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  • Vincy

Just dumped my 2 months old E52 which was giving problems since day 1. Bought a second hand E55 (made in finland) a few days back. Excellent piece. I guess all made in China Nokias are crap.

  • Anonymous

It is expesive than E5 but last firmware update
ver: 034.001 dated: 02 Apr 2010. Why?

It needs improvement!

  • sanjay soman

im a beginner to smartphone , im planning to buy a new one next mnth. as i hate qwetry also touch can i go for this one ?? i think its my kinda phone so... what u guys suggest for me ... pls reply nyone . thnk you.

  • Kannan

I am using both e52 & e55. Double thumbs up to both the phones for its awesome performance & battery backup. Two bugs i noticed - 1) 'Pause' the music -- After outgoing/incoming call the "Paused" music will starts to "Play" automatically - irksome 2) If you Type Messages while the mobile is searching network during lost network connection, the message typing terribly slows down (like hangings) & recovers. Anyway its an Excellent Phone.

  • Dawood Ahmed Ch

Is there any custom firmware for e55
I cnt seem to find any
Any firmware with arabic/urdu support?
Latest firmware which is hackable???

  • Cyberchum

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2010E52 is much better. I hate Qwerty10nk God i've found someone who also h8 the QWERTY keyboard both full n half our phone manufactures have adopted for most of their high end phones. For Pete's sake, this is not a desktop/laptop keyboard that have much room and considerable space for typing that makes using it comfortable. My thumb can cover upto tri buttons/keys even in the most spaceous Qwerty smartphone RIM, Nokia, Windows, Apple, Htc, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and the rests have yet released.

  • Anonymous

E52 is much better. I hate Qwerty

  • Mike

To answer your questions about the half qwerty keyboard...

In all honesty, it takes a couple of days to get use to, if you've been using mobiles with the usual keyboard layout.

With the nokia e55's half qwerty, you actually type much faster because there are only two letters per button and also with dedicated buttons for 'Enter,' 'fullstop,' etc.

I really like how large the buttons are, considering it is qwerty.

  • @ Dianna

I have recently shifted from Nokia E63 to E55, there is a huge difference in processing speed of the two cell phones where E55 is dominant. Typing however on a qwerty keypad is faster than a half qwerty in the begining, but the E55 also has a keypad tutorial feature in it which helps you adjust yourself to half qwerty. I would sugest you buy E55 instead of E71 because of its attractive design and faster processing

  • nadeem

E55 Is good, but needs a software update, the mobile hangs up after use of push mail. battery life vis not good as claimed.

  • Max

Can any body tell me about the sound of this cell phone as compared to e71

  • Max

I m planning to buy this phone. My old phone was nokia e71.i want to know is this cell e55 qwerty keypad is much better than e71. And what abt the performance as compared to e71

  • bj

I've been using half qwerty keys of my se p1i for a couple of years. Planning to buy nokia e55 but not found in philippine market... only nokia e52.

  • Diana

CAN SOMEONE please tell me how are you managing with the semi qwerty keyboard ? I have to choose between E55 and E71 and I have no idea what to choose.

  • bilal rafiq

very sexy and bueatiful phone.
it attrcted me vey much.
planning to buy it.
half qwerty is a new and good experince..

  • pankaj

when we get nokia e55 in india/delhi.
Is it possible or not?

  • tmav

this is a nice phone, not very expensive for someone who is after features... Great for communication, with the 8 hour battery life, half qwerty keyboard is actually better than the full qwerty like the one found on the e71. It's size/weight is very good. N-gage gaming is awesome, though the keypad wasn't designed for games... I recommend it.

  • Anonymous

Akash, 09 Nov 2010I owned a Nokia E50 first, then the E51 and now planning to buy ... morean old entry at the defunct symbian-guru states that T9 on latest nokias are a mess. Don't know if its fixed.

  • Mike

Im from australia and have used many and come across many many mobiles.

The nokia e55 is hands down, the BEST phone i have ever used and has restored my faith in nokia.

A powerful little phone for music, internet, taking photos and messaging.

I was surprised how light and thin the phone was.

Overall, the nokia e55 has pretty much everything you will ever need in a phone, whether it be for business or entertainment.

  • jyo

harryhoc, 18 Nov 2010Low price phone with all features.. Now its only 299$..thanx...