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  • Nokiaforever

I will search for this phone within nigeria. I don't care about watsapp. I only care care about OPERA MINI.

Mhizta SD, 14 Sep 2020How can I get same phone plsCheck on eBay. I seen some recently, Can also search Ali for retrophones.

  • Mhizta SD

Dhanjit Bixwax, 15 Jan 2020Aowsome phone.. Keyped & touch screen in nokia devicesHow can I get same phone pls

  • another one

Oh god I am still using it. It is so small! My internet is in my laptop - although i can read and reply facebook messages and email with this mail.
It about freedom.
Oh and it has quite a good quality music player.

  • Dhanjit Bixwax

Aowsome phone.. Keyped & touch screen in nokia devices

  • another one

E6user, 11 Oct 2019E6 have jus signed in! :) Who is depending on Internet s... moreI used this little phone all through 2018. And took it for my out-of-home phone now again. You can call with it, you can see mails, you can even see & write Facebook messages. And you can SMS.
And this phone is little - you can sit on it without braking it into half. You can carry it in your pocket having strange bulges.
However, I have my backup device that I use as a tablet/banking code generator/authenticator/calendar/etc. But this one sits on the table or goes to backpack - or if I really need the big one then I will just swap the SIM.
Basically, E6 is a nice little dumbphone/feature phone with most basic communication features. And the keyboard is nice - if someone would manufacture KAIOS phone with the same form factor, I would definitely consider. (However for some reasons, Nokia produces HUGE feature phones nowadays).

E6 have jus signed in! :)

Who is depending on Internet services, can forget about Nokia E6!
The only way you can do a little browsing with E6 is Opera Mini and it will transfer you in time, in the late 90's. Or worse. :)
For it's time, this phone was absolutely rubbish, born dead, the native browser was horror movie and now is a classic horror movie.
Now, for some people, Nokia E6 is a detox phone and that's all.
And, for others, is a classic which, for me, is a little bit of a highlander. I am now using this phone for more than 7 years. I don't want to breake records or something, its just the only little phone with a quality qwerty hardware keyboard with a little bit of everything.
As I said before, for now, until I will go with the "satanic" touchscreen thing, I am stuck with it.
As my batteryies will go on and on and on, I will keep using this little phone on and on and on. 3 more years, 5, 7, 10. Who knows?!
The real keyboard phone is not dead. Yet.
Or, probably, I will try that KeyOne/Two/3 thing. BB Classic I've tried, it's the most annoying thing ever!
I don't know if I've told all of you yet, E6 has a 4 weeks standby time (3g 900 or 1800) or 1 full week of you talk 1-3 hours, depending how long are your talk times.

Until next time, have a gr8 autumn and a gr8 winter holiday's, everyone!

  • kronky

I just retired an E6. All I could do with the browser was read gmail and a few other pages as the browser is obsolete. A great phone for it's time.

I haven't used YouTube for the last 2 years, but last time I used Opera, Opera Mini or CuteTube.
It's hard work to play YouTube videos on E6, not because of the screen, but because of the operation system. It's rubbish, it's old, it's obsolete.

minte walker, 13 Apr 2019OMG this phone is amazing im still using it in 2019 it work... moreGood afternoon. Would you please do me a favor? Actually i have a Nokia E6 since 2012 but i haven't used it at all, it's almost brand new. Now i'm trying to use it and one of the things it can't do is to play videos on Youtube. Are there any settings i should follow? If it's easy for you i'd appreciate your assistance really. Thanks a lot in advance.

JVR-Belgium, 06 Aug 2019Dear E6user, loved you lovely loveletter to the E6 here ... moreDear JVR-Belgium,

I salute you from Romania and I am glad that you've enjoyed my "articles".
My all 4 E6 have the same OS version, the Belle one (very good that you've pointed that out, yes, Belle was in fact for N8/E7/C7 and later for 701/603 if I am not mistaken. Personay I've never tried the Anna version, but for my and my use pattern the Belle is ok.

I use my E6 for all kind of things (including TV-out functionality) but not for email, I never used email with E6, I am afraid I can't help you with that one, I am very sorry. Keep searching on the internet or try and ask the guru of the old Nokia's and Symbian - Steve Litchfield, he must know something.

