Nokia E52 review: E as in Exceptional

11 August 2009
Eseries seem to have been around forever: grown-up, confident and reliable. It’s a small but solid lineup that’s gone a long way from a fairly late start. Perhaps they’ve got a point: the business Finns are not running against the clock to...

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  • Dragos

Corection for GSMarena Staff: you reviewed the Metal Grey Aluminium handset, not the Graphite one. That one is full black. And the Black Aluminium one has silver frame. Btw, can't find the Graphite Grey (full black) version anywhere!

  • maddy

Chris678, 03 Jun 2010I forgot to tell you, before buying a nokia phone ALLWAYS c... moreu wont get made in finland sets everywhere buddy. atleast in asia. here we only get made in china sets mostly as it is the nearest production center.

  • SK

NOKIA PLEASE make more of these kind of phones! Stop concentrating on touchscreens! They suck!

  • Aleksandar, Macedoni

I have a e52 made in Finland. The phone works excellent, it's ellegant and the battery life is just staggering for a handset with wi-fi, radio, GPS....etc... For every user that needs a reliable bussines phone for work (e-mail, sms, calls, wi-fi, microsoft office and GPS)and not a toy or a portable playstation that has a battery life of less than a day- it's a excellent buy. Normally one might experience a sudden restart once in two months, but so does your windows at home from time to time.

  • SweeJ

i too experience similar problems with posters here. got this phone last year July 2009, just about the time of release. the most common presentation is the phone crashing when smsing, however that happens once a month. saying that half the time the phone will auto restart, otherwise, i will have to remove the battery to restart the phone. with the latest software update to the phone, i find it more stable & the OS/UI seems faster & more responsive as well. Nokia too has updated some bugs & interface/menu options. so i recommend ppl update their phone software.

  • JJC

My E52 is getting switched off automatically even though if the battery shows 80% charge still on. And somtimes i wont be able to turn it back on.
I took the phone to Nokia care and they fixed it for me, They told they have changed the contactors and now it will be fine.. but after 1 month now i am experiencing the same problem again..

  • Anonymous

x21mbo, 07 Sep 2010Selected e52 handset because I wanted something with a half... moreMy Made in Finland E52 has been great with no problems at all so I believe the rep who stated that there were component issues from certain places. Mine was manufactured in Finland in May 2009...purchased in Germany in December 2009.

  • x21mbo

Selected e52 handset because I wanted something with a half decent camera, gps, pop email client and fantastic battery life...I wanted to avoid touch screen and moving parts (slide / flip).

Discovered e52 not available on Vodafone UK (June '09 approx), followed advice to get equivalent e66, not convinced due to slide screen but it had all other required features. Had 4 replacements in 3 months due to noise problems on handset/earpiece.

e52 made available on Vodafone but exchanged it within 24 hours it due to the exact same problems I had with the e66,,,, a high pitched squeal noise from the screen panel whenever the phone was active with a call or when the screen illuminated.

Credit where it is due, the staff at Vodafone were great and over the period of about 6 weeks I had 3 replacement e52s for the same problem.

Thankfully VF staff witnessed each and every problem on each and every handset, or I would have started to doubt my own sanity,,,,,,,7 faulty e-series handsets...NEVER!

During one of my 7 "exchanges" a Nokia rep was in the store and explained that they had experienced quality issues with the 66 and 52 due to a batch of screens and some nonsense about quality being different depending on which country assembled the handset.

Have been using current e52 for about 8 months during which it has been to Nokia for warranty replacement of the earpiece, the screen, 2 sets of buttons and a software flash.

It is now started to turn itself off randomly and I can not be bothered to get it fixed again

I have always been a fan of Nokia, especially the older e-series. Great quality and indestructible.

On paper, e52 is everything a handset should be. In reality it is a flaky, unreliable, poor quality device which Nokia should recall and replace.

