Nokia C7

Nokia C7

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  • Hari

Hi Buddies,

You cant expect camera quality, bcos its fixed focus.
Normally auto focus will give good results..
But other than camera, everything is good...

  • mervyn williams

I had a problem my g/daughter told me how to work the c7 happy now

  • shehzad

Only Nokia N8

  • clerk

Why the fixed focus lens? Sucks for barcode scanning, close-up pictures etc. Useless cam.

  • prasa

this mobile software is very bad version it giving errors always nokia should relese updated version symbian 3 ....go for another model ..

  • Moein

Hi guys ....
What video codec and formats could it play !?
i mean : ts,mkv,Vob,&......

Thanks !!!

  • taiz

k_shine, 02 Jan 2011pl tell me which one to buy: 1) nokia e72 or any business phone... morego for N900

  • adham

guys i bought C7 and after 1 day when i press the unlock key a message appears ( phone must restart now ) and the only option i have is to confirm then the phone restart.. it happend 5 times in 2 days only.. i changed the mobile with another new one. and the same problem . also i dont use internet or anything. so any one has the same problem please reply me !!!!!!

  • rajat

k_shine, 02 Jan 2011pl tell me which one to buy: 1) nokia e72 or any business phone... moreyou should buy nokia n900 it is top hand set

  • shabeer shabz

its not possible to save the data to memory card which i recieved from bluetooth.....y ?????
& its better than n8

  • sagrado

the best phone ever.... i could watch movies in my C7 in my car with the best sound system, i transmit the audio from my C7 to my car stereo thru its FM transmitter..

  • Anonymous

its smooth , smart...very good looking..nice clarity...very good camera quality especially video is amazing...the best touch in nokia till now...worth the money..i bought it n no complaints till now..value for money...!!!

  • sasha

why if you ask me, it looks just like a samsung ... But do I say!!!!

  • hi!

wait can somebody tell me what exactly is the magnetometer.(digital compass)...and what is the actual use of it?tnx!

  • hi!

finally ...i've made my decision ...i'm going to buy this phone...i saw one on the nokia store..i'm trading the clearblack display of the c6-01 for a bigger screen and the inbuilt memory of this phone...
before i was thinking of buying the samsung wave but the pc software kies is .big no no for me...

  • nokia gurl

c7 is great!!!!! .i have one now. . realy a pda one.

  • ganda

i bought nokia c7 a week ago.It was awesome! i can connect to my social newtwork very fast.there's a lot of applications. nice camera resolution, good sound quality.and i really love the's really wide.

  • Haiaykyu

sundar, 02 Jan 2011nice phone to hang with....everything is excellent except camera... moreYup! I agree! Camera is not good, my old phone (N82) is better when it comes to camera. But what the heck... I have a digicam so I've no use for its camera. Other than that this phone is the best phone Ive ever had.

  • genuine

its is an awesum gadget. bought it a week ago. really worth the price..Symbian 3 rocks.. amazing display..the cam is fantastic . install swype n opera. its d best u get

  • Glen

sameera, 02 Jan 2011hi guys...plz tell me howz the sound quality of c7 , in headpho... more@ SAMEERA

I jus bot this fone 2 days bak n its awesome in al no autofocus but pictures clicked frm lil distance are damn clear.... n the loudspeaker is a little low compared to other fones as is not a music fone but if u get a good vacuum earfone the volume and sound quality is amazing.....