I have news in my keyboard phones journal. :)
In December, some 10 months ago, I have bought a brand new Blackberry Classic (was a burgin of 100 euros without warranty but new, not refurbished), the only Blackberry that I really wanted to test it out. Well, because (and only because) was a gift from my beautiful wife I used it for 2 months, otherwise a maximum one week was enough for me.
Long story short, after 3 days on the learning curve with my new Classic, I began to use the Classic and in the 4th day I took it out as my daily driver. Big problem, huge problem for me: this phone is shutting down if you press more than 3 seconds on the power key or the end key even if you set a password on the phone! So stupid, at least once a day my phone was sitting in my pocket turned off or sometime even in my hand. That was a so much no-no for me! Also, that stupid "function" called "Bed time", with a slide up (or down) in the screenlock (again, even with the password lock on) and the phone turns in some airplane mode, and turns off the network. OMG, what a stupid place to put that function!
Comparing BB Classic with E6, the Classic is a bit of a dinosaur, the grip with his mate backcover finish was not so good and the weight is not well distributed, is too heavy at the top because the keyboard is so much at the bottom. Other bad things of the BB was that this pure business phone does NOT have a CTRL key. No ctrl+a, no ctrl+c, no ctrl+x and no ctrl+v. The phone has that in the software, but not on a keyboard. .
For me, the keyboard of the Classic was good (its also very very different from the E6's keyboard), but for me it needed time to get used to it. Also the trackpad is not ergonomic at all, the D-pad is still the dady. For me, the Classic keyboard was no way so good as almost everybody said in their review.
Now the positive things of the Classic compared to the E6. The Classic is very powerful, the screen is great, the BB OS is not bad at all, some of the customisations are amazing but some things are just stupid, I don't remember now but despite the profile functions are amazing, was some thing in there that was a workaround of a workaround.
I spent so much time on the Crackberry forum to get it done in my style. So, after two months I sold the phone and my huge curiosity was fully satisfied.
After I've got my E6 as my daily driver it was such a relief! The turning off stupidity of the BlackBerry Classic gave me anxiety for almost 2 months! Ghhhh!

Well, after the frustration with the Classic, after some 2 months, I encountered a situation that I got a BB Bold 7790 in great condition, almost free, with some 25 euros and just for fun I took it. Well, let me tell you, for me, despite is old and it has a cramped keyboard, is much better than the Classic. Is a BB purebred. And, of course, as you thought, is not even close with the E6! The E6 is still the best phone for me!

In the future, probably after some 2 more years (when the price will become really low) I will try the KeyOne, Two or whatever. Until then, the E6 is STILL the king. :D

Well, sorry for the block of text, now I am very tired, thank you for watching and have a great autumn!

Until next time, E6user signing of.

  • Nicko

I bought E6 in 2011, battery is still alife-3-4 days without problem, touchscreen works, no lags. I think it was very good phone.

  • JVR-Belgium

Angello, 12 Feb 2019I'm thinking to buy one so I can make a smartphone detox. D... moreDear E6user,

loved you lovely loveletter to the E6 here on GSMarena.
Got 2 E6's myself, but failing to get them back in order - problem with email connection since I upgraded to latest Nokia Belle. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I would be very gratefull. If you live anywhere in the neighbourhood of Belgium, I will even pass by to allow you to check, that's how 'in love' I am with the E6.
And, if you ever need to change phones, try BB Classic or BB Key1. Better than other phones, but still under par vs E6...

  • JVR_Belgium

Nokia E6 is still the phone to beat in my opinion, if you care about battery life, not having a big screen, and don't mind having virtually no access to modern 'apps'. Email is no hassle, syncronisation is flawless once set up well, the phone will work for days in a row and is extremely reliable compared to modern phones. Call quality is a bliss, most modern apps do run well if you stick to their website version, music quality near-to perfect. It still fits in your pocket, has a replaceable battery when needed (about every five years…), no fiddling with screens required (that's where a D-pad comes in handy), and can still be used with 1 hand. Built-quality on par with the old Nokia school - seemingly undestructable. Not for people who thrive and thrill on the latest tech, though. And sadly, no more support from Nokia. Too bad, as many of these little devils get bricked when updating to the latest release of Nokia Symbian Belle (which was written for Nokia N8, not E6 !). Stick to Nokia Symbian Anna and you will continue to enjoy the old-fashioned but remarkably modern-capable, sturdy, reliable and undestructible phone for years. A shame they don't produce them any more.

