Nokia E52 review: E as in Exceptional

11 August 2009
Eseries seem to have been around forever: grown-up, confident and reliable. It’s a small but solid lineup that’s gone a long way from a fairly late start. Perhaps they’ve got a point: the business Finns are not running against the clock to...

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  • dipu

Nice a technology

  • hiten

Did whats app work on it


My phone E52 can't trun on it all started by slowing down proceing al appications and now is of complety wht can be the problm pliz help send me reply by mail

  • kishor kamali

why do i get system error in wlan and operation fail in bluetooth

  • Tanim niha riju

sim card

  • George

What a phone!
My best phone ever. GPS nav is exceptional and I can't
seem to find smth I don't like on the phone.

Unfortunately I have made a reset and I cannot seem to find the advanced communicator manager that came with the phone. I downloaded it again but now (strangely) it needs registration and payment. Any ideas anyone?

  • sunya

Elma, 08 Apr 2011No good idea! Problems. Cant update, dont fully conect to P... morego to ur control pannel and select restore factory setting option ur phone will restart and u will find some space on phone memory

  • Mustafa

I bought a nokiaE52 8 manths ago frm bengalore. In this hand set included 1GB memory card, but they have given me a 2GB memory card. So, how can i get a 1GB memory card.

  • anonymouse

x21mbo, 07 Sep 2010Selected e52 handset because I wanted something with a half... moresorry to see the situation with you Nokias... it may sound illogical but yes quality differs according to the country where it is manuafactured... mine is Made in Korea and it works awesome... you may want to check country of manufature in all these handsets

  • sunny

I bought E52 few months back and checked it cpu speed with x-plore application. It shows its cpu speed 192 MHz. How can trust that other nokia models have the actual cpu speed given on this forum.

  • Shakthi

Hey guys, Found this phone today, made in Finland.. was going through the comments n its damn confusing.. if ur just a person who wants sms n camera n a good battery, would u guys prefer this?? pls let me know..
many thanks,,

  • Arun

rahul, 19 Aug 2010sub standard quality.very true..
very poor reception quality.

when i make a call the handset switches off on its own... no idea happens very often...

i am sick of using it... and feel cheated after invested so much on a Nokia.

  • Elma

No good idea! Problems. Cant update, dont fully conect to PC Suit, dont have memory for no reason, even if every thing possible is deleted and the rest saved on the memory card. Still no memory on phone C drive. Nokia SA cant help.

  • Anonymous

i have 1 too. The images and letters remains clear even in direct sunlight. Cool!

  • fic

Hello, I just bought E52 couple of days ago and so far no probs. Hopefully my phone will last forever. It cost me MYR850 or about USD275 with only 1GB memory card. The functions are complete. Why I chose this phone? Cause these days, Nokia releases so many touch screen phones, I don't like touch screen phones. Hopefully, Nokia will make another-complete-functions non-touch-screen phone like E52.

  • Sidz

I m sooooo confused between e52 and e55...!!!!!!...i juz want to buy e55 soo much..anyone used it??... i sumtimes consider e71..but prefer slim smartphones..plz help out before i burn rs 23000 pakistani currency for e55!!!

  • Anonymous

i had my Noklia E52 stolen for like 2 months,but i get it tommorow!!!!
cuz the stealer admitted that he stole my Nokia!yaay

  • lam dixon

i bought E52 March 2010, its slow, always hangs. In September, the power charging out of order, NOT the cell but the phone itself.
I recall my old Nokia 6120 who stay with me since 2008, its fast n reliable.
you guys r so lucky that your nokia r made in uk or finland, mine is from somewhere i dont know, ( even my new iphone is from china is good, because iphone have good quality assurance )
i will not trust Nokia in Hong Kong anymore.. never

  • Rhenox

Does anyone here could provide me a copy of the original contents of E52's microSD?
I accidentally formatted the microSD card so the preinstalled apps and games are lost.

  • gomak

Hello everybody,

Does any one has a made in England E52? The ones for sell in Spain right now are made in England.

Do you recomend it to me?