Nokia C7 Astound

Nokia C7 Astound

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hi dude dizz mobile will rock dude

  • zee

Almost the same C7... only difference is the storage.

  • AnonD-4398

nokia make some new windows if you cant android..

  • AnonD-3535

[deleted post]How did you know? It's still not release yet. Please do not say anything about the performance of this device if it's still not available in the market.

  • bewrong

will be out for $799, after a month or two. it'll be $100-300 less. then nokia will abandon the this and move on to their next phone. i've had it with them. purchased almost every big nokia phones and they tend to disregard them after 2-3 months.

  • Abodee

so when will the first Nokia phone featuring WP7 be availble

  • Anonymous

Why did nokia made this if it has the same features of e7? What's the use?

  • Anonymous

It also a great achivement of Nokia

  • Anonymous

what is this another dead product by nokia???

  • Jengroro3

why the Astound pict was the C7 ?

  • Vicky

The main difference between C7 and Astound is the internal memory as C7 has 8gb while Astound has in Mb's BUT with card slot option of upto 32 Gb. So it will be cheaper than C7.

  • ahad

the picture provided is of nokia c7... that's not nokia astound

  • Mike

directly compared to the c7, 350mb internal memory (not ram) assuming its still 256mb doesnt say yet, and symbian 3.1 over 3. Nothing else appears to have changed..

  • savage466

Nadine, 22 Mar 2011Hmmmm...still looks like c7 to me..Of course, it should be. this unit is just the american version of C7, some minor changes to satisfy the American taste. I hope they will release unlocked version to update the curret c7.

  • Megapoint

This handset is looking gorgeous

  • Nadine

Hmmmm...still looks like c7 to me..

  • savage466

Mdsr, 22 Mar 2011Did Nokia name it Astound beacause C7 wasn't a great hit?? It's... morelol, it is for T-mobile, they usually change the names of their phones,

It has 350 mb ram and updated OS.

I think this one is faster than the early C7

  • dhruv

its nokia C7

  • Cedd

Mdsr, 22 Mar 2011Did Nokia name it Astound beacause C7 wasn't a great hit?? It's... moreOkay its C7 for the US. Its the same just like HD7S is the same with HD7. This is for Tmobile

  • Mdsr

Did Nokia name it Astound beacause C7 wasn't a great hit??
It's C7, whats the difference?