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  • AnonD-2572

john, 03 Mar 2011hi maverick just wanted to know your input about the AMOLED iss... moreHi John,

I'm glad you brought up this issue, I wanted to discuss this myself having heard and read a lot about it, and i'm glad ShanNan shared his feedback too.

I'll give you my experience on this..this issue seems to affect N8's and C7's, and not so much the newer C6-01 which uses a different screen technology.

The main symptoms, and issue can be read at this link for users who are not aware of it :­efective_screens_found_in_som.php

The main issue as you pointed out is a reddish-purplish discolouration of some dark grey/black tones. Seems to be fairly common among N8 and C7 displays. Will give you my feed back on this :

I've had the C7 for two and a half months now. I dont know whether I've had the symptoms from the beginning, but about a month ago (when i started using power saving mode regularly for my device, which kept the display brightness to minimum at all times), I noticed the top half of the analog clock on the unlock screen to be reddish.(I never saw it purple on my device as in the pics in the link above). I read from forums that the video playing would also be affected in dark scenes and so I checked that out, I found that at low brightness levels, the dark areas in videos (movies i downloaded)seemed to be pixellated and the entire video seemed to have a washed out effect. Thinking that it may be an issue with the video player, I installed an alternative player, Smartmovie, but got the same results. I then downloaded the test images (in the link above) and checked them, and it displayed purplish tint or hue, just black and gray.

After experimenting quite a bit on my device, I have come to the following conclusions, atleast for my device..
1)The issue seems to be more pronounced at low or minimum brightness levels, I have not noticed any reddish/purplish hue on either my clock or videos/images on a brightness setting of more than medium.
2)Viewing the display in bright light, which forces the light sensor to increase display brightness, even at low brightness levels, completely eliminates the problem.
3) The issue is more pronounced in videos having dark scenes with a mix of grays/blacks, esp when the scene changes from dark to light.
4) I've played the same video file concurrently on my N900, Galaxy S and C7..the C7's display seems to give a "warm" tone to the reds and pinks appear deeper, flesh tones (for example someone's face) looks more pink (or healthy lol).

Most users who have the purple problem or distortion of the images (try them from the link above..gradient and tone), have contacted Nokia Care, and seem to have got the same response as ShanNan, ie some devices have been changed but the problem (or symptom) seems to be near universal.

I can only assume that its either a display issue/normal phenomenon of the AMOLED with a combination of its high contrast and low brightness setting, or a video driver problem, or maybe an inherent problem with the calibration of the display ( I feel Nokia engineers may have tweaked up the contrast and temperature of the display, making colors more "warm").
If its a video driver or calibration issue, I suppose it can be fixed in a future firmware upgrade. Nokia is quiet on the issue, but the response ShanNan received seems to indicate they are taking it seriously (it also indicates they dont know what's causing it, yet lol). What I also don't know is whether this issue will have any long term effects on the device, which I dont think is likely. My videos show just fine if my display brightness levels are medium or above. That said, I dont think a device like this or the N8 should have an issue at ANY brightness level..Thumbs down to Nokia on that.

My suggestion would be that if you have a major case of the "purples", then do contact your Nokia Care Centre. All your devices will be under warranty and they may replace your device if they find it faulty. However if your symptoms are not too severe or sound like the one I have, then hold on and wait for the official Nokia explanation and perhaps an Update which will fix it. I'm interested in knowing how many people have the issue to the point of it degrading their video watching experience..all of you please post your experiences here. Cheers.

  • AnonD-2572

Andrei, 03 Mar 2011hi Maverick...this a nice phone...its features are as stated in ... moreHi Andrei,

It seems your phone is missing these apps, and they are integral. All phones come with them installed. What I'd suggest is that you backup your phone (you can do that from file manager-Backup) or backup using OVI suite on your Pc, and then re-install PR 1.1 using Ovi Suite. That should fix it. Hope it works for you, Cheers.

  • AnonD-2572

fred, 03 Mar 2011hi mavrick, pls i want to know if i can download a payed games a... moreTo further clarify, You wont be able to use the prepaid credit in your phone. You need either a credit or debit card to do that, or the card details of someone (like a friend or relative who will allow you)to make purchases.

  • AnonD-2572

fred, 03 Mar 2011hi mavrick, pls i want to know if i can download a payed games a... moreHi Fred,
As far as I know, you will be able to transact on ovi store using a prepaid/debit card. However, it also depends on your bank. Some banks dont allow debit transactions online without a special PIN/one time password that they usually send by sms to you when u conduct the transaction. I'd suggest you check with the bank if your card can be used online first, and if it is, there should be no problem. Another thing I'd suggest is not to link the card with your ovi account as its a debit card, just put in the details everytime you make a purchase. It may be more cumbersome, put its more secure. Good Luck.

