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Nokia C7

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  • AnonD-314933

mk, 26 Sep 2016last two months whatsapp is not working.please help me.hand... morechange your system date to one before today and try instaliing whatsapp again


Whatsapp stoped their spport for symbian so whatsapp no longer spport on symbian s60v3, s60v5, anna, belle or symbian s60^3

  • mk

last two months whatsapp is not working.please help me.handset is nokia c7

  • VIK€$H

i want to buy this phone where can i get it please help me!!!

  • mAgBy

Superb phone. I'm still using until now from launch on 2010. I bought it over Nokia N8 because of its FM Transmitter capability which I used with my car. Love this phone.

  • Anonymous

This is an awesome phone. It was Ahead of its generation by some years Because phones after it were still been given 5 mega pixels whiles this has 8. I've been using this phone since January 2011 and I'm still using it. Still strong. Too bad whatsapp Will stop supporting it after 31st December 2016.

  • Anonymous

dis phone Nokia C7 na very gud phone. Infact d phone na BOMB!

  • Nivas

Superb Phone I am still using

  • Anonymous

It's a good phone, I liked it.

  • HuN7eR

I have this phone since 2010. Everything about it still works fine, with the exeption of battery. To its defence I never changed it and it lasts for a half a day plus.
Strong build. Mails working. Maps working. Internet 3,5G.
The only problem Im having for the past year or so, are youtube videos. For some reason it stopped playing them at one point and I've tried everything I read on forums. Nothing worked for me. It wont even play them from wifi access. It runs facebook videos smoothly though, thankfully. Any idea anyone how to fix it? I was thinking of maybe reseting and putting belle from scratch.

  • Bosekonect

Best hardy metal body phone seen till date ........ Using since Aug2010, no problems till date, no H/ware, S/ware problem, Mobile office used seamlessly, Adobe works perfectly, never changed battery, still working fine till date, Sound now little less after rigorous usage for 6yrs. It's a real wonderful & amazing NOKIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hye nokia c7 support whatsapp and wechat or not??

LAST real Nokia phone in my opinion, well built...still works great.
Use it as a backup GPS, but "lifetime map updates" was less then 1 year in reality = almost fraud!

  • Kyaw ( Myanmar )

I got an old Nokia C 7. It still works well.

  • S

I bought this phone early 2011, and still works without problem till today, with battery has been replaced 2 times. I mainly use this phone for calls and frequently use its Garmin Mobile XT navigator. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

  • Anonymous

great phone i love it but ovi store no more works

  • AXON

Brian, 18 May 2016Best phone ever still strongest and compatible. Keep it up nokiaI agree with you..

  • Brian

Best phone ever still strongest and compatible. Keep it up nokia

  • suhas

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2016Can I update this C7 Nokia to ANDROID?no you cannot upgrade it to android..... that is because the battery in that mobile cannot withstand the android graphics or its feaature

  • Colin

Bought a second hand C7 for $25 what a bargain! It's a gold colour very classy looking and feeling. Unlocked it and updated to Nokia Bella Refresh which included Microsoft office app bonus! Had a more a advanced andriod but this feels and looks a better phone sound quality is much better for phone calls. Although OS is no longer supported there's enough games and apps to keep phone relevant and users happy. I intend to keep using this phone until 3G network no longer available.