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  • Angello

I'm thinking to buy one so I can make a smartphone detox. Does anybody know whether I can block undesired phone numbers without using Ovi store as it is already out of order?

E6user is back with another post, after a mix-up summer phones.
Well, back in June, my daily E6 started to freeze once a week (especially in camera app) and it was quite frustrating... Hm, I thought, save all data, hard reset and restore. But the problem was still there. After that, I tried another E6 (don't forget that I have 4 of them) but the problem was still there... After some extra frustrations, and 2-3 more hard reset I found the bug and it was in the backup settings, because every time I was restoring the phone, the problem was still there. So I setup the phone manually and all went well and the freeze problem gone away. But now let me tell you the story... before getting rid of the freeze problem, I tried a Android phone as a daily phone and that was not good either, the keyboard screen is a nightmare for me, the corrections function was also bad, not to mention editing text... A touch screen phone I think is great if you are in the bed, but when you are outside and you are moving around, no-no-no, not for me! This Android was with a 5.2 inch screen. After that, I tried another Android, a 6 inch one, but the problem was still there, I could not feel at least 10% comfortable when I am writing something that I am with my E6. Hm, I thought, what should I do, because, let's remember, the E6 freeze problem was still there, I couldn't figure it out yet... So, I took out my older love in the qwerty world, the Nokia E71. Well, no, cramped keys, the phone was slippery in the hand, the shortcuts was bad,and the search function has a huge lag. But the looks of the phone was amazing, I used it for 3 weeks and this E71 is quite a looker, it turns heads! After that, I decided to put my E71 in his box and I tried another qwerty love, the Nokia E5, wich was much better that E71 but significantly worse than my E6. Now, I was pretty stuck, touchscreen phones are good only for consuming media and internet browsing, but for me, for productivity, nope, not at all. Also, E71 and E5 was better than touchscreen phones but not as good as my E6.... Hm, I thought, I have one more try in the Nokia candybar qwerty phone's world: the Nokia E72, but this guy is missing from my little collection, and I was pretty sure (as I remember, because I had it at some point in my life) that also this E72 was, somehow, a mixup between E71 and E5 and it won't do it for me either so is not worth for me buying it today despite is worth a penny... Here, in my country, a good second hand one is 40-50 Euros. Someday I will buy one, tough...
So, after some 6 weeks of summer trying in total 4 phones (2 qwerty Nokia's and two Android phones), I stayed one entire night to figure out how to fix up my E6's software problem. And I did! And now, as I am back with my E6, wow, is a huge relief for me, because clearly this is my best phone for me today!

And for the GPS functions, I use now a Android phone with "Here WeGo" app (and with no Sim card in it), wich I keep it in my backpack when I need turn by turn navigation.

At the and, don't forget, E6 is NOT for Facebook, WhatsApp, or other stuff like that. E6 is a notebook with call functionality, a very limited internet access, a brilliant keyboard, a dash cam, etc - all in a really small size device. I am "stuck" with it, but I love it!

Until next time, have a wonderful holidays and a beautiful winter!

E6user signing off!

  • Reddy

Michos, 23 Apr 2018that was the first thing that came into my mind. If Whatsap... moreHow can I restore the mobile when code error please help

  • yvts

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2018if you reset your phone with moreThanks!
I'll try and let's see what happen.

  • Anonymous

yvts, 21 Jul 2018Hello E6 - user, You said in this forum that you have maps... moreif you reset your phone with
then the maps will be there. but of course the maps are 5 years old at least.

  • Ras Voja

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2018Nokia was disrespectful and did not keep promise to offer s... moreYup, its all Micro$oft now.

  • yvts

AnonD-728895, 17 May 2018Bad news, unfortunately... It looks like maps for offline ... moreHello E6 - user,
You said in this forum that you have maps for Europe. I'm trying to find some, but they will either not working or my Nokia, or will show that the file is corrupted. Even Steve's maps sims to have some problems on my devices, so my only hope is you! Do you mind to share some of the maps for Europe either here or via e-mail or you name it!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-728895, 17 May 2018Bad news, unfortunately... It looks like maps for offline ... moreNokia was disrespectful and did not keep promise to offer support for symbian until some 2012 as it announced initially! After this company was bought by Microsoft, all the services started to close one by one on a symbian phone even the email configuration won`t work anymore to connect its server! And now they started again to make phones only to use its name via a Chinese company... Beware and never trust this company anymore!

