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  • AnonD-4644

Hi Guys, i would advice to all those people who want to buy the C7, to wait for a few days,as there is a possibility of the new "defect free" screens to arrive in the "NCC's" which will not have that purple tint,i just went to buy a piece yesterday,but did not buy it after opening the seal as it had a very bad purple tint,in the test images,as well as other wallpapers& even while taking pics there was a purple tint on the bottom of the screen,samsung wave or any other handset doesnt have this problem,nokia is working on this issue,so please wait for a few days guys........hopefully,we all get the "defect free" screens

  • rahan

you can download youtube videos in c7 by youtube downloader

  • AnonD-3112

Today, I transferred the test images of the Tint Test to a Samsung Wave S8500 and Galaxy S.
To my surprise, both of them had the TINT and that too of the same gradient as on Nokia AMOLEDs..

Also, whenever there a window with a grey background, and there is another active window on top of it, the grey background on the inactive window turns Pure Purple!!
Well, now guys, really I have started believing that it's not at all an "issue of defective displays", but rather a very common thing on all types of AMOLEDs.

I guess we should stop bothering about the TINT now as it's another aspect of the LED display technology.
Honestly, I have hardly been affected by this apparent TINT on my C7.
It's just that it's unusual. And that doesn't have to mean that it's a problem.

Everyone who's planning to buy the C7 or the N8, should not pay heed to any of the comments stating a TINT problem. It's perfectly normal and is common amongst all AMOLED displays.


  • AnonD-3112

RudraApte, 11 Apr 2011Hi BelaCom, can you tell me performance about C7 in 3G and if... moreHello Rudra,

Don't bother buying a second hand phone from anyone. The Nokia C7 is available for around INR 16,400!!
You can transfer every single setting/data from your previous Nokia to the C7 without a problem, using the Phone Switch.

Regards. :)

  • Jemsheer

Its a cute phone. Only the problem is with the browser. We can install uc web but we cant use it. Nokia has to change their operating system too. There are the problems i felt. But i like this phone very much. I bought this one week before. Its display, options,and all other things are excellent. Go for it. Satisfaction guarantee.

  • AnonD-5937

when do you think will the PR2.0 version be available?

  • Esraa

Hi all
I got this phone and it is absolutely great expect for some aspects of the camera performance.

But I have a question.., I can't remove a contact from the favorites widget. I read the user guide but the small icon of a contact with that "minus" sign do not appear to me at all.

To remove a contact from the favorites widget I have to remove it from the contacts and re - add him/ her which do not sound great solution.

Please can anyone help? thanx in advance.

  • ashwani

RudraApte, 11 Apr 2011Hi Ashwani, Why you want to give C7 Mobile, any problem in C7... moreHello Rudra..

There is some money urgency. The phone is perfectly alright. Are u interested to buy??

  • RudraApte

[deleted post]Hi Ashwani,

Why you want to give C7 Mobile, any problem in C7 or you purchase new ?


  • RudraApte

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2011If I us 16 GB Micro SD Memory Card in this c7 will it make the p... moreHi Friend. if you are using nokia recommended Memory card and if you stored more data than your memory card then it will become slow. but if you don't store more data than actual card memory then either it is memory card problem or C7 that model will not support 16GB card.


  • RudraApte

BelaCom, 03 Apr 2011C6-01 clear black display & class 33 of gprs. Excellent adva... moreHi BelaCom,

can you tell me performance about C7 in 3G and if iwant to buy Kaspersky Software then what i will do ? What about C7 Battery Status after charge? I have 3500 SMS from My first 5800Nokia Express Music Phone, can those SMSs store without hang problem C7 Phone? kindly replay


  • Salman

I M using this Phone from last 3Weeks its is very slow while browsing with 3G comparing 2 N8

  • AnonD-4734

manoj, 10 Apr 2011it is a dead set please do not buy this work only one o... moredude, when u bought the phone, did they give you waranty card? if got, go and replace new one, but if not, probly u just buy urself a duplicate phone


I brought dis handset few dayz back and dis is simply awsm.. no doubt abt dat... simply go for c7 .. dont waste ur extra money on N8 .. it is simply the best of all

  • fred

pls mohit, i download quick office v6.02 and angry bird from to my c7 phone. it was unable to install saying unregistered certificate. pls tell me what to do. if u have quick office(editing mode), how d u do it without purchasing it from ovi store. pls i need help.

  • Anonymous

I just bought a c7 and it seems da boomb

  • adrian2

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2011I'm hoping to buy a C7. Is it good?? Does it have any problems? ... morefrom the specs of it it looks like a nice phone... pretty balanced in terms of what it can do... it's not really focused on one thing leaving everything else aside, although nokia could have done a better job with that 8pm sensor, i'm going to buy it and see how it all goes and i'll give you a complete review after a few months of usage, i hope for this kind of money i can use it with no problems for at least 2-3 years, i hate to change phones often. from what i can tell you by holding it is that it feels pretty solid and the weight is just about right. there's one thing i hate about this weight thing... most brands take off a lot of weight and compromise durability and ruggedness sometimes a phone of a certain size feels good to weigh more. this phone feels somewhat more compact, i hope nokia keeps the tradition. the most compact phone i ever held in my hand was the motorola defy!

  • usm

please any one can help me how to send songs from c7 to another phone via bluetooth

  • krishan

i purchased nokia c7 this week nd i saw its very very sexy set all features likes 3g tv wi-fi double flast lite with 8 ,mp camera nd etc etc it's vey amazing handset

  • Camb

If we use Micro SD 16 GB Memory Card in C7 will it make this get slower than the smaller one, cause problems or not?