Nokia customer services could not care any less if tried. On a call with Nokia Customer Services I asked to escalate to someone in management so as to get attention to the 7 replacements and that I have been a loyal Nokia user for 15 years, they lady actually laughed when I asked this and told me I was one unhappy user out of millions of happy users...she put the phone down when I pointed out that if everyone was happy then she would be out of a job.

I am not unusually tough on my handsets, past devices have lasted me years and still sit in the desk drawer tempting me to use them again and bin the e52.

I have no idea what to get next, I don't want touch screen, qwerty, slide or flip......just a normal reliable phone with a few decent features.

Avoid the e52 and e66

  • Nauman

Daniel, 22 Aug 2010Nauman, My E52 hangs quite consistently while using the ... moreI think u got Korea made E52 Not the Finland one.... right ?

  • Daniel

Nauman, 21 Aug 2010I want to buy this phone second hand with atleast few month... moreNauman,

My E52 hangs quite consistently while using the SMS function, and I'm nothing short of frustrated. Need to remove the battery whenever that happens, and you'll need to reset the clock every time after that.

Sent it to Nokia but they couldn't do anything since the problem lies with the horrible firmware.

Have to add that my set initially had a faulty GPS antenna too, was wondering whether the cloud cover in my area was that bad, lol.

The good thing about the phone though, is that it's slim and the battery lasts a lifetime. I haven't charged my phone for the past 7 days already, with light usage (10 SMS/day and 5 mins of talktime, BT/WLAN off), still left with 40% battery.

I'll be moving on to the E72 in a while, kind of sick of this E52 rubbish.

  • Nauman

I want to buy this phone second hand with atleast few months warranty.
Reading the reviews here i am very very confused
People saying it have Hanging problem and restarting problem,
And Poor call Reception issues.
Is it so?
Any E52 user please help me

  • rahul

Viren, 15 Aug 2010hello guys.... i m not a true phone that i mean ... moresub standard quality.

  • Viren

hello guys....
i m not a true phone that i mean i dont use all d function of a phone. i use it for basic functions like calls, sms, music(FM Radio), cam 4 taking quick snaps etc. but 1 thing i always want is a good battery performance even after using all d functions ie. music, radio, camera & of course many calls a day.
i saw this phone in stores in india. liked its looks & specs. but want help in making decision shuld i buy this or not.....

  • Deanamot

We got these at work couple of months back. I can only guess that thepositive comments regarding ths handsets are coming from nokia or it's partners. cheap phone, bad software (unintuative, crashes, drops calls) AVOID!!!

  • Saleem

Korea made E-52 has manufacturing fault as i notice. It heat up even in stand by mode and battery drain out in just 8 hours while not in use. Casing of the hand set is too poorly manufactured and if once the casing is opened it leaves space between uper and lower parts. Hanging up problam also occuring in the set, If some one want to buy it, he must know that this set resale value is very low. New set cost arround 21500 and when you go for a sale in next day it will go arround 16000 Pakistani ruppees.

  • Politank

Cannot believe anyone who's actually had to use one of these would recommend it. E52 is a real POS! My iPod touch makes it look like something dug up by an archaelogist. Seems Nokia care little about what they produce these days as they have decided to follow the MS business model (always bad news), which is to build your relationships with resellers and retailers. Companies like this believe you should get what you are given, not what you actually need. Great example of the lack of thought that has gone into this phone are the grooves on the (cheap plastic) back of the phone that, when in my shirt pocket with, say a credit card, rub against the card making the phone feel like it's vibrating! Confusing badly designed software running on cheap plasticky hardware... nice!

  • Anonymous

which phone should i buy nokia e52 or nokia 6700c?

  • Anonymous


how bout if the box says it's "made by nokia"?

  • AneEb..

I like this phone .. because its good looking.. easy to use... and its really speedy..

  • Chris678

I forgot to tell you, before buying a nokia phone ALLWAYS check what is written inside it : is should write MADE IN FINLAND, or a country name, not ANYTHING else.