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Nokia C7

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2010But its bada os very few games and useful apps and symbian provi... moreNo you are wrong. There are not many useful games and application for c7 because it runs symbain 3 so most of the older app and games for older symbain do not work on symbain 3 version. And truth is its very bad experience to play games on touch screen. Most free apps and games on ovi store is useless and some useful things are there but very costly in ovi to get apps and games most people go for untrusted sites and download , so these apps and games sometimes kills the phones. If you want good free app go for android phones. Good budget android phone is lg p500.

  • noob

not as good as samsung...

  • Anonymous

17920 is the best buy price for c7 in india..

  • oyama

better than samsung

  • Maj

Its price in Kochi is 18,100 Rs

I am planning to buy it tommrw .Please tell me how good the battery is??

  • kb

Does the touch-screen support a querty keypad as well?

  • Nokia Fan

Doesn't like it very much...
No Carl Zeiss optics lens...
No auto-focus...
No Xenon flash...
Better go for N8...
But i always love the Nokia products...

  • Anonymous

very nice

  • Haris

C7 is best phone on cheap price.. 1200 AED

  • Anonymous

How to sync Gmail Calendar and Contacts on your Symbian 3!

  • ping

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  • Anonymous

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  • Maj

Please some one reply .How good is the battery?

  • haristar

hi all !!
i am planning to buy this phone today...
i wanna know this about c7 ....
does it have a gorilla glass display or should i go for a protector if i buy one ??


hello everyone,my nokia C7 restarts plenty ??? is this
natural in C7 ? and many times i can't go on using google just when i connected by WiFi ?? can i find help ?

  • Anonymous

beso275, 21 Dec 2010I bought a C7 it's amazing so far. But regarding transfering fil... morehey beso,

as far as i know while transferring files from 1 phone to another, the code is just a random number or alphabet, just for authentication purpose. the 1st phone set the code, the 2nd phone must follow.

let's say e.g. u press "1", the other phone must also Press "1" as the authentication code. if it's "abc", the other phone must also press "abc". hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010i was confused between c7 and wave 2 and at last i went for wave... moreBut its bada os very few games and useful apps and symbian provide lots of good apps and games even sypye is not available for bada

  • John

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2010hi guys i know you wil say am crazy but if we lock closer we wil... moreBerapa mas harga c7 sekarang

  • Egyptian Eagle

mvp_mark, 22 Dec 2010does c7 support .srt file?? so i can play subtitle to my dvdrip ... morehi i have nokia c7 and no the phone cant open .srt files because i tried before but it didnt work u must have the movie already subtitled

  • Egyptian Eagle

no you cant put .srt files because i have one c7 and when i tried before but it doesn't work you must have the movie already subtitled