  • AnonD-728895

Bad news, unfortunately... It looks like maps for offline GPS navigation are no longer available for download. In fact, I expected that this moment will come much sunner, but I quess Nokia (not Microsoft) was respectful enough to keep the servers running until this month. But now, finally, they pulled the plug.

Luckily for me is not a very big issue since my all E6's have my maps in them, plus I have a memory card with full Europe, so I can use them with no worries at least 3 more years. :D, maybe 5 years, who knows... :P

But, if there is a E6 lover (like me) out there who wants to backup he's maps, there is a workaround...

Until next time, have a great summer, everyone!

  • AnonD-728895

Becuse I am not a whatsapp user I can't tell you for 100%, but I am pretty sure that E6 does NOT support whatsapp. It's obsolete, it's a Symbian and it's from 2011. Also, E6 was born dead. :) But my E6 works for me like a charm. :)

  • Michos

yully, 26 Mar 2018does this phone support whatsAppthat was the first thing that came into my mind. If Whatsapp is supported I am so buying this phone!!

  • yully

does this phone support whatsApp

  • Anonymous

thank you guys for the answers (for flickering).
i think it is related to the overlays (that means, it is related to the Open... programming layer), with Belle Refresh and with automatic brightness control. This is indeed with 100% brightness.
I initially thought that maybe some electrolytes are going bad but in this case the problem would not be related to transparent grey overlays (like in the Messaging app in the right side).
Anyways, I really enjoy having this phone for calls, SMS and e-mails. It is possible to use Facebook but without Facebook account it is easier to live ;)

  • yvts

AnonD-728895, 05 Mar 2018If you want to see if your screens have this flickering thi... moreI'm happy with 50% brightness, so I'll keep it at this level and it saves battery, this flickering thing is not a problem to me at all, and it is not good for the eyes if it is at 100%, so better not to use it at this level. Don't worry about you English language, I'm not British too! :))

  • AnonD-728895

yvts, 04 Mar 2018As far as I can see my 2 phones (one ''Anna'' and one ''Bel... moreIf you want to see if your screens have this flickering thing, use brightness control with Belle Extra Buttons and set it on max... But is really not a problem, because it can be seen very hard and only indoors, and if you have maximum brightness indoors, it can hurt your eyes. Speaking of eyes, I think your brightness settings are too low. Or maybe is just me... But, don't forget that you have a very small screen, with big resolution. Personally, I use my phones with level 4 of 5 in brightness all the time, font size is on normal and I use a default dark theme.
If I'm in a very dark room, I use brightness control with Extra Buttons app or I use a app called "Brightness", if I want more lower brightness...
About the screen, sometimes I want to never turn off the screen (for example when I connect my E6 with my tv + keyboard), so I use a app called "AlwaysOn". Also, this app turns off my phone lock code. So, when I'm at my home and I use my phone alot, I use this app to open my phone quickly and I lock the screen with a simple swipe with the help of brilliant brilliant Belle Extra Buttons app.

PS. Sorry for my poor english.

  • yvts

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2018does anyone have a slight flicker when full brightness. For... moreAs far as I can see my 2 phones (one ''Anna'' and one ''Belle'') have no such a flicker problem, but I never keep the brightness to 100%, usually 50%.

  • AnonD-728895

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2018does anyone have a slight flicker when full brightness. For... moreYes, I think it's a common problem and it's only when the brightness is at 90-100%. Also, I can see it only indoors in front of a big light, or if I turn the screen at full brightness manually, but it's hard to see it.
Personally it doesn't bother me at all because this scenario it's extremely rare indoors.

  • Anonymous

does anyone have a slight flicker when full brightness. For example, with standard theme, in the standard messaging app, the gray areas are slightly flickering (barely, but still).
For example, in Opera when you open menus, the gray areas may flicker a bit.
I have two E6-00's (original are both), both are having this behaviour. The flickering is just slight, but still, I would like to know if this is common.
I have Belle Refresh installed on both devices.
BTW - if you are looking for grey E6-00 with scandinavian keyboard then I can sell.

  • yvts

AnonD-728895, 03 Mar 2018Here: Or here (... moreThanks for the app (had to change the date and remove the SIM to install it), but it works just fine on both phones! :))
Thanks for the battery advise, my batteries usually last long, so I don't have to charge them often - once eventually twice a week!

  • AnonD-728895

yvts, 03 Mar 2018Hello E6user, Initially i tried to install it without chan... moreHere:

Or here (and press "Скачать файл"):

If you'll have more questions, I'll be here, don't worry. ;)

PS. One more thing about the battery: avoid charging it when is hot/cold/big humidity. For example, when is winter and you came home, wait at least 2 hours before charging it...