Nokia E52 review: E as in Exceptional

11 August 2009
Eseries seem to have been around forever: grown-up, confident and reliable. It’s a small but solid lineup that’s gone a long way from a fairly late start. Perhaps they’ve got a point: the business Finns are not running against the clock to...

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  • brynn

It reminds me of the spv c500 but very much more powerful..The video is fine and cam ok but nokia could use the sharp gx30 solution of a macro lens switch to capture writing and buisness cards....Battery,,slimness,,and spec is super for a such a device..I love it but its still symbian and taking a break from symbian for now plus i fancy xperia x2..That said its still tempting with good audio and 3.5mm jack,,,mmmmm ..

  • Erick

As an E51 owner, I have been very satisfied and impressed by the build quality and performance of the device which will certainly become an absolute bargain with the arrival of the E52. The E52 is likely to be a major success for Nokia and I would imagine, as with other recent E series devices, that its appeal will be far beyond just the corporate market. It may also lead to many deciding to opt for this device instead of other consumer oriented offerings by Nokia.

  • bajigur

i havent got any E52 in hand, yet. but from this review seems that you have fulfilled the crowd's expectation, good job! keep it that way for the next expectation: E72!!

  • Anonymous

At page 6, "Splendid audio quality" there is a letter missing "excllent", first line.

  • bajigur


  • Anonymous

Excellent phone... for business. As an Eseries device should be.

  • Anonymous

i'm gonna read every word of this one.

  • jay

another great phone.. slim phone rocks

  • Anonymous

Am getting this one!