim card of mine will not stay in the slot unlike my initial first handset. I am getting very frustrated. Did anyone have a similar problem? My C7 was made in Korea.

  • TechSpec

AnonD-28481, 31 Oct 2011Hello...! Now its been exactly 10 months that i have been using ... moreSame here, have had mine for 10 months, the only prob I faced was that sometimes the homescreen widgets would stop working and need me to reboot the phone to begin working again but thats it..pretty solid and good! Love it!

  • AnonD-28481

Hello...! Now its been exactly 10 months that i have been using Nokia C7. And so far i have not faced any problem! This is really a master piece. Hanging of phone once in a blue moon is not a problem! Battery is awesome (do consider the size of the screen) using phone with low brightness and dark colored themes will enhance your battery back up. Awesome phone for using wifi. If the camera would be autofocus rahther than fixed focus than it would be a flawless phone. But still the camera quality is excellent!

Honestly i will recommend this phone to all the people
who are doubtful that whether to go for it or not.

The USB on the go support is the coolest thing. It helps me alot without any problem any usb flash disk can be connected.

Last month updated my phone with the anna update! This update really added stars to the phone.

In short decent looking phone packed with the coolest and amazing features and blended with latest technology.

Go for it guys you will never regret.

  • shazzi

hi guys
yesterday 'symbian anna service opretion' software update has been poped up on my c7 main screen so I updated my device but I am unable to find any clue regarding what it contains.
Would anyone like to explain?

  • Senitha

Finding lot of problem with C7, its gets hangs up, bltooth connectivity is very bad its often goes off. it get over heated while using Bltooth, sometime unable to connect bltooth its gets hangsup it forced to reboot the device.

  • Syed

AnonD-28279, 29 Oct 2011Mobile was good and excellent, but I have a question you could h... moreI am using since 3 months. Worth buy and can be compared to N8, later has little more functions, thats all. Update software, use wifi, gprs when u travel on road by car to find out the location. Nokia maps, download games and lot of applications through OVI store. Cheap and best instead of spending on N8. Use mails, messages, blutooth without any hazzle. I recommend to buy this instead of going expensive phones. Late you can think about Samsung Galaxy SII or Iphone 4. I hope this is sufficient.