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  • shanki..

yestarday i try a custom firmware on ma c7 it work perfectly 10+ hom scren edit equilizer in music player belle fp1 task switcher and a hacked phon no need of norton rom patcher new key board and theme effect......

  • Ashman

AnonD-72806, 22 Sep 2012i am having an ishue with mine front camera when i whona tun min... moreTry to reinstall the firmware (phone software - or upgrade to the latest). Then restart the camera and see.

  • Dhiraj

I'm using c7 about 1 year. Now I have facing problem with it like when i used any apps. Or open cemra and using internet then it got turn off.
Why this happen? Pls. Slove my problem. Plz.
I am flasing my phone many time by nokia care but they can't slove my problem. Plz. Help me plz....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-72806, 22 Sep 2012i am having an ishue with mine front camera when i whona tun min... moresend t back to your service provider...t probably broken...mine z workng jus fine...

  • AnonD-72806

i am having an ishue with mine front camera when i whona tun mine front camera it's saying to me that i need to restart mine phone to use it, and when i restart it's nothing hapening.. whay is that can some 1 tell me? THX !!!

  • goran_subo

I am having and ishue with mine front camera on phone it's saying to me that i have shie's with camera and that i need to restart phone, after i retart phone it's nothing hapening whay is that???

  • vicky

just third class set very slow jamed problemable files plz forget this

  • Ashman

Still no Refresh... waiting period too long.

  • Ashman

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2012hi Ashman I hv installed d dutko software but i dont know hw to ... moreWell, now that you have Dukto for your mobile, you also need Dukto for your PC (or laptop). Download the latest version. You need WiFi connection. You can give each device specific names which will make it easier to recognize and share. Turn on the WiFi and Dukto in all the devices. In the Dukto window you will see the other devices. Now you can proceed to share your files, folders, music, movies, photos etc.

Speed is phenomenal. I guess it will be even faster with WiFi N at around 300 Mbps.

  • nokia fan

########reply to bela##############
just hard restore ur phone.sometimes the opertng sustem gets jammed,thats y its causing ths prblm.hard reset ur phone nd dnt frgt to keep a cpy of ur imprtnt files.hoping to listen frm u

  • Anonymous

Ashman, 18 Sep 2012Hey Folks!!! Dukto is a great app for transferring music, videos... morehi Ashman I hv installed d dutko software but i dont know hw to set it up. Pls help me

  • Ashman

AnonD-5661, 20 Sep 2012really a great phone metallic accent makes it a very classy ph... moreGr8 review bro... well said

  • AnonD-5661

really a great phone
metallic accent makes it a very classy phone - feels luxurious and nice in your hand (unlike samsung ugly cheap plastic phones)
note that nokia used it as a platform for oro phone
see here

long battery life 4 days with average use

fast interface (lags never occur)

gorgeous AMOLED screen (full RGB pattern not the cheap pentile samsung used in s1 and s3)

6 home screens can be customized by widgets and function buttons / contacts

free life time voice turn by turn navigation much much better and accurate than garmin and sygic - no free voice turn by turn navigation in any android
garmen Navigon costs around 40 $ in play store and apple store and you need to buy additional life traffic for 15$, you will get a better navigation for free in nokia c7

plays all flash video sites not only youtube

NFC sharing and support nfc games (comes with nfc bounce and free NFC angry bird magic is exclusively available for it in ovi store)

very fast wifi with N band - bluetooth 3.0

works in all networks in the world (both GSM and american CDMA)

radio FM transmitter to listen to phone music or navigation from your car radio or any other radio (superb feature not found in any android or iphone or wm phone)

high quality music output if you used it with a good headset, better than any samsung in the market

HD video camera with TV out function

8 mp full focus camera which is million times better than s2's 8 mp camera (unrivaled in distant shots but no macro mode, unfortunately)

gameloft HD games works on it, angry birds, cut the robe, and lots of other HD games and normal games

nokia provide you in the last belle update free full functions office 2010 word - excel - powerpoint - brocadast - lynch - mail exchange - one note

you can use it for data show by broadcast app

you can also download car mode app and camera panorama app which are pretty useful

there are alot of nice quality apps and games in the ovi store, I don't know why everyone bash symbian for lack of apps - yes android has more apps but alot of android apps are of low quality

extremly durable phone with gorilla glass display (can't be scratched even if you tried by a knife)
see this video

there are tons of other features I have no time to write about here
get it now and you wont regret , you will be very happy

all of this in a very reasonable price (1/2 the price of galaxy s2 in my country)

  • Bela

Saty, 17 Sep 2012Try the default phone code 12345. Incase if it still doesn't wor... moreThats one thing i really wanna try to avoid... Flashing the phone. I've used the default code already. The phone is working properly, almost Near perfect But Just the code error that do not stop me from using the phone

  • Wasu

Does skype video cal works

  • imran

Saddy, 19 Sep 2012Hello. Please anyone help me. I can't use my main camera. It ... morehi, its me imran

brother go to settngs>application setng>camera>image>img quality and select 1.3
then try

  • Saddy


Please anyone help me. I can't use my main camera. It appears only blank screen and it hangs after. Whay should I do?? :(

Please HELP me on this C7 issue. I already installed Symbian Belle.

Thanks a lot.

  • bimal

Phone is good ,but there are two problems i got in this phone 1st the battery back up is very bad and 2nd bad thing i found in this is there are only one speaker for music playback,sound quality is not so loud & clear.Nokia should remove the drawbacks of it.

  • kundan

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2012why my camera snap picture image look orange enviroment? It is c... moreafter taking a photo u have to edit it. In edit mode go to tuning and select A i.e. Automatic

  • prakash

no hd