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  • Anonymous

kj vohra, 29 Sep 20101. will it in any way match nokia 9500 communicator as unfortuna... moreHave u heard of the Nokia E90? and the upcoming Nokia E7??

  • kj vohra

1. will it in any way match nokia 9500 communicator as unfortunately nokia has not come with a phone to match its capabilities?
2. can the documents be edited and is the calendar / to do / organiser as good as in nokia 9500? does it have qwerty key board?
3. if c7 does not meet or match 9500 as mentioned above, is there another phone that does?
6. hence, if above is not met, is it not a good idea for nokia to upgrade 9500 or at least make its parts available?

  • ranit

plz review this phone.

  • Anonymous

this is looking very nice. i think we should wait for this becuase sybian 3 is nokia's new os.

  • aster0id

looking at the cpu, i think its going to be priced at a fair price. but it will probably affect the performance of this . 1ghz is the new standard for this type of phones and nokia should understand it

  • Anonymous

Seems like a truly great phone. If it will be priced as said here, at about 350 euros, it will probably be my next phone! :)

  • Anonymous

Jagadesh, 28 Sep 2010see the specs in i saw this is autofocus do compa... moreIt has full focused lens, with EDOF technology. You can not make macro photos with this phone due to the lack of auto focus feature. EDOF makes almost all of the objects captured by the camera in focused if the distance between 50 cm to infinity.

  • Anonymous

Looks like a real phone, not some iThis and that crap, wich looks like a phone, but cant really be used as a phone, but has 1000 apps you use for 1 to 2 minutes before deleting, because they are stupid.

  • Jagadesh

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2010No auto focus in the camera?!!, are you kidding me!! come on No... moresee the specs in

i saw this is autofocus
do compare it with other phones and watch it

  • Jagadesh

Hai. i Saw In Nokia .com that this phone is autofocus rather than e7 and c6-01.

Rong Specs At
. pls try 2 change it gsmarena

its my feedback

  • Anonymous

No auto focus in the camera?!!, are you kidding me!! come on Nokia that´s a no go in 2010...

  • viruzth

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2010Of course it would be able to read bar codes. You don't need af ... moreMy gemini doesnt have AF, and yes it read barcode.

But don't underestimate AF, put aside the fragile problem (dunno about the fact), camera with AF will produce better picture.

MP is about size, AF is about focus (what else ^^)
MP is for bigger printable picture (look better with smaller resolution monitor, like mobile phone monitor)

IMO AF produce better 'real' quality of a pocket picture.

  • Anonymous

fake, but better than corby

  • Engineer Man

The Nokia C7 looks like a phone which includes most of the N8 features. All you have to do is put up with 8GB less Internal memory, no HDMI, 8 MP camera. Looking at the compressed don converted 8MP - 6MP images. These images look good enough especially to print to 6x4 photo size pictures.

Although I can't say how good the uncompressed 8MP images will be when blown up A4 size or your monitors native display size. So it's not good for photographers anyway, well surprise neither is the N8 either. Get a DSLR camera for that with RAW file format for no compression.

For most consumers not photography geeks this phone's 8MP will be enough based on what I have seen for Standard family photos again on 6x4 at 6MP is fine, maybe at 8MP you will be able to get more stable larger images like A4 perhaps - you what! easy you are talknig 8MP's here. Go figure!

This phone looks likely to trail in the footsteps of the N5800. As it looks like this will be the Music phone because it obviously has Media key for playback controls of the Music Player. So this is't for the Photography people. Again I'd call this phone the best all rounder based on the needs of most average consumers - families. The loudspeakers are bound to be better than the N8's loudspeaker.

The N8 may indeed be better for gaming, but I'm not sure what GPU this C7 has. Maybe it's the same unit as most of the hardware is the same hardware for Nokias current range of phones with slight differences. I have been impressed by the stability of the images at 6MP for this phone tho. I can only say if you can do with less space & do without HDMI or 12MP for larger images.

Well then you know what is for you, & what is for you It's always going to be a case of compromise here. So good look on your choice. lol

  • viruzth

zoheir samsung, 26 Sep 2010fake corby!!Yup, it's a fake corby.

But it's better anyway, so what's your problem?

  • viruzth

IMO autofocus is more important than 8MP in camera.

Poor nokia with wrong features set up>

  • zoheir samsung

fake corby!!

  • Sac

at a time when even micromax is looking forward to making AF cam in mobiles Nokia is giving it all away. Shit this sounds funny. It does matter when you have AF cam on your mobile. You can scam documents, take macro shots and email them. I guess Nokia has some idiot who only knows that Fixed focus cam can save some money...not knowing that you are loosing customers on such good phones. Its like digging their own grave and letting Samsung make all the hay... sad but true.

  • dave

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  • M.Cyrill John, Chenn

c7 is good in specification and look. My doubt is wheather the down loaded ms excel & word in net can be viewed in the screen without dislocating the verticals....?