Nokia E52 review: E as in Exceptional

E as in Exceptional

GSMArena team, 11 August 2009.

Design and construction (continued)

The steel back cover of Nokia E52 is a certainly one of its best parts. Furthermore, unlike previous generation Eseries handsets it is perfectly immune to fingerprints. There's no way to get it greasy like the E71 or E66.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52
The E52 looks a treat from the back

Reraside we find the 3 megapixel fixed-focus camera lens (presumably of the enhanced sort), along with a LED flash. The specs alone hint that imaging is yet again bottom of the priority list but we will get back to that in more detail later on.

Nokia E52
The 3MP shooter has no autofocus • the loudspeaker grill is right next to the camera lens.

A nice little latch at the base of the battery cover allows you to release it quickly and easily. The all-metal part pops out, earning another point for the device in the process. Under the cover we find the microSD card slot and the massive 1500 mAh Li-Po BP-4L battery.

Nokia E52
Pressing this button releases the battery cover

With a power plant like this one, the Nokia E52 is said to last 672 hours of stand-by or 8 hours of talk time and that's more than impressive. We can confirm more than three days of some really heavy usage and there's hardly a contemporary smartphone outside the Eseries that can pull that of.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52
An impressive battery by all means

In case you haven't guessed it yourselves already, let's point something out - the Nokia E52 is flawlessly built just like the Nokia 6700 classic. The phone looks great all over and is one of those few that really manage to impress our team so much. A joy to have around, the handset is equally comfortable to use. Splendid ergonomics, durability and hot looks make a perfect mix.

Nokia E52 Nokia E52
The Nokia E52 is sure to impress and deliver

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My phone E52 can't trun on it all started by slowing down proceing al appications and now is of complety wht can be the problm pliz help send me reply by mail