Nokia C7

Nokia C7

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  • mina

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2011the handset dose not support aircel sim...i use aircel sim in my c7 dont spread rumours..

  • AnonD-2616

which has better net speed- wave or c7 pls reply thanks

  • jj

this hand set dos not support for aircel sim,
Call ringtone not quality sound

  • nelson cheow

very gd fhone oh !!!

  • tyni

I had a problem with Nokia c7,When am speaking to someone on the hand set, i can here them but they can't here me at all. Am just wondering if some one can advice me on that?

  • imad dami

Rob, 02 Jun 2011I would like to buy this model (c7) ,can I downlod gtalk,skpe ,f... moreyes you can download any application you need

  • Avi

I bought this phone 10 days ago n it's battery backup is too poor.. N i m unable to undrstand y nokia is not improving his browser.. hang hang n my phone is at sevice centre

  • Guybrush

superchi700, 01 Jun 2011@martin mc. C7 is 50 at SLOT and 48K at DSCL in VI lagos. a phon... morediff(wifi, wlan) ?

  • salman

i think its a nice phone and its battery backup is also good wat say friendzzz??

  • Bharath

i am using nokia c7 for about (5-6) months, and i experience no problem from it till,, and will not.the camera clarity is good and the ovi maps is superb, the super amoled touch screen is so sensitive and superb, even i did not know whether i have touched it or not, and the phone os is superb and supports all apps, and the ovi store is amazing, all apps at one free store. no more words to say it's experience,, full of all very good,,

  • BelaCom

This phone has d worst battery life ever produced by nokia... That's for a heavy users. Internet connection is questionable n d OS get twisted sometimes. Well, it's an imperfect world n i still love the phone.

  • Anuj

Rob, 02 Jun 2011I would like to buy this model (c7) ,can I downlod gtalk,skpe ,f... moreYes you can download gtalk in this phone. I haven't use this phone but can say that it'll support gtalk....

  • sapumal

its a very good phone,, im using it for few months, and im loving it, camera and display is superb, apple phns are good but this phn is better than appl phn , bcoz appl is too expensive, c7 price is very resnble and the other fetures also very good, guys don't think twice about it, buy it and enjoy :-)

  • Blizzard

how to know my c7 is orignal ? please reply soon

  • Rob

I would like to buy this model (c7) ,can I downlod gtalk,skpe ,fring plz reply me .

  • armaania

finaly i get thissss phone and nooo parpule tint issue no other !!!!!! Itts rocking phone !

  • AnonD-9925

a very good set indeed but one thing boders me
its hands free

yet its the best set nokia has made yet.

  • Lara

Can anyone help me choose between nokia c7 and samsung galaxy ace?

  • arnab

hey guys can you tell which one is best nokia c7/c6-01/c5-03 ? actually am looking for good touch+hd+3g.plz help :(

  • maribel

hi , if you want to know how anna will look on your c7, try a theme in ovi its calles symbian -Next Lite.Very good although only a theme....its great!!!!!I have a question though there any other battery i could use to increase the battery life?