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-2816, 03 Mar 2011thanks again MAVERICK.. i must say that ur knowledge about mobil... moreYou can charge your phone normally while it is on and online.. no need to switch it off. The old rule of charging is to fully charge and let your battery drop to one to two bars left and then again fully charge, this is less important for new batteries but seems to work well for me. Be aware that your battery life will seem short the first few weeks you have the phone.. it will reach peak performance only after that. Charge your battery to full the first time you use it and dont leave the charger connected unnecessarily once the battery is fully charged.

  • matt

AnonD-2816, 04 Mar 2011hiii more question i would like to ask, that aft... moreFor the first time you may switch off and charge for minimum 3 hours. And the subsequent charges as per your convenience

  • D.ROO

Hey maverick,it looks like you are the c7 guru here...:P
so just a few quick questions.

1)How much does the c7 cost in India?Is the price expected to fall?

2)Will there be a sucessor to the the c7-02 etc?

3)I have read the opinions on this site about the problems in display.Could you elaberate on that.?

4)WILL the display settings be corrected in the upcoming updates?

Looking forward to a reply.

  • AnonD-2816

hiii more question i would like to ask, that after buying it i have to charge my phone,so how should i charge my battery either by switching off my mobile or directly in normal mode.. and should is always charge my battery by switching off my mobile phone.. m very confused about charging mechanism plzz drive me out from this coz i dont want my mobile's battery to drain out quickly.. plzz help me.. what sould be done and what is the correct process to charge my battery.. plz help me out.. waiting for ur suggestion.

  • john

AnonD-1225, 03 Mar 2011buddy i have the same prob with my phone.. i visited Nokia Car... morethanks for the reply dude..i guess your right, we'll just have to live with it..besides it's not that obvious,but i'm still hoping this can be fixed.i've read some threads about it and they said it might be due to the light sensor.i tried it under bright conditions (outdoors) the purplish discoloration is not
that obvious. some say nokia has tweaked the display settings
to brighten up the amoled more.i'm from the philippines by the way and we're having the same issues here.

  • Anonymous

i got this phone from last 1 month and this phone just rocks
super pone
ya there r few problems just like u can't hide ur Video files
guys u know what i m talking about
and lit bit Problem with cam the Zoom thing but still i must say just loved it and it rocks

  • AnonD-1225

john, 03 Mar 2011hi maverick just wanted to know your input about the AMOLED iss... morebuddy i have the same prob with my phone..
i visited Nokia Care but they said they were not aware of it and said it was in every handset (including da piece they showed me) and), they said it was normal.

i then sent a complaint directly to Nokia India via email. In a weeks time i got a call from Nokia India, they told me to go to the same Nokia Care centre but this time they would have someone to personally look into the issue.
so i went to the centre, the manager of the centre himself came to look at the issue, he accepted that something was not right in the screen and said that he could try and change the display, which they did.
But the new display has the same color defect.

I guess all the Indian handsets have that defect. u'll have to live with it.

  • Andrei

hi Maverick...this a nice phone...its features are as stated in the tech specs..i just got it yesterday nd everythng is fine so far...except..i couldnt find some apps like the*ovi store,ovi suite,social netwrk apps,ovi maps nd a few others.please i'd like to know if i'm supposed to download em myself or were these apps supposed to come pre installed.?...pls put me through...nd it also has the pr1.1 release..thanks, in anticipation of a helpful reply!

  • fred

hi mavrick, pls i want to know if i can download a payed games at ovi store without the credit card. Either wit my prepaid credit in my phone. Pls advice me.

  • brij

i want to know about the camera quality and flash quality for night shots.....???
guyz plz reply me..??plz share ur experience users of this phone[Nokia C7]

  • Viari

if u have the money buy the galaxy SL instead
-better procesor
-better gpu
-better screen
-better os etc etc

  • nifa

shashi.sharma995@gma, 02 Mar 2011What I miss about Nokia is that they provide update to any of th... morewhat u have said is 100 percent true as this is really happening. for example, samsung ace got so much functions but no video calling n that is really a disappointment to me.

  • Jagan

How is the GPS feature in this mobile? I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Do I Need to download any street maps to this mobile from OVI store? Do I need to be on the GPRS while on navigation mode? Or does it works just like a typical GPS gadget namely Magellan or Garmin using the satellite signals. Need your help asap.

  • john

hi maverick just wanted to know your input about
the AMOLED issue with most c7 and n8 phones..
its where the dark gray colors tend to be purple.
is it a hardware defect? or can it be fixed with software update in the future? unfortunately, mine has it. I've had my c7 for almost 4 months and everything is ok aside from that issue.does your display show this kind of discoloration?you can check it if you set your clock to analog, lock your screen, then press the menu button..if half of the clock is purple, we have the same issue.please reply thanks.

  • Anonymous

fred, 02 Mar 2011hi friends, pls i want to know hw i can buy games at ovi store w... moresure u can

  • Rajeev

this phone is very good for everyone..............