  • Harish dhakad

yully, 26 Mar 2018does this phone support whatsAppYes,it support whatsapp.for your help i give a link in this website all java symabian apps and android,iphone apps and games also

  • minte walker

OMG this phone is amazing im still using it in 2019 it works very well
like viewing videos on you tube and on tv working otg usb devices having amazing navigation system good camera for capture fainter images
presentaion reader document and book readers it works wifi all the way this phone is small computer for me even for maths calculation all thing are in this little phone the lityle bug that i found is i dont work telegram or whatsapp thats a little flaw only

  • Angello

E6user, 23 Oct 2018E6user is back with another post, after a mix-up summer pho... moreHi! Do you know whether I can block undesired phone numbers with this pohone?

  • Angello

I'm thinking to buy one so I can make a smartphone detox. Does anybody know whether I can block undesired phone numbers without using Ovi store as it is already out of order?

E6user is back with another post, after a mix-up summer phones.
Well, back in June, my daily E6 started to freeze once a week (especially in camera app) and it was quite frustrating... Hm, I thought, save all data, hard reset and restore. But the problem was still there. After that, I tried another E6 (don't forget that I have 4 of them) but the problem was still there... After some extra frustrations, and 2-3 more hard reset I found the bug and it was in the backup settings, because every time I was restoring the phone, the problem was still there. So I setup the phone manually and all went well and the freeze problem gone away. But now let me tell you the story... before getting rid of the freeze problem, I tried a Android phone as a daily phone and that was not good either, the keyboard screen is a nightmare for me, the corrections function was also bad, not to mention editing text... A touch screen phone I think is great if you are in the bed, but when you are outside and you are moving around, no-no-no, not for me! This Android was with a 5.2 inch screen. After that, I tried another Android, a 6 inch one, but the problem was still there, I could not feel at least 10% comfortable when I am writing something that I am with my E6. Hm, I thought, what should I do, because, let's remember, the E6 freeze problem was still there, I couldn't figure it out yet... So, I took out my older love in the qwerty world, the Nokia E71. Well, no, cramped keys, the phone was slippery in the hand, the shortcuts was bad,and the search function has a huge lag. But the looks of the phone was amazing, I used it for 3 weeks and this E71 is quite a looker, it turns heads! After that, I decided to put my E71 in his box and I tried another qwerty love, the Nokia E5, wich was much better that E71 but significantly worse than my E6. Now, I was pretty stuck, touchscreen phones are good only for consuming media and internet browsing, but for me, for productivity, nope, not at all. Also, E71 and E5 was better than touchscreen phones but not as good as my E6.... Hm, I thought, I have one more try in the Nokia candybar qwerty phone's world: the Nokia E72, but this guy is missing from my little collection, and I was pretty sure (as I remember, because I had it at some point in my life) that also this E72 was, somehow, a mixup between E71 and E5 and it won't do it for me either so is not worth for me buying it today despite is worth a penny... Here, in my country, a good second hand one is 40-50 Euros. Someday I will buy one, tough...
So, after some 6 weeks of summer trying in total 4 phones (2 qwerty Nokia's and two Android phones), I stayed one entire night to figure out how to fix up my E6's software problem. And I did! And now, as I am back with my E6, wow, is a huge relief for me, because clearly this is my best phone for me today!

And for the GPS functions, I use now a Android phone with "Here WeGo" app (and with no Sim card in it), wich I keep it in my backpack when I need turn by turn navigation.

At the and, don't forget, E6 is NOT for Facebook, WhatsApp, or other stuff like that. E6 is a notebook with call functionality, a very limited internet access, a brilliant keyboard, a dash cam, etc - all in a really small size device. I am "stuck" with it, but I love it!

Until next time, have a wonderful holidays and a beautiful winter!

E6user signing off!

  • Reddy

Michos, 23 Apr 2018that was the first thing that came into my mind. If Whatsap... moreHow can I restore the mobile